The Broken Seal

My little ones, look to Me, for I am coming in an hour that you think not. Grave deception covers the land and is steadily swallowing up earth’s inhabitants. Peace and safety is heralded from the pulpits to the United Nations, as leaders greedily strive for rank and power. Multitudes upon multitudes, in the valley of decision have been lulled to sleep, completely intoxicated with the poison of well being, yet the cries of the redeemed who have been cut off from mankind have reached the Father’s Throne, and the seal of earth’s doom and judgment has been broken.

What is coming upon the earth has never been documented in the life of mankind. You will not believe your eyes, yet you will know and understand with your heart. The “trust” that you have learned and nurtured through a lifetime of hard trials will arise and propel you forward through a millennium of time. I will rise up within you with boldness that you have never known, and you will speak the TRUTH mightily and with great power, for you will be transformed into My very image in the hour of great darkness that is coming upon the earth.

My little ones, do not look to be seen nor applauded by mankind, for many of your assignments will be in the oceans, in the tornados, in the nuclear reactor explosions, underneath landslides, in the earthquake tsunamis and in the middle of volcanoes. To these torn multitudes, I send you. Many are the souls who have never heard of Me, yet they will cry out to Me in that day, and I will hear them and send you. Even more, are those who only knew My Name in cursing, yet they will desperately cry out to Me with their last breath, and I will hear them and send you. Still more, are the vile and wicked, who have spilled much innocent blood across the land through their various evil ways and deeds. These are marked, even as Apostle Paul was, and to these vile feared ones, I send you.

My little ones, remember what is written in My Holy Word, “the last shall be first and the first last”? You will live to see this day. Therefore, humble yourselves before Almighty God that you may be counted worthy to escape what is coming to pass upon the earth. Shalom