My Mighty Army

My little ones the time of your departure is nigh. No longer will you be known as “My little ones”, instead you will be known as the Mighty Army of God that is marching through the land. The time of great change has come and you will be empowered from on high. Great exploits will be done in My Name as My Mighty Army performs My Will upon the earth. Eye has not seen and ear has not heard the wonders of My plan as it unfolds upon this world.

My Army is composed of the outcasts, the cripples, and both blind and deaf sheep. My Army is composed of those who have served Me for years and those who have only known Me but a few short months; for I see within the hearts of man, and I know those who are Mine.

First My Mighty Army will be healed, second My Mighty Army will be transformed, and third My Mighty Army will march forth in great victory taking back everything the enemy has stolen from them their entire lives. My Mighty Army will take spoil and will ravage and plunder the enemy. They will forcefully take back what is MINE and disintegrate the entire plans of the wicked.

My Mighty Army will become the source of supply in the midst of dire need. Healing and salvation will issue forth from the very atmosphere they dwell in. They will know and understand all things for they have been taught by God himself. Nothing will remain undone, for My Mighty Army will work with precision and detail that has never been witnessed before on earth.

My Mighty Army, I AM with you today; prepare your hearts for the time of your departure is nigh. Heaven and earth await your coming, for I AM with you and great is your reward. Shalom