Metamorphosis of Change

Embrace the winds of change as a new season blows upon you. Human nature resists change, but I say unto you, embrace it! The times and seasons of the Most High reside within you; pushing, stretching, and squeezing as though some strange thing is happening to you. It is the birthing of My Kingdom on earth; it is the birthing of My Will on earth as it is in Heaven; it is the birthing of the Redeemed walking in fullness; and it is the manifestation of the Sons of God uniting as One to bring in the harvest. Release the past; for what you were, is not what you are; and what you are, is not what you will be. As a butterfly rests outside its cocoon, gently waiting until its wings are dry, even so you are currently Resting, trusting, and waiting upon Me. Now as the season changes, so will you, delicately at first, gently, almost unsure. Then as the Wind of My Spirit fills the earth, so will you, until there is not one speck of dust that has not been touched by My Glory. Arise sons and daughters of the Most High God and step into your place, lift My banner of love and wave it high, purify your heart and sing My Praises. Then watch as Moses did from the cleft of the Rock, for you will see My Goodness pass before you. As I pass before you, My Glory will be seen upon you, filling you and surrounding you in ways you have never dreamed possible. This is My day, this is My hour, and this is My time. Wait on Me for you shall not be denied. Shalom