Practice My Presence Now

In the stillness of the night, I come for you. Out of the depth of the ocean, I speak to you. And within the midst of the storm, I bring peace. Still your heart, My little ones, for you are never alone. Though the tempest rage and the mountains fall into the sea, even there, I AM. When I vehemently shake the world, will My hand be shortened that I cannot save? Do you know Me by now? If you are engraved on the palm of My Hand, will I remember you and keep you safe? Much is just before you, yet you will be calm and abide under the shadow of My Wing; practice this now. You have ample opportunity in each moment of your day to practice My Presence. Walk with Me, move with Me, swim the depths freely with Me. You will find your cares dissolving as “awareness of Me” touches every aspect of your world. This is what it means to bring Me to the multitudes. When I embody your earthly vessel, every move you make is Mine. Become One with Me, still your heart, and watch Me work miracles through you. Shalom