The Opening of My Safe

My littlest ones, for many years you have been locked away and hidden in My Safe. During this time you have been unseen by the world, and unheard of by mankind. Many of you have even questioned the reasoning of your existence, for nothing you ever did, or said, seemed to make any difference. Many were the prayers you prayed, many were the promises you claimed, and many were the scriptures you stood on. Yet your stay within My Safe continued for years without end, appearing to be uneventful, unfruitful, and of no use.

Yet little did you know that behind the veil, within the confines of My Safe, a great army was being birthed, raised up, and joined together. This army is made up of My “end-time disciples”, and they have been gathered in My Safe, waiting for the promise; just as My first disciples waited as they were gathered in the upper room.

Now My littlest ones, I will come upon you like a mighty rushing wind and you will be empowered from on high. GONE will be the life you now know and understand, for you will be filled with My Wisdom and Knowledge. You will be transformed in My Power and Might, and will operate with My Skill and Assurance. My Words will be in your mouth and My Healing will be in your hands. You will LEAD My people out – for the power of the most High God will be upon you. Come My littlest ones and gather around Me. Do not be ashamed of your short stature and glaring inabilities. Do not be ashamed of your lack of talents or gifts. For I the Lord thy God Am with you, and you will fulfill your life’s calling to My utmost perfection; for the power of the Most High God will fall upon you and go with you.

I have unlocked My Safe and opened wide its doors ~ My littlest ones, the transformation is upon you. Shalom