New Wine Skins

Oh My little ones, for years upon years My people have perished for lack of knowledge. I am coming with new wine, and I seek for those who love Me enough to lay their old wine skin down. I seek for those who would follow Me out of their shame, out of their history, out of old memories they “cling” to as good, and follow Me into Our future. When I came the first time, My disciples left all to follow Me. When I come the second time, My requirements are the same. The past clings to you like a torn, filthy garment. Forsake the injuries of past hurts, forsake old grievances, and forsake the very cradle of your existence. Count it all as loss and follow Me. Remove your old wine skin and do not attempt to redeem it. For I am coming with new wine and your old wine skin cannot contain Me.

To those who choose Me above the past, will be granted new wine skins. You will be transformed into My image and pour out My glory upon the earth in measures never before told. You will expand and expand in ways you never dreamed possible, and multitudes upon multitudes will be brought into the Kingdom. My little ones, I need you. Do you love Me enough to let your old wine skin go? Shalom

The Path of Being

My little ones, there is a narrow, hidden path of peace and complete surrender to Me that opens wide into the very corridors of heaven. Few find this path, for it is completely camouflaged in the midst of backbiting, pride, chaos and dissension. The path is a simple, quiet, condition of the heart, called “being”. This condition of “being” seeks no change to any circumstance or person. It is merely a heart of complete focus and submission to Me, and is totally blinded to all but Me. Within the humble heart that finds this path, I reign supreme. Unknown to the one “being” or to the ones filled with backbiting, pride, chaos and dissension, I flood the entire scene. In a very short period of time, the eyes of understanding are opened, situations are neutralized, and relationships are restored. In the natural it cannot be explained, yet in the spiritual a multitude of souls find Me. No one sees or notices the “being” ones, for they are totally hidden in Me.

As the harvest ripens and as evil rises to new heights to encompass your land, I seek for those who have chosen this hidden path of complete surrender and “being”. Will you choose Me and the path I trod? Many are called, but few are chosen. Shalom

Judgment Falls

Come My little ones, gather around Me and abide under the Shadow of My Wings. I AM your only ark of safety now, for grave judgments are sentenced upon your land. You have been chosen and marked for such a time as this and will be used mightily by Me. Therefore stand fast and rejoice in Me, for your redemption draws nigh.

The people across your lands have rejoiced greatly over the empty certificates of Rights and new laws of Freedom being handed to them, but death and untold bondage will overtake them in its wake. Mankind scorn and mock Me, as they jeer at My little ones who fear and honor Me. My greatest gifts of mercy and grace have been extended so long that now; even those are being trodden under foot of man. Yet My judgment will fall upon them suddenly and without warning. Multitudes upon multitudes will go into eternity without hope, and many more will seek death and not find it. Among the burning rubble of the land, sheer panic and terror will reign, as mangled bodies scream and cry out for help. You will go where I send you, and follow My detailed instructions, for I alone know whose hearts will turn towards Me. Not a moment of your time will be wasted, for the harvest is great and the time allotted is short. Everyone whose heart has turned towards Me will be saved, and not one will be left behind. You will see your current evil dictator fall, only to be replaced by the Antichrist himself. There is no safety on earth, but in Me. The unwise virgins secure in their own robes of righteousness will finally awaken, only to discover they have been left behind. Many will be the stunned sinners and whoremongers that will arrive to the courts of heaven in total shock, because in their last repentant breath, they were scooped from the pains of death and carried to the bosom of Abraham. Oh America, America, I have warned and warned, and My voice has fallen on deaf ears. Yet once more and My Mighty Voice will thunder, but many will not be alive to hear. Shalom