Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you. Before you breathed your first breath, I held you. Before you took your first step, you ran to Me. And before you could walk, you followed Me.

The plans I have for you encompass eternity. The joys I have for you will overwhelm your life. The love I have for you will fulfill all your wildest dreams. And the future I have planned for you will flood your heart with wondrous delight.

Never have I loved anyone as I love you. No one can take your place in My heart, for no one can love Me as you do. I have put My Words in your mouth. I have put My Heart within your heart. I have put My Hands within your hands, and I have put My Feet within your feet. Where you go, I go. And where you abide, I live.

What you speak, sets things in motion. What you do, multiplies. I have given you so much power. Have you noticed? Have you watched the domino affects? Everything matters. Everything creates, whether it be for good or evil. I have given you powerful effect. Use it gloriously.

I don’t need your perfection. I’m already that. I don’t need your past. I’ve removed it. I don’t need your future. I’m holding it. All I need, is your Today.