I Need Your Empty Vessels

I NEED you; My world NEEDS you. Yet you cry out daily to Me saying, “Lord, I am waiting on you! How long must I wait until You come and fulfill my needs and the needs of my family?”

Awaken!! Awaken!! From the deep slumber of apathy!! Have I not said, “It is finished?” Do I ever speak in vain? Look all around you and then GIVE Me what’s in your hand. I NEED you and the world NEEDS you! You ARE My people; You ARE My oil wells in the land. Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters … not somebody else’s. You ARE the answer! The world, My Harvest, is waiting on you. Rise up! Awaken from your slumber! I, the Answer, AM within you and you alone, for within you, My Bride, I reside. GIVE Me what’s in your hand. How can I MULTIPLY your assets, when you are sleeping on what I have given you? Do not count Me, within you, as nothing. Me within you is EVERYTHING, but I Need your nothingness, I Need your emptiness!! Is it not written? Did not even Elisha command the widow to go all over town and gather empty vessels? (2 Kings 4) Only when the empty vessels ran out, so did the oil. She then sold the oil and paid her debts. USE My oil within your empty vessels to free yourself from Satan’s bondage. I, along with your emptiness, AM the answer to the entire world’s problems. Yes, it’s that simple. Rise up, awaken from slumber, GIVE ME what’s in your hand and PRAISE ME, for I cannot bless and multiply anything that is not given to Me. Shalom

Your emptiness = “nothing” 000,000

Yet United with ME = 1,000,000

The “emptier” you become of yourself, the more zeros are given to you and My Power is multiplied exponentially. RISE up! GIVE Me what’s in your hand, and PRAISE Me with your loudest voice! You are NEEDED!!!