Arise Mighty Army of God

My mighty army, I am with you this day, for the power of Almighty God lies within you. No longer are you called weak, no longer are you called forsaken, and no longer are you forgotten. You will rise up and do mighty exploits in My name as you destroy the works of the evil one. You will work independently, united across this globe, as massive amounts of the harvest are brought into My fold. You will tread on serpents, break through every stronghold, and restore hope in total despair. Multitudes will come into the Kingdom of Heaven, for there will not be one inch of darkness that will escape the torch of My mighty army. Those who do not come to Me during this great visitation will have to die for Me later. Yet they will remember what you have told them, and as the tribulation on earth intensifies to unbearable measures, I will hear their desperate cries and I will send you, My mighty unseen Ones, to walk with them through the valley of the shadow of death and bring them to heaven’s shores.

Your work on earth is not done. The faith that has brought you through a lifetime of intense trials has but paved the road of your next journey. I will bring you out of your wilderness of extreme solitude, and like Moses, you will lead My people out!! Satan hates you with a fury unlike the world has ever seen and yet you will walk through this land unscathed taking back all he has stolen from Me.

I will do these mighty works through the most insignificant of My children, for they are like the widow who gave Me her last two mites. For through your nothingness My Power will burst forth and through the shreds of your being My light will radiantly shine; as the Spirit of Almighty God quickens your dry bones. Shalom

Choose Me, As I Have Chosen You

My Mighty Army, I speak to you this day. Gird up your minds and rally to attention. No longer are you called weak, no longer are you called forsaken, and no longer are you called forgotten. Instead you are My Chosen Ones, My called out ones, the ones I have hidden from the world, and you are the ones whom I shall now send forth to conquer and spoil the camp of the enemy.

I am with you, as I was with Moses, as I was with Joshua, and as I was with David. I am with you, as I was with Elijah, as I was with Elisha, and as I was with Gideon. These mighty men of God used to be small, they used to be insignificant, and they used to be powerless. These mighty men of God were empty vessels before Me. They knew they were nothing, they knew they had no gifts to offer Me, and they knew they were but mere flesh before Me. So they gave Me the only thing they had, they gave Me themselves. They held nothing back; they gave Me their entire vessel, sparing nothing. I then filled that entire vessel, for as they held nothing back from Me, I held nothing back from them.

These mighty men of God sought My face, they sought My Will, and they sought no one else. As I spoke in the still small voice to Elijah, it grew to become the only voice he heard. The still small voice was a fire in the burning bush to Moses, and it grew to become a pillar of fire by night as Moses led the children of Israel through the wilderness. I am the voice, I am the fire, and I anoint you this day with double, triple and quadruple portions. The mantle of God has fallen on you, My mighty hidden army. Rise up this day, for I am with you. Shake off the dust of the past and forsake the lies of the enemy. I HAVE CHOSEN you. Will you choose Me, as I have chosen you? Shalom