Joy Unspeakable (Part II): Through the Laughter

There is incredible power in Joy. When I gave you Joy, I gave you the key to Overcoming. You may believe you have only a little, as in not even enough for yourself, but the Truth is, Joy is a well that reproduces like rabbits when passed along to others. The well within you appears to be very small in diameter, but it is the depth that counts, for its supply will never run dry within you. The power of Joy is a triple-edged sword, for not only will it heal you as it passes out of you to others, but it also heals others when it flows over them. However, what makes us roll with laughter in Heaven is its toxic effect on satan. He becomes totally crippled, tumbles about with seizures, and the power within his kingdom falls like the walls of Jericho.

The first miracle I performed on earth was turning the water into wine at the wedding. Now, as I prepare for My Own Wedding, I have turned the river of life into new wine. This literally means the well of Joy within you has turned into new wine as “I prepare” My Bride to bring in the harvest. Joy as you have never known or tasted currently resides in you and is about to be poured out of you onto the world. All you have to do is Uncap it and Pour out to others what I have already placed in you. The Father and I have designed this so you literally cannot fail as long as you keep pouring Joy out to others. Also, because I understand your frailty–for I lived as you live, and you are My Bride–My Greatest Reward, the Holy Spirit within you, will “help you” Uncap this Joy and Pour it out if you ask Him. “I have given you” what I need in order to bring healing to you. “I have given you” what the angels need in order to work in your behalf. “I have given you” what your family needs in order to repent, and “I have given you” what the world needs in order to bring in the harvest.

If you pause for a moment and look back over your life, you will see the enemy gained tremendous power over you when he stole your “surface” joy. But I never allowed him to steal your “well” of joy, because within that “well” lies the power to overcome. He knew this and has tried desperately to cover the opening of your well with circumstances, frantically hoping you won’t discover it. But now is the time to dis-cover it, open it up and let it flow out.

Laugh, child, laugh! You have My permission to laugh abundantly, for satan’s astounding defeat and Heaven’s greatest victory will come ~ through the laughter of a child. Shalom