The Best Conversation I EVER Overheard!

During a two-week long family vacation, I spent a day at an East Coast mountain resort. Just as I was arriving, big buses were also pulling up, and many Jewish families were disembarking. It appeared that they were attending some kind of big event.

With their arrival, the lines to the rides lengthened considerably, which allowed me even more time to enjoy being in the middle of Hebrews who were speaking half English and half Hebrew. It was so interesting to me to observe them interact with each other, and I was so thankful God had arranged for us to be there at the same time.

I had my back turned to one Hebrew father and his three year old son just as one of the rides came to a screeching halt. Yet, despite the loud screeching sound, my ears clearly heard the three year old cry out with joy, “Oh ABBA ABBA!! That was soooo much fun!!!”

I stopped in my tracks, and my heart went into my throat!!

* My perception of ABBA changed instantly!
* My perception of “I am a child of God” changed instantly!
* My perception of “I am in the family of God” changed instantly!!

This three year old, squealing in delight, has forever changed my perception of Father God and is the best sermon I have ever heard! Only eight words, spoken with such joy!

By the end of that two-week vacation, I was totally exhausted with the frequent use of the Lord’s name in vain and all the discord on TV and in the family. I said, “Oh Lord, I didn’t know the world was this bad! How can you stand it???!!!” As clear as a bell He said…

“Oh, it’s literally nothing. I’ve already paid for all this sin 2000 years ago. It’s nothing. I paid for it ‘before’ they sinned, because I knew the world would be like it is today, and oh, how I love them all!! I’ve paid it, so it’s okay for you to just walk around with joy like I do and love them like I do. There’s no shortage of my blood, I didn’t spare any of it! I gave it all!! So, just laugh and have fun. There’s no shortage in my kingdom!! Let me love them through you. No judgment. 🙂 I paid it ‘before’ any of the sin you see ever happened! It’s covered, so just laugh and love!! Love covers all!!”

Oh wow, it does me so much good to share this with you all. I’m tired, but I’m smiling. ABBA has got our lives covered and His plans for us are good. I’m so very, very thankful, and my heart is so full!