From which tree do you eat?

A word given through my dear friend ChloeGrace:

“There were two trees in the Garden…the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil… and The Tree of Life, which is Me.” And He smiled. “From which tree do you eat?”

“A way to check to see from which tree you’ve eaten, look to see and taste to discern what affect that bite has in your mouth. … Do you FEEL shame? Condemnation? Fear? Uncertainty? If so, that is the taste of SELF. Some ‘self’ symptoms are: loathing toward yourself for tasting; fear that, because you did taste, I am now angered at you or disappointed somehow; shame that you STILL ‘after all this time!’ have struggles for which you can find no solution; and now are filled with uncertainty about your standing with and before Me. Who is the focus in all these feelings/thoughts/ questions? SELF. ….

What comes next with Self? A JUDGMENT is placed upon the thought, the action, the question … and so the torments come. A whipping from your mind against yourSELF. YOU make a judgment of ‘that was bad, or wrong, or evil,’ or, ‘oh, that was so good what I did!’ A condemnation or a commendation, unTO your ‘self’, FROM your ‘self’. A see-saw, up and down life begins, a life easily tossed by the wind or the waves, until you have been left emptied of hope of ever being ‘better.’

My children, look away and unto ME. Look into MY face and see in MY eyes the LOOK of LOVE that I have for YOU. Come to KNOW and BELIEVE that the unworthiness you feel is not your own, but rather the measurement you see within yourself when standing next to Me. I AM the Tree of Life. The fruit of MY Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, ‘self’-control.. NOTHING can stand against this…for this is ME. Nothing except you… and the ‘self’ of unbelief. Make a TURN. Take a step of faith. Give to Me ALL of you… lay it all down unto Me… and RECEIVE unto yourself ALL of Me, for I give you My EVERYTHING. If you allow Me entrance in My fullness, I will be in you like wall-to-wall carpeting…. everything COVERED OVER with all things ME.

Love calls. Love beckons. Love loves….and Love longs for YOU. Will you come? Will you ‘let’ Me in? Deeper, further, higher, MORE than you’ve ever known? … Love awaits.” He smiled. “With My arms wide open.”