A Man

During one of my many conversations with Jesus, He told me what HE considers to be a “real man”, one whom He MAKES to be once the heart is surrendered .. as opposed to what the world thinks of manhood and is trying to force men to become. Here’s what He said to me:

“A new man in Me will be…

  • truthful
  • loving
  • gentle
  • honest
  • loyal
  • faithful
  • a good husband and father
  • dependable
  • brave
  • fearless
  • one with a backbone, not a spineless jellyfish
    .. and KEEPING IT to Me and to all he meets (Psalm 15:4)
  • Strong in Me, and strong in My Spirit
  • a lover of good and not of evil
  • A Man who has the rule over his own spirit
  • a lover of GOD and not in love with the ‘world’
    .. or the lust of his flesh
    .. or the pride of life
  • A giver, not a taker
  • a doer, not a talker
  • Humble, not proud
  • Obedient, not stubborn or rebellious
  • A MAN in My image, not the devil’s
  • A MAN, not a brute boy, dictator, tyrant
  • A MAN, a defender of his family, not a destroyer of it
  • A MAN