Be Faithful in Little

My little ones, look unto Me, for My return is upon you. Those who have called on My Name and honored Me with their lives will soon receive their greatest rewards; for those who have been faithful in little will now be faithful over much. My chosen ones have utilized their talents, sowed their seeds with tears, and cast their bread upon the water. Now they will rejoice with joy unspeakable as they bring the massive harvest into heaven’s fold.

The world as you currently know it, is about to shatter. Earth’s loss will be beyond description. It will initially appear that all you have worked for is totally gone. Yet out of this phenomenal disaster, My little ones will arise with the power of the Almighty God upon them. All of your life’s training and preparations will be used. Nothing will be wasted. Trust Me completely and fulfill your mundane tasks with great joy, for I make no mistakes. I have not called the proud, nor have I called the mighty ones. But I have chosen the meek and lowly ones, whose hearts are totally dedicated to me. My little ones, the time is upon you, he that has been faithful in little will be faithful over much. Shalom