The Path of Being

My little ones, there is a narrow, hidden path of peace and complete surrender to Me that opens wide into the very corridors of heaven. Few find this path, for it is completely camouflaged in the midst of backbiting, pride, chaos and dissension. The path is a simple, quiet, condition of the heart, called “being”. This condition of “being” seeks no change to any circumstance or person. It is merely a heart of complete focus and submission to Me, and is totally blinded to all but Me. Within the humble heart that finds this path, I reign supreme. Unknown to the one “being” or to the ones filled with backbiting, pride, chaos and dissension, I flood the entire scene. In a very short period of time, the eyes of understanding are opened, situations are neutralized, and relationships are restored. In the natural it cannot be explained, yet in the spiritual a multitude of souls find Me. No one sees or notices the “being” ones, for they are totally hidden in Me.

As the harvest ripens and as evil rises to new heights to encompass your land, I seek for those who have chosen this hidden path of complete surrender and “being”. Will you choose Me and the path I trod? Many are called, but few are chosen. Shalom