Rise Up and Take Your Place

Rise up, O mighty Army, from the dust where you have been trodden under foot of man and foe. You have been counted as dead and forgotten, as nothing, yet I have not forsaken you. Rise up, for the day of reckoning has come, and you have been made a threshing instrument in the hand of Almighty God. You will thresh the mountains where there are no fields. You will thresh the dens and caves of the earth where My lost ones hide. You will thresh the air, you will thresh the oceans, you will thresh the cities, and you will thresh the fields. Not even “one” grain of wheat will fall from your teeth, as you tear from the enemy all that is Mine. You will be given My robe of righteousness, and you will fully clothe My harvest, as you pull them naked from the very gates of hell.

JOY as has never been experienced by man, in heaven or on earth, will be yours as We harvest this land. You are a sickle in the hand of Almighty God that will be used to thrust the earth. In My Name, you will perform My Will, with Power that has never been witnessed on this land. Therefore, lift up your head and your voice, for you are about to behold Me in ways you have never dreamed possible. We will walk as One, as My Power and My judgments are poured out upon this land. You will not be afraid, for the Power and Love of Almighty God will rise up within you and pour out like a flood. You will hear My Words rush from your mouth with Authority and great Force, and the enemy will be silenced and flee before you seven ways.

Hearken, Mighty Army of God. Rise up and stand before your God, for the Day of the Lord has come; a day of outpouring, a day of release, and the year of jubilee. Shout out loud and sound the shofar, for the Great War in the heavens has come down to earth. Rise, Mighty Army of God, and take your place. Shout out loud and sound the shofar!!! The Day of the Lord has come, and through you, I will show Myself Mighty across this land. The leaders of this earth will fear greatly and bow down before Me, as I disintegrate the entire master plan of the enemy and bring him low. Shalom