Not My Will, but Thy Will Be Done

My little ones, to each of you there are given a set of keys and a yoke that binds you to a life of death below or completely unites you with My power from on High. The set of keys are known on earth as “your will” and “My will”, and are freely given to all to be used as each one chooses. The yoke is created by divine design and is strategically located between the head (Me) and the body (you). Throughout your entire life many opportunities arise daily to choose your will or My will. Initially the choice of wills appears small and seems not to matter, for the path of your will may even run parallel to My will; therefore you may feel perfectly safe with Me in close proximity. Yet over time the yoke driven by “your will” leads you further and further away from Me until you find yourself totally bound within earth’s valley of death. Switching keys at any point requires thought and deliberate action. For laying down your will for Mine guides you through the garden of Gethsemane, walks you down the road to Golgotha and leads you to the cross. It is called dying to self. It is putting others first and yourself last. It is laying down your life willingly, as I did, while still on earth. The yoke at this point unites you directly to Me. What happens next within the heavenly realm is nothing short of an explosion, for I break the yoke. Within this divine yoke lies eternal pollen that then floods the earth in waves. This pollen settles in the hearts of mankind and is totally unseen by earthly eyes as fertilization occurs and seeds form. Gardens of heavenly substance then begin to grow within the lives of your loved ones and among the lives of many you have never known, as this unseen process continues and abounds. This is worship in its highest form, for I am lifted up, I am magnified, and I am praised. When I am lifted up, I draw all men unto me. This unity brings the last great harvest into fruition, for this is the Unity where My Bride and I become One. Shalom