All Words in Chronological Order

I Am Keeping You Very Safe – April 08, 2013

Earth’s scenes are growing darker. Look to Me. At times My prophets may confuse you, but very soon all will be crystal clear. I cloud your vision that you may not see all the evil that is swirling around you threatening to snuff out your very existence. I would not have you live in fear. It is much easier to trust in Me when you do not see the deep ravines on either side of your narrow path. Therefore, your prayers that I open your eyes are not always answered the way you expect. Praying that My Will be done is very wise and works an exceeding great reward. You are but little children, and it is through My mercy and grace that you will be brought safely home. Mighty works are not done through your greatness or your revelations of Me, but rather your trust in My Will being all that you need. Trust in and submission to My Will is a rare quality which welds the very corridors and pillars of Heaven. It is the foundation upon which all else resides. My Spirit is upon the face of the Earth doing a mighty work. What looks to you to be utter chaos is but a curtain which I work behind. Everything is going according to My perfect plan. Continue trusting and resting in Me, for your rewards are soon to come. Watch, for I will reveal much to you as you rest under the shadow of My Wing. I would not have you be anxious, for I am keeping you very safe. Walk in the light of My Word. Trust, rest, and hope, for all of your hopes and expectations will soon vanish into joy unspeakable and full of glory. Heaven far exceeds your fondest dreams and cherished hopes. Child, I treasure you and come to receive you unto Myself very soon. I hold out My scepter to you even now. You are accepted, cherished, redeemed and loved. Hope thou in Me and watch, for time has ended and the time of your departure is near.

Dove’s Eyes – May 14, 2013

I, the Lord thy God, am with thee. Cast all your cares on Me. The hour grows dark and the air thick and heavy, yet nothing obscures My Light from before your path. My little ones, do not fear, though the enemy goes about as a roaring lion seeking to destroy you on your jobs, in your homes and through even your family. Forgive all, love all and cast all at My feet. Empty handed, My Bride will rise to meet Me in the air. She, as Esther, will bring nothing but her great love for Me and the gifts My Holy Spirit has bestowed upon her as I redeem her from this Earth and place her at My seat of Honor. Look only to Me and not at the road that drops off beside you. Be as the dove that can only see straight ahead and not to the right hand or to the left. Have eyes only for Me. Spread love, spread cheer, spread laughter and not fear. For the hour of My coming is at hand, and I joy over thee. Oh, My little ones, how I love you, how I cherish you and how I hold you close. Abba Father

Bridal Train – May 15, 2013

Again, My little ones, I come to you. The hour is growing increasingly dark. I am Earth’s only light, and I shine through you during this dark time. The foreboding darkness encroaches against the light, and the pressure shatters your sense of wellbeing, creating fireworks of light, as when transformers blow during a storm. I am your only refuge and will not allow your light to go out. You are pressed down but not forsaken, cast down but not destroyed. As the storm rages, your light swings to and fro across the path creating light for lost souls, assisting them greatly along life’s way. When you are sorely pressed, life pours out from you within your hiding place, to feed the multitudes in the valley of decision. You are as completely exhausted from this endeavor as a pregnant mother whose whole existence is to provide life for the child within her. Therefore, you must rest or many will be aborted. Yet, the battle rages on. Seek not to understand all things, but instead, seek Me and My guidance. For, yet a little while, and all will be fulfilled. You will not regret this phase of My coming, for it is rich with blessing. Your sheaves are in. Your wagons are home. Now, I send you forth with My angels reaping where you have not sowed. All is done within the stillness of My presence and from your quiet abode by My side. My greatest servants, Moses and David, were fully trained for the battlefield in the solitude where only I existed. I am God and I change not. This phase of My coming is most abundant with blessing. Toss all of your cares on Me, and then watch them roll away as easily as sand is carried away by the seas. The Earth is fraught with burdens. Be not entangled. It is imperative that you consciously focus your eyes on Me. Put on the whole armor of God and having done all to stand — stand. In Me, all your battles are fought and won. Mature is the warrior who knows he has no strength but Mine. Even one step on your own will result in failure, but all victories are won in Me. Where do you think the long train comes from on the wedding gown of My Bride? It is created by the many, many victories My Bride has won in My Name. She is victorious over Satan through the blood of the Lamb and the word of her testimony. It is not her works that make her victorious, but her trust and reliance on My works and My blood. She knows who she is and who she represents. She is Mine, and I come for her and her alone. Shalom

Highest Calling – May 17, 2013

I didn’t need you to carry the burden of the world or shoulder its sins, but what I did need was your love. I didn’t need your sleepless nights or your insight into the world’s evil, but what I did need was for you to rest your head in My Arms. I didn’t wish that I could do great and mighty things through you, but I did wish you could see that it was already done. I didn’t need you to see how the task before you was to be accomplished, but I did need you to see that none of it mattered. You are shocked and disheartened when you see My Word come to pass, and yet you search diligently when nothing seems to be happening. You are anxious and concerned about many events, to the extent that the adrenaline of the unknown drives you into a feeling of aliveness. But child, nothing adds to your growth in Me ~ like Trust. For like Daniel, knowledge makes you weak and faint. My Bride was not created for the evil that currently exists in the world. Therefore I will very soon take her away and bring her to My Side to fulfill the purpose for which she was created. Wait patiently in My Presence until all is fulfilled. You were not created to fight this battle you are in the middle of. You were created to “stand still and know that I am God.” I allowed you to see and feel the evil of the land. Now, I will show you complete victory over all as you trust in Me. I only send into the heat of the battle those who know the battle is Mine. They simply trust, and I do everything else. So sit at My feet and watch all be fulfilled. You will arrive in My courts rested, completely ready to fulfill your purpose ~ As My Bride.

Trust and Rest in Me – May 19, 2013

In the darkness of the night I come to you, seeking you. I give you rest when you are weary and hold you when you are weak. Your shortcomings are many, but I have placed them there to draw you unto Me. If one day passed and you did not fall, you would believe you had grown to not need Me. Therefore I allow you to fail. It is not sin, per se, or lack of love for Me on your part, but it is a vital lesson in the classroom of life. Therefore, the knowledge of your weakness leads you to walk in My strength. You will never out grow your need for Me, for all you are is because of what I have already done for you. You cherish beyond measure the time we spend together and you long that it could be more. You strive to seek Me and to understand My Ways. Unexplained emotions reside in the depth of your heart, placed there by Me. But, very soon you will know and understand even as you are known. The vapor of your short life arises as a sweet smelling savor before the Throne, captured in the breath of your praise. The height of the glory of My creation on Earth is My Bride as she lifts her head in adoration to Me. You feel the complete filth of the world permeate the very air you breathe as you rise to complete your tasks each day. It threatens to stifle your very life. Therefore, you stop your ears and hide your eyes from the scenes that threaten your very existence. Hope thou in Me. “As it was in the days of Noah…” Did you think you would not see this come to pass? All of My word comes to pass. Not one jot will fail. You will see it all come to pass in the safety of the Shadow of My Wing. You will see Satan brought to complete nothingness along with his haughty followers. You will be part of this great and Mighty victory, for you rule and reign with Me. All of the victories you hold in your storehouse will arise to accomplish this great feat, as My Bride, who has overcome the evil one, rises with victory in her hand to smite the Earth and its wickedness. All will come to pass, for My Word is alive and will be fulfilled. Shalom

Lead Them Out – May 25, 2013

Oh, My little ones, have I not called thee? Have I not taught thee at My feet, and have I not given thee a place of honor in My Kingdom. Now I say unto thee, the time is at hand and the hour has come. I will work a mighty work, and I will smite the Earth. Come with Me, and live with Me. Set your eyes only upon Me. My little ones have been chosen, called out and created since the foundations of the Earth, and they have such a high place of honor that they will be overwhelmed. They are always at My feet. They never leave Me ~ ever. They seek Me, they love Me and they have nothing in themselves but Me. I have chosen them for such a time as this. I do not give My fiercest battles to anyone but My strongest leaders. My strongest leaders do nothing of themselves. The time is now at hand and the hour has come. It is now time to lead My children out. Lead them out. They come to you, and you must lead them out of their wilderness and bring them to My Promised Land. They are ready. They are weeping. They are seeking My face. They lack direction, they lack courage, and they lack security. — But they love Me. Such love you have never witnessed as these, My children, whom I am leading out. Follow Me. Like Moses, follow Me. Do not look to the right hand or to the left — but follow Me. I am the Lord thy God, and I will not fail you. COME. — The battle cry splits the air. — NOW, MARCH. — You know where you are going. You have traveled this path many times before. This time is no different — but the end result is glorious. For this time and this hour you have been created, trained and prepared. Lead My people out, and watch the enemy let them go!!

Follow Me – May 31, 2013

Oh, My little ones, the time is at hand. Look to Me, for I am bringing you to a place you have never been before. Do not look to past experiences to guide you, but listen to My voice within you — then follow Me. The hour is very dark and the enemy close at hand. Your only refuge is with Me. One step off My path will lead to serious injury to you and those around you, but My grace is sufficient for you. I have darkened the areas on either side of My path on purpose that you would not see the evil one, for if you saw the evil, you would focus on the enemy and not on Me. This is the path to Golgotha. My blood is sufficient for you. — I did not die in vain. All your prayers are heard and will be answered. I see the concerns for your loved ones, and rightly so, for I have placed you in their midst as a channel through which I flow. Empty yourselves of all but Me. Rid yourself of pride and foolish arguments. Focus on fruits of the Spirit, and let them flow out of you like a banquet for all to partake of. See Me in All. Do not take one step on your own. Hold fast to nothing, but instead, give All to Me for safekeeping. I am coming for you, and I will not delay. Even My littlest ones will not be ashamed, for I hold and cherish My little ones in the palm of My hand and provide rest and peace for their weary souls. Shalom

Vessels of Honor – June 04, 2013

Oh, My little ones, be not anxious when nothing seems to be happening to expedite My coming. All is working behind the scenes like clockwork and My coming is nigh, even at the door. You do not see all that is happening because I have hidden it ~ but for a moment. Soon My Light will shine on the darkness, and all will be revealed. Hide yourself in the inner closet, and seek My Face. Empty yourself before Me, and above all follow Me always. I am doing a great work in you that you would not believe even if you were told. You will soon see and know that it was I working through you and it was not of yourself. For I have broken the bread and fish you have given Me ~ and lo, I now feed the multitudes in the valley of decision with your life offerings. I have multiplied the “fruits” of your pain and your sufferings to bring in this last mighty harvest and “great”, My little ones, is your reward. Give All to Me, every hurt, every pain, every sin and loss, for I am working a mighty salvation as My Love comes down. My little ones, listen to My still small voice within you, and give All to Me. I need All of you to complete the short work I now make upon the Earth. Bring Me the offering of yourself and all of your past, and watch Me transform it into a glorious vessel of honor for My Kingdom. Oh — how I love you, My little ones, and I am in your midst to do you good and not evil. Very soon now, I am coming ~ and I will not delay. Shalom

Prepare Like Esther – June 08, 2013

Once again I come to you, My little ones, guiding you, directing you. Come bathe in the river of My grace and wash yourselves in the glory of My Love. This is a time of preparation, of saturating yourselves in the oil of My Spirit. You are in the Bridal chamber as Esther was and she listened and prepared. The Glory cloud is overshadowing you that you might not see the evil in the world, but that you might prepare to come out of the world and to step forth when I hold out My Scepter. I look with longing toward you. I delight when you run for Me, and My heart thrills when you cast All at My feet. Do not be ashamed little ones to give Me your failures, your shortcomings and even those blatant sins. For it is I who have called you, redeemed you and made you My Own. I already know everything about you, but My ability to assist you is bound when you do not cast at My feet. I am gathering My littlest ones to sit in My lap so I can fully embrace them. Many of My children consider themselves to be “My Littlest Ones”. Those I cherish, for they know without Me they are nothing. Those are the empty vessels through which I pour out My Spirit upon the Earth. Lose All of self. Be not afraid to obey Me. Most of My greatest servants in The Holy Word were also very afraid to speak the Words I had given them. You have example after example of how they ran from Me and then ran back to Me and followed Me with all their hearts. This is the end of the last hour — this is Golgotha — I am separating you, calling you and consecrating you for My purpose and My plan. You will soon see Me, My little ones, and you will not be ashamed when I come — for you, will finish your race “strong”. I love you, My Bride. Fear not to follow My leading in your heart, for your Bridegroom is coming. — Shalom

I Am Hidden in Plain Sight – June 11, 2013

Oh, I come to you, longing for you ~ just to spend time with you. How I love you, My little ones. Your heart breaks for Me. You seek Me all day long. You run after Me, and yet it seems to you that I cannot be found. It’s because I am with you, in you and all around you; I am everywhere. You long to seek Me in the solitude, but I say unto you, if you look closely, you will see Me even clearer in the chaotic storm. You long for perfection, but I say unto you, I Am your perfection. Things are not always as they appear, for the very obstacle in your path is but Me. Look for Me in every situation and in everyone that crosses your path. In every circumstance are hidden vital lessons, and in every situation you will find Me waiting for you, in plain sight. As you learn to give all to Me, I ask that you sit quietly and watch Me perform My perfect plan. Most of My children find it very difficult to sit and hope quietly in Me. My plan is being fulfilled like clockwork, events are soon to occur, and there will be a great shaking. Know when these things come to pass that I am with you. No matter if the stone of your life seems not to go in the direction you so desperately aim, My little ones, it matters not ~ for I will catch you. Your perfection is not My end goal, for I have already done that for you. My goal is that we finish this journey together, as One, and yes, child, we will laugh. Abba Father

All Authority Is Mine – June 15, 2013

Oh, My little ones, I have chosen you, prepared you and given you My Signet Ring. All of your past loss is but fuel for the fodder. Like Mary, you now long for nothing but Me. Perfection you have not attained without Me, and therefore My Strength is made perfect in you. I have looked with amazement at the Martha’s–there are so many–but it is the Mary’s at My feet that I have chosen. Mary gave up all and loved Me more than life itself. She is the one that hears Me. This last great harvest needs not the works that you can do for Me, but requires the Works that I can Do through you. The Mary’s that sit at My feet are willing to allow Me to flow through them. They “be” while I “DO”. Some little things have great significance, and this is one of them. I now call My little ones out of the fox holes where they are hidden. “But we are nothing” they say, “We have no boldness; we are afraid and even have trouble hearing His voice.” But times have changed. I called David out of the back pasture when even his own father forgot about him. I use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Do you really believe the boldness David fought Goliath with was his own? No, David was endowed with power from on high, and I will do the same for you. My little ones, the harvest time is here. All I ask is your obedience and your great love for Me. I do All the rest. You will speak with authority, and you will know that it is I and not you. The last Pentecost has arrived. You will walk as Peter, and your shadow will heal as you pass by the hurting. All power is Mine, little ones. That is why you feel you don’t have any. But we now walk as One. I needed empty vessels like the thief on the cross and the sinner by the Pharisee that smote His breast and said, “God, be merciful to Me a great sinner.” My little ones, you know that is you, but now you will see what “I Do.” For you are like Esther who was obedient and prepared, but I saved the whole nation of Israel in two days by her obedience and the authority of the king’s signet ring. Oh, My little ones, you will sit at My feet in wonder when you hear Me say “thank you”, and you will have joy unspeakable when you view the multitudes of the last great harvest rejoicing around My throne. I love you, My little ones, and I have planned your entire life before the foundations of the world…now come again and sit at My feet. Shalom

Waves of the Littlest Stones – June 20, 2013

Oh, My little ones, the time is very short. The sky grows ever darker and the battle intense. There are evil plans to destroy My very own, but I will not allow it. Gather close to Me, and seek My face. Grave deceit now covers the land. The tares are being separated from the wheat, and the plowing has begun. Soon, the chaff will start to burn. Labor not for vain glory, but obey Me in all things. Soon, My Wisdom will shine like the morning, and My Righteousness will guide you home. Do not discount the little things I ask of you, for I save an entire city by the prayer of one child. I overthrow nations from your prayer closet, and no one knows but Me. Remember Hannah. She prayed earnestly for a son, and look what I accomplished through Samuel. Treat the little things I ask of you as if it saved multitudes, for you will find out soon ~ it has. My nation, Israel, has consistently baffled the entire world through her unseen power. So it is with you, My little ones, for you are My own, and you do not walk alone, for where I am, there you are also. My disciples walked “with” Me, but My Bride walks as “One” with Me. Do not discount the “cup of cold water given in My Name” for it is as important as when I instructed Moses to lift his staff out over the sea. My little ones, it is I who parted the sea, and it is I who fed the multitudes from the meager two fish and five loaves. Many of you feel very insignificant, but My little ones, it is not so. If you felt you were of great use to Me, then I could no longer use you. I can only use those whose wills are welded with Mine and those who love Me above all else. Oh, My little ones, how I treasure the sweet sound of your voice, and the cords of your life create glorious music surrounding My Throne. I love you and will soon come to receive My Bride home. Shalom

Hidden Jewels – June 24, 2013

Oh, My little ones, I come to you because I love you far beyond human comprehension. The treasures of Heaven are hidden and housed within you. Your status with Me does not change when I arrive to receive you unto Myself ~ for you are My Bride now, and all My Authority is yours. Like Esther, I have great plans for you that will forever change the course of this world and will pave the way for My return. Every detail of your life will be used ~ left behind by you when you step to My side as My Bride. None of your labor will be in vain for “all” of your trials will be used by Me to further My Kingdom. The Great City, the New Jerusalem, is built by My Bride. Oh, how I treasure everything done in My Name, for not one deed goes unused. The detail of this city mirrors the detail of My Bride as she goes about her daily tasks unknowingly creating the designs of Heaven to perfection. You call it “earthly” tasks? It’s not “of Earth” when it is done in My Name. Little ones, I see everything, and your ground is fertile for your departure. I love you, and I am coming soon on a day that you know not of. Shalom

My Love Comes Down – June 30, 2013

Oh, My little ones, it is time. ~ My Love is coming down. You have bathed in the River of Life. You have washed your garments and made them spotless in My Blood. You have saturated yourselves in the Oil of My Spirit, and now I am coming down. My Spirit will flow through you as the mighty River of Life comes down and bathes this Earth with My Power. Little ones, look up!! Cleansing life comes from this Water as I saturate the Earth through My Empty vessels. For you are Mine, precious little ones, and oh, how I love you!! Seek Me, bring All to Me and Rest in Me, for I am in your midst to do a mighty work. It is I who performs the miracles, but you are My Bride, and I hold you close and cherish you with boundless measures which Earth has no concept of. Do you know, little ones, what the Power of My Water performs in you as it rushes through your vessels to saturate the grapes of this last great harvest? You will laugh with joy and delight in Me as you seek Me above all else. Your remaining time on Earth is short, for I love you, and it won’t be long. My precious little ones have eyes only for Me–Dove’s eyes–for as you focus on My eyes, you will capture My Heart, and the River of Life will flow out of you to provide health and healing to the Earth. My Bride, I beckon you, and I call to you through the lattice. My Beloved ~ your seat of honor awaits you, and I fight all of your battles as you trust in Me. All I desire is your great love for Me which pleasures Me beyond words. My Bride, I am coming for you on a day soon that you think not. Hope thou in Me, for I, your Bridegroom, await your coming…Shalom

The Great Separation – July 01, 2013

Oh, My little ones, you feel something is amiss, and your spirit is unsettled within you. You have been separated from this world while yet living and working in it. I have called you out, and you have come. You are in My Ark of safety, and the great shaking occurs very soon. Remember who you are and where you are. I do not warn you in vain. Things have happened behind the scenes that you know not of. Very soon now all will change. Everything I have taught you will now be brought into focus. Your eyes must be fixed on Me. Blind yourself to everything but Me. Follow Me like the Israelites followed Moses through the Red Sea, and you will be led out safely. You will spoil the Enemy as the Israelites spoiled the Egyptians, and you will bring the treasure of the last great harvest with you. I do not speak lightly. All of your life’s training has been for this hour. I am within you, and I will do a Mighty Work. Follow Me ~ You “be” while “I do”. Shalom

Author and Finisher – July 02, 2013

Again I come to you, little ones, for I am the Author and the Finisher of your faith. I will not fail you in this last hour but you have been endowed with Power from on High. Bonnie is My Chosen vessel, and she speaks My Words with clarity. Listen to her posts. The great deception is about to make a grand entry to the Earth and take up center stage. You will know, little ones, because you have been warned. Focus on Me and on your true Home. Remember the Boston Marathon bombings at the finish line? It was a mockery of Me. When you see these things, know that My coming is nigh, even at the very doors. You are currently rounding the last bend and are headed straight for the finish line. I await you. Little ones, do not fear this part of your race. Have I not confirmed that you will finish strong? Remember, “I Am” the “Author and the Finisher” of your faith. I have promised that not one hair on your head will perish. Not one of you will be left. You will cross the finish line and the door will shut behind you. Come, little ones, come…for a grand entrance is given you and your place is reserved.

My Broken Vessels – July 05, 2013

Oh, My little ones, I have brought you from the deepest recesses of the wilderness and the refining of the potter’s fire, and you will not be ashamed on the day when I receive you unto Myself. I have called you, broken you and created strong vessels that I so desperately need in this final hour. I, the Lord your God, needed Leaders, and you are Chosen for such a time as this. Think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you as though some strange thing happened to you, but rejoice. Inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings, that when His glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy. Little ones, rest in My Arms, for you will not be ashamed when you look upon My Face, for you will rejoice with joy unspeakable when you see what I have created from your injustice and pain. Abba Father

My Outcasts – July 07, 2013

Oh, My little ones, you make Me smile. I hear all your cries and I answer all your prayers. Truly the last shall be first and those whom I have brought from the recesses of the wilderness are My Chosen ones, and yes, they will rise to become My present day Leaders: the David’s, the Moses’, the Daniel’s, the Peter’s and the Paul’s of My last-hour Bride. I have many of you strategically placed around My Earth, and you will march forth in power and great victory. My Word does not lie. In Hebrews I spoke of you, the outcasts who have wandered in the dens and caves of the Earth, of whom the world was not worthy. Little ones, you know you have nothing in and of yourselves but Me. I will flow out of you like a mighty rushing wind and the first pentecost is no match for this last great outpouring, for I will saturate the Earth with My power, and great will be the harvest. You have been cast away as David was in the back pastures of life, but I will bring you forth, and you will be mightily used of Me. Thus saith the Lord.

Anxiety and Trust – July 09, 2013

Oh, My little ones, you are trying to ignore the horrible uneasy feeling you have. You believe you are missing something, and you don’t know what it is. There is a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, and it won’t go away no matter how hard you try to ignore it. Some of you weep and travail in the Spirit, some of you worship and some of you pace the floor. You are in tune with My Spirit, and there is an understanding in your spirit that your mind knows nothing of and, therein lays the discrepancy. Your spirit understands you are in the middle of a horrific storm, but your physical eyes tell you the sun is shining brightly with no forecast of rain. You are torn asunder and the division is complete. You no longer live in this world. Soon your body will be glorified, but for the moment, it creates a veil through which you cannot see. Your body is very impatient for its redemption, but your spirit understands your redemption is already complete. In My arms I hold you and ask you with every fiber of My Being to trust and rest in Me. This is not “down time” as you think. For during this time of quiet trust you are learning to walk on water. Over and over I have asked you to keep your eyes on Me. This is of utmost importance for you, even as it was to Peter. Remember, I come to you in the midst of the storm, and it is I who will bid you “Come”, and it is I who will gather you in My Arms…Shalom

Treasured Vessels in My Safe – July 11, 2013

Oh, My little ones, I come to you once again. There are many little ones sad, for they have such great love for Me, yet they feel they have no gifts to offer Me. They see Me working through others, and they seek Me and wonder why they are not used in such a way. Therefore, they feel worthless and empty and weak. But I say unto you, My little ones, that things are not as they appear! Where do you place your most prized possessions? Do you place them in areas to be used daily, or are they located in the safe? I have plans for you little ones that encompass eternity. Therefore, do not look to the here and now as the end of your journey. I have many prized vessels currently in the safe that will bring Me incredible honor, and there is no vessel in My Kingdom that can do the work as the vessel for which it was created. Little ones, this is the mere cradle of your existence. All of eternity lies before us. You will experience shockwave after shockwave as I reveal My Will and My Ways with you. Each one of you is priceless beyond measure to Me, and there is no one that can bring Me joy as you do. Therefore, do not wonder at another’s gift, for your gifts soon to be poured out will be specifically designed for the glory I have created for you. My great treasure is within you, and you will delight in My Joy as you are saturated with My Love. Come now, let Me hold you and comfort you in My Arms. Abba Father

Trust Me on the Water – July 16, 2013

Oh, My little ones, you are ill at ease, and you don’t understand why. I tell you to trust Me, and you try very hard to obey, but you are in a spiritual war the likes of which you have never encountered in your life. Therefore, the very core of your being is shaken. I have allowed this so you would learn to trust Me on the water even when you do not see Me. You are like My disciples in the midst of the sea who feared greatly and called out to Me in desperation, for they believed their very lives were at stake. I have repeatedly told you, I would come to you in the midst of the storm, and not one hair on your head would perish. Trust Me with everything that is within you. Just as surely as I warn you of upcoming events, I spend most of My time teaching you that I will be with you. You are in the palm of My Hand, and I will not let you go.

What Is Decreed – July 17, 2013

Oh, My little ones, I come to you today to endow you with Power from on High. I have heard your prayers, seen your diligence and I work Mightily in your behalf. There is a multitude that no man can number awaiting all of you in the valley of decision. This is but the mere cradle of your existence. I will send you out, and you will all go forth with power, love and a sound mind. Scripture will enlighten before you as you have never dreamed possible. My Word is hidden in your heart, and it will come forth at that time to bring life to millions. You will hand out My Truth, and it will bring in the last great harvest as you have never dreamed possible. Food will appear before you, and water will flow out of rocks. Miracles will happen all around you. I simply need you to “Be” and I will “Do”. Not one of you is of less value than another. All of you are Chosen. It does not matter what you “feel” like today. I am the Creator, and I will do what I have decreed. Thus saith the Lord God Almighty which Was, and Is and Is to Come. No man shall stop what I have decreed.

I Come – July 23, 2013

Oh, My little ones, the hour is drawing to a close. Do not look to the right hand or to the left, but keep your eyes focused on Me. Grave darkness covers the land as never before in the history of mankind. My great army holds the darkness at bay preparing the path for My coming. Little ones, how I love you and greatly anticipate your arrival to My courts. The table is prepared, your places are set, your gown is spotless and your Bridegroom waits. All is ready for your arrival. I see how you long to be held in My Arms. I see your trust and your confidence. I see how many of you have waited long years for My promise of redemption and your year of Jubilee. Many of you have been exhausted to the point of hardly being able even to stand. As My little ones, you have rallied around the weak and the torn, you have bound up the wounded and the afflicted, you have prayed and cried out to Me in sheer desperation and many of you have cried yourselves to sleep. I have seen everything. I have rocked you to sleep in the midnight hour and then kissed your face while you rested. I cherish as no other ~ My littlest one. You may feel you have greatly failed Me many times over, but that’s why I died. You feel your best will never match or even come close to those you see around you, but that’s why I died. I paid for you. You are Mine. You are not your own. You have been bought with a price. Look up, little ones, I am coming for My Own…I am coming for you. ~ You are My Bride, and I Love You!!

Fire of God – July 28, 2013

Oh, My little ones, I speak to you this day. Watch for Me as you have never watched before. Look to the heavens. Look to My Word. Darkness covers the land, and the time of your departure is near. This is the time the prophets spoke of; this is the time of the last harvest. I have heard each of your prayers for My little ones located around My Earth, and My Holy Spirit fire rains down upon you. With this fire comes enlightenment. As My precious children of Israel were led by this fire by night, even so, My Bride will be led by this fire in the darkness of this final hour. Hold fast to what thou hast, that no man take thy crown. I do not speak lightly! You have been crushed and taken through the fire, and now you are vessels fit and holy for the Fire of the Master’s use. This Fire will burn hotly within your spirit, and you will speak forth My Words with boldness. Keep your eyes on Me. Pray for your sister, Israel, who will yet be put through more fire. Pray for discernment of upcoming star alignments, for My second coming will be announced as was My first. My little ones, you have sown in many tears, and now you will run with great strength through the harvest fields, and come into My Courts rejoicing, bringing your sheaves with you. There will be no signs of fatigue when you arrive, for My Bride will come filled with the Glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. Shalom

All Is Prepared – July 31, 2013

Oh, My little ones, I speak loud and clear. Seek My Face. Ask, and ye shall receive that your joy may be full. Ask Me for a great harvest that none of your loved ones would be lost. Ask Me for direction in all you do, and then follow hard after Me. Seek My Face, for I Am Coming for all who seek Me. Ask now for the veil to be lifted, that you may see and understand. Ask Me for eye salve, that you may see. Ask for divine revelation to be poured out upon My little ones, that they may have ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart that understands. Ask that you may know Me from the least unto the greatest. But above all ~ ask that My Will be done on Earth even as it is in Heaven. Little ones, you have emptied yourselves. You have sought after Me. You have given all to Me. You have sat at My feet and learned of Me. I now send you forth as My messengers. You will not need the internet. You will not need electricity. You will not even need each other, for all of you will receive direct instruction from Me. I will be with you in Power as I was with Moses and with David, Abraham and Isaac, Elisha and Elijah, Enoch and Noah, Peter and Paul, and all of those heroes whom you long to meet. Now they long to meet you. I have many, many little ones strategically placed around My Earth. They make up My Bride. They are prepared. Their robes are spotless, and they have spent long years in preparation for this time. Some have spent longer than others, but all are prepared. Now as you step out of the bridal chamber, in full glory, the world will know that because of Me, you are. There are many guests who still need invitations, for their places are reserved, their mansions are finished, and their families are waiting for them. You hold the Keys. The harvest is ripe and the mustard plants have completed their purpose. Heaven and Earth are joined in waiting for My Father’s final call. All of Heaven anticipates this next step with indescribable joy. Many multitudes are gathered now ~ waiting your return. They are looking for you!! Little ones, do you see the finish line? I await you!! Shalom

In a Moment – August 06, 2013

Oh, My little ones, the battle rages on. As in Daniel, the archangel Michael and Gabriel warred mightily while Daniel fasted and prayed for 21 days. Many of you have given up foods you dearly love and deprived yourselves of pleasurable things and are currently seeking Me with all your heart. I am strengthening the weak, healing the sick and binding up the wounded. All the while, My Love is coming down. The enemy would try to lull you to sleep with complacency and white noise, but your deep undying love presses you on. Weep for the dying and pray for the lost. Souls are all you bring with you. Be not distracted by appearance or withdraw in distaste because of filth. My hands are outstretched to a dying and lost world. You catch them, and I will embrace and cleanse them. You are on the brink of the River of Life . As you are connected to Me, life flows out of you bringing blood transfusions to millions. In the past, you have seen this transfiguration in small portions taking years to transpire. Now you will see it happen instantly. You will feel power go out of you as you are charged with energy from on High. You will walk in My Will on Earth as it is in Heaven. You and I will walk through the Earth as One. I in My Bride and My Bride in Me. Earth has never known such Power as is in “US” combined. Demons will flee before you, and Satan will not be found. The harvest will come to you and fall into your hands. Many long years you have wept, but now, My little ones, you will reap. Even now the tevahs are coming ~ coming for you to fill. You are longing for your Heavenly home, but I say unto you, Heaven will be found in you as you come home rejoicing bringing your sheaves with you ~ Shalom

The Earth Will Mourn – August 09, 2013

Oh, My little ones, the hour is darkening. The veil is still in place. Soon darkness will overtake the Earth. I will be with you even when you do not feel Me. Do not panic. Many events are taking place in the spirit realm of which you do not know or even understand. There will be a time, as it was with My disciples, when you will feel alone. Know that I am with you even to the end of the Earth. It is during this time when all of your life’s training will be of great value. Mountains will be removed and cast into the sea. Chaos as you have never dreamed possible will be the norm. Many will die and be lost forever without Me. Yet I will seem to delay, for the time is yet to come. Shortly after these things, the veil will be lifted, and you will know even as you are known. It is at this time when the remnant, My Bride, will be empowered from on High. Great mourning will cover the land that will continue for a time, times and half a time. There will be a great catching away as all those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life will be brought under the safety of the Shadow of My Wing. Then, the Earth shall know sorrow as it has never known since the foundations of time. Some of you will return to minister to those to whom you are sent. You will descend into the hell that has risen to fill the Earth. You will only be seen by those to whom you have been sent and they will fear greatly and will believe. Multitudes will die during the great tribulation hour for refusing to take the mark of the beast which is even now already in full access on the Earth. Such sadness as has not been known to man until this time will blanket the Earth, and you will weep. Little ones, you are Mine and will be in the number when I come for you. But first, you will work. You will not be tired or lack direction or have needs, for we will walk as One. You will “Be” and I will “Do”. I have spent years emptying your broken vessels and during this hour, the world will only see Me for there will be nothing left of you for your will is molded with Mine. I have pled with you to ready your houses and you have called out to Me for wisdom on just how to do this. Your prayers have been answered, and the blood is on your doorposts as the angel of death prepares to descend across the land. You will be spared, you and your households whom you have covered with the blood. For it is through My blood and not of your own works that you shall be saved. Many will weep in this day saying “Lord, Lord have we not done this and that in Thy Name.” But, I come for My own, and they are covered with My Blood. Little ones, fear not, for I am with you. I live in your midst, and I am coming to rescue you in My Arms. Shalom NOTE: The vision that came with this message was dismal hopelessness and incredible destruction. The collateral damage effected most all of us. We wept. Those are the times coming when we may feel alone. Many of us may have family die during this. We are not to be shocked or feel forsaken. The Lord will keep our families safe even through death. The storm clouds were very dark over the whole Earth like at dusk, and the darkness was impregnated with extreme hopelessness. In this vision we did not seem to work very long at all before the rapture took place. We were raptured out of the harvest fields, and that brought yet more incredible mourning to the Earth. When we left, it was the straw that broke the camels back, and the world was completely forsaken after that.

Safe With Me – August 12, 2013

Dearest little ones, I see your heart and your great love and desire for Me. You bring great joy to My heart and delight Me as none other. Very soon your troubles will be over and your joy will be unspeakable. I tell you of soon coming events, that you might be prepared, unshakable and steadfast in the knowledge and security you have in Me. You will be fully allowed to see the dark storms and the great havoc wrought, but you will be completely safe under My dome of protection. Little ones, I am currently making you aware of upcoming destruction and of your protection in Me. You are still under the veil and what does not make total sense now will soon be clear, and you will walk with great light and instruction. I am with you, and even in Earth’s darkest hour, you are safe in Me. Shalom

Safety for Loved Ones – August 18, 2013

Oh, My little ones, as the clock ticks, so decreases the time. There is a time coming very soon when all will be perfectly clear. Do not stress over things that seem to be out of order, for all will make perfect sense, and you will know with a certainty what is going on and will be propelled into action as the Spirit of understanding comes upon you. Now you struggle with the puzzle pieces and are unsure, and yet you seek Me with your entire being. I hear your prayers and am pleased with you. I will answer your requests with such clarity as the veil is lifted that you will know even as you are known. Little ones, you have been ordained since before the foundation of the Earth for this time. Do not fear for your lives or the lives of your loved ones, for I have All in My Hands. I have heard your prayers for your unsaved loved ones, and I have ordained individuals that will reach them even at the moments just prior to My return. Some will be as the thief on the cross and will be swept into the Kingdom with even no breaths to spare. Some will cross the bridge with the assistance of angels in the gap between life and death. For, have you not stood in the gap for them for many years? The gap is large and the ravine is deep, but the bridge your prayers have created is strong, and with the assistance of the angels your loved ones will arrive Home. Trust and have faith, for I, the Lord, Am your Redemption, and I draw nigh!! Shalom

Heart of God – August 19, 2013

Within the Garden of God there is deep intimacy and untold joy. Love as you have never known will flow like rivers over the deep recesses of your heart healing all wounds. As you open yourself up to receive My gifts, leave no chambers barred. I take everything; all the hurt, all the pain, all the cares and all the pride. Only when you give Me your all, can you receive My All. Nothing is to remain hidden. I will show you the thoughts and intents of My heart, and Our wills will be blended into One. It is during this time that I anoint you with the oil of gladness and joy, and you will be filled to overflowing with My Love. My Bride, I would have you to receive of Me with no thoughts of unworthiness or barriers of self. You have already released the world and all of its vain and empty charms. Now, I would have you reach out to Me forever with your undying love. The fragrance of your worship overwhelms Me, and I treasure you beyond all Heaven contains. Your breath is like diamonds, and your righteousness shines brighter than the stars in the sky. I have lived an eternity for this cherished moment with you, and I have given My All for this moment to become your eternity with Me. My Heart is open, and you reside within Me. With every heartbeat, I long for your love to flow back to Me with the deepest desire no one but you may fill. No one pleasures Me more than you. Oh, My Bride come sup with Me in My Garden of Love where you will dwell in My Heart for all time. Abba

I Come as Written – August 26, 2013

Oh, My little ones, all is going as planned. There is much happening behind the scenes that you are unaware of. Some events you see, but many you do not. Lo, I am with you even unto the end and will bring you safely through ALL. Again, keep your eyes locked on Me, and Israel is your gauge. There will be a quick series of events that will take your breath away, but My peace will sustain you. You will remember the words that I have spoken and will hear Me with clarity. Walk in the light that you have, and more will be given you. Do not expect to receive the entire set of instructions at once. Instead, I will instruct you one step at a time, for as you complete one step of instruction another step will closely follow. You will not be overwhelmed or panicked, for I am with you. When you arrive at Heaven’s shore, you will look back and laugh with joy at the miraculous path you ran through unharmed. There are very dark days ahead for the Earth. I have heard all your prayers for your loved ones and yourselves. There may well be times when you do not feel Me, but know within your heart that I am more real than the air you breathe, and I am with you. Walk in the knowledge you have, and more will be given you. I will provide knowledge for you even as I supplied manna to the children of Israel during the wilderness. There will not be knowledge to waste, but it will be just what you need, when you need it. You will even gasp and say, “Where did that come from?” But, you will know, recognize Me and smile. I am so anticipating My soon arrival for you, My Bride. I await My Father’s command. My heart is beating with overflowing joy as My horse paws the air. I am so ready for you, My Bride. Do not fear, for it is I who will work through you in My behalf, and we will return Home with the sheaves of the harvest completely intact. Your Groom awaits the Father’s command, and the Spirit and the Bride say “Come”. NOTE: While receiving this word of the series of events that will take our breath away, there was a roller coaster vision complete with the feeling the riders experience. When we keep our eyes on Jesus, we are locked in safely and will suffer no harm. As in a roller coaster ride, it may appear we are suspended in mid air without support, moving with forced speed and never knowing what will happen next. It is but an illusion, and we are safe with Jesus.

The Great Transformation – September 02, 2013

You are cherished beyond measure and dearly loved. I come on a day that you think not, therefore get your houses in order and keep your armor on. As a snare shall this cataclysmic event come upon the face of the whole Earth, but it is not so for you, My Bride, for I will not let this day come upon you unawares. You will walk with Me in Light that you have never dreamed possible on Earth. I will flow through you in a magnitude that is completely foreign to Earth minds. Bible stories are but a mere shadow of what is to come, for I will flow upon this Earth in Power that has not been seen since the Creation. This ushers in a new beginning, a paradigm change, that you, My Bride, will assist Me in. You have been trained, now you will be changed into My likeness, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye your redemption will be complete, and you and I will walk in complete ONENESS. Everything within you will transform, and you will know even as you are known. Trust Me during the cataclysmic event. Trust Me in Earth’s darkest hour, for after three days you will rise in newness of Light. This is very soon to come. I see your hope. I see your expectation. I see your impatience, and I smile, for there is much trust and anticipation in your midst. I am very pleased with you. I hear and answer all of your prayers in fashions that will bring you the most joy and the greatest blessings. I ask you as My Bride, to bring Me all your requests, beyond your highest thoughts and dreams, so that you may receive and so that your joy may be filled to overflowing. Your place of current residence does not change your status with Me. You are My Bride, and as such, I again ask you to come to Me with All of your needs and desires. You are like Esther and fearful to approach Me with those things that concern you the most. Now is the time to bring Me All your concerns so that you will be Free to be transformed into One with Me. Abba, Father, Your Redeemer, Closest Confident, Friend and Bridegroom

The Great Harvest – September 05, 2013

Oh, My little ones, the hour is critically short, and the time of your departure is near. Keep your eyes on Me and Me alone. I have given you insight of soon coming distress, and the information will continue to increase with clarity as current events come to pass. The enemy has planned a great deception and destruction that will envelop the entire globe. Even now the angels have been sent to reap the Earth. Currently the sheep are being separated from the goats, the light from darkness, and the wheat from tares. Appointed ones are gathering together souls for the Ark of Safety. They will run to Me, and you will assist them into the Ark amidst much turmoil and strife upon the Earth, and then the doors will shut. You will leave this Earth during great disaster, and you will watch as the enemy’s plans go awry and he destroys his own. You will find great pleasure and joy in this harvest, for the veil will be lifted and you will see the enemy for who he is. He will run from you in great fright as you reveal his deception and snatch souls from the gateways of hell. You will know even as you are known, and will walk in the fullness of My knowledge, wisdom, and power. You will be given the Keys to death, hell, and the grave, and you will set the captives free. Many will be pulled directly out of the gates of hell and into My waiting arms, for I have sealed them and they are Mine. Then, the door will shut, and great will be the weeping and wailing across the Earth, for many are those who have called themselves sheep and are not. They are of their father the devil and have served him well under the guise of My Name, but I will not be mocked. My little ones, do not fear the coming days, for you will rule and reign with Me in Truth and Light and bring great hope to this dying world. Abba Father

I Am Coming – September 08, 2013

Oh, I am coming, I am coming, I am coming. Everything is going like clockwork behind the scenes. World leaders, intent upon fulfilling their new world agenda, are playing right into My Hands, just as I foreordained. My little ones, you will play a very large part in My plan. Keep your eyes focused on Me, for I will guide you step by step. You will have a moment of time to walk in faith when things begin to happen very quickly, but, you will pause, and you will remember all I have taught you, and you be filled with strength like you have never dreamed possible. The time is nigh at hand. Your enemy truly believes he will prevail this time, yet he fears you. His fears will be realized when he is attacked from all sides and loses his most prized possessions by single rebukes from you. There is much at stake; many lives are hanging in the balances in the valley of decision. All the sheep you will gather into My fold, while the goats will depart from before you. The night is falling; a new day is at hand. The Earth will change like a garment before you, and the world will never be the same. I will not be mocked. I will come forth with fury no man has seen, and yet I will protect My own. Fear not, My little ones, for I hold you in the palm of My Hand, and you are protected under the shadow of My Wing. Only with your eyes will you behold and see the reward of the wicked. You will see My Glory and My Power as you ride with Me on the wings of the wind. You will laugh with joy as I hold you, and you will know Me as I know you. Much joy is just before you. Shalom

Time No More – September 16, 2013

Oh, My little ones, the hour has come. This is the road you have been created to travel. As I died for them, even so, you will bring them in. As I followed My Father, even so, you will follow Me. As the Earth was dark in the day of My death, even so, it will be dark in the day of My harvest. Keep your eyes fixed on Me. You have gone through the crucible of blacksmith’s hammer and anvil and have been set aside and chosen for this hour. Many joys are just before you. Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard the great things I have planned for you. Trust Me completely, for the hour is upon you. Julie’s message is true. The lines are drawn, and the sheep have been separated from the goats. You now live in My Courts and will go forth from there to issue My Will and Judgments upon the Earth. I have heard your petitions and decreed them, for your wills have been blended with Mine. Time is no more ~ for I have spoken, says the Lord.

Earth’s Darkest Hour – September 19, 2013

Oh, My little ones, thick blackness covers the Earth. Soon you will see what is currently just before you. Gross darkness as man has never known will blanket the Earth. Confusion will Reign. You will bring My Light into this dark world and will exude hope. Much is coming. Even those who say they know Me will panic as My disciples did, but I ask you to stay strong in faith. The time of prayer and preparation in the Garden of Gethsemane is almost past. The darkest hour is just before you. Know that I am with you when all strength appears to crumble. You have received proper training and you will not fail Me in this hour but will be infused with Power from on High. Wait for Me, for I am coming, and I will NOT delay. Things are not as they appear. You are not weak, as you feel, for it is in your weakness that I am made strong. The battle is Mine, and We will win. It is an honor, little ones, to be part of My End Time Army. You Be, and I will Do. Shalom

I Am The Way – September 24, 2013

Oh, My little ones, I am coming, I am coming, I am coming. I am very pleased with you. Your houses are swept, My Blood is plainly visible, and you are ready for your departure. I am your only hope in the darkness. It is the dry spell you must yet go through, but it will be short. My angels have been dispatched and now line your properties. These warrior angels have been sent in addition to the ones assigned to you already and the ones that have accompanied you from birth. You are wrapped in My Love, and the enemy is not allowed to touch you or even see you. Chaos will erupt. I will lead you forth in Power, and you will skip across the pools meant to devour you on your way Home. Because you have trusted in Me, your One and Only Savior, you will be kept from the hour that is coming upon the Earth. Only with your eyes will you behold and see the reward of the wicked. You will even see things that will make you laugh, and child, I give you complete freedom to laugh, for Joy as you have never known will escort you Home. Do not be concerned about travel plans you currently have, for I have ordained all, and you will be right where I need you when the darkness falls. Follow Me and Me alone. Some of you will be divinely protected in unique situations that I have foreordained, and others of you will be divinely protected within your homes. Do not fear to follow where I lead, for I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Light. I will never leave you nor forsake you. Shalom

Great Disaster at Hand – September 27, 2013

Oh, My little ones, look not to the right hand or to the left. Follow Me and Me alone. Much has happened that you know not of. Satan has been removed from My heavens and knows his time is very short. Israel is his target, and he hates you passionately. The darkness closes in as My Light is removed. Great disaster is upon the Earth. There will be a period where you do not feel Me at all. You will feel forsaken as I did when I hung on the cross. This will not last long, for you will quickly pass from death into life and will arise to accomplish your new duties and tasks. You will be infused with much wisdom and knowledge. Know this empowerment is coming and wait for it. There is nothing for you to fear, for Satan cannot touch or even see you. Disaster as you have never dreamed possible will initially take your breath away, but this is Our harvest field. This is where you will be empowered. Life and death reigns in the valley of decision. My grapes will be gently brought in, but the enemy will flee from My Power. Fire will come forth from you to slay the wicked, while My Harvest is brought to safety. The lines have been drawn and the separation has been made. You have already passed from death into life and live in Heavenly realms. What has already happened in the Spirit realm will be fully manifested in the natural. The event is sure, and the time is now. Shalom

I Have Plans for All My Little Ones – October 07, 2013

I have plans for all of you that encompass eternity. I have brought all of you here and there is no accident in My plan. There is much more than meets the eye — depth that will only be revealed with time. You are in My foundation where the greatest strength lies. You are within Me in ways you have never dreamed possible. I lead you, I guide you, and it is I who will bring you safely home. Shalom

Do Not Despair – October 21, 2013

Oh, My little ones, do not be distraught. I am with you now as never before. Look to the heavens, for very soon you shall see Me appear. Look not to strife, envy, and confusion of circumstances as gauges of Me. You know Me in your heart, and you know My voice. I will make Myself known to each and every one of you. You will all hear Me from the smallest to the most mature. All will know Me and that I greatly delight in you. Fear not!! I come, and My reward is with Me. The saddest and the most downcast I will gather into My Arms and hold and heal. I will touch your hearts and make your spirit soar. For you are Mine, says the Lord, and I joy over you!!! Take heart, and do not despair. I am very soon to come. Shalom

Seek Me – October 23, 2013

Oh, My little ones, I am with you now even unto the end. Though trouble is rampant all around you, I keep you safe under the shadow of My Wings. Hope thou in Me. I have allowed many events to seemingly overtake you so you would learn to keep your eyes on Me and only Me. It is imperative in the coming hours that you hear from Me directly. It is imperative that you seek Me and Me alone. Remember, you and I walk as One. Do not look to others for your direction. Seek Me in the deepest recesses of your heart and I will come and speak to you in the midnight hour. You will know Me, for I come in the still small voice. It is but a whisper, so all the clamor of the world must be laid aside. You must trust Me and My voice. You must lay your fears at My Feet for that is where My blood ran and covered the dust of the Earth that you were created from. You are redeemed and you are Mine. Lower yourself to sit at My feet as Mary did, and you will learn of Me and hear My voice. I love you much more than you could ever imagine, and great joy is just before Us. Shalom

Beyond the Gate – October 24, 2013

Oh, My Little ones, the time is now, the hour is upon us. I will gather you together as I come to receive My Own. Forsake all dissension and strife. None of it matters to Me except that you release it, for I Am your All in All. The footsteps of the Messiah are even now heard by your spirit man. The Earth will quake, rattle and roll as I descend and come near. You will know it is I. Fear Not, for I will come for you in the midst of the Storm. You will run for Me, and I will gather you up and embrace you, for you are My Jewels and greatly Chosen by Me. I love you with an everlasting Love. You will break free of the wheelchairs and all diseases will flee, as you rise to meet Me, your Victor of all. Your hearts will be welded with Mine, and instructions will be abundantly given. You will know and understand the Father’s perfect will, even as I. We are already completely united in Spirit, but then, My little ones, you will be made perfect in Me. Tears of joy will flow, as the hearts that have been molded into My image for an entire Earth life are transformed into My Likeness. Gifts will be bestowed upon you that will greatly enhance your life’s work. Goodness will flow from you upon the Earth like rivers of living water as you provide food, water, and shelter for many. Miraculous healings will proceed from you as the mighty grape harvest is ushered into the Presence of Almighty God. All of your life’s promises and desires will be fulfilled in ways you have never dreamed possible. Your transformation is sealed, and your hope is secure. Abba Father

Behold I Come Quickly – November 04, 2013

Oh, My little ones, I hold you in the palm of My Hand this day to keep you from the evil that is swiftly overtaking the Earth. Look to Me and only Me, for I will guide you and direct you as you have never dreamed possible. To date you have known of Me in ways that the world does not understand, but now, My little ones, you will know Me in depths that encompass eternity. I Am that I Am, and I will accomplish My Will upon the Earth. I come quickly, and My rewards are with Me. Keep your eyes on Me. Seek Me from the depth of your being, for I am your only hope. I will meet you in the middle of the storm, and together we will walk through the door of your full redemption. I have heard your cries, I have seen your distress, and I am coming very soon at a time that you think not. Trust Me, love Me, and cherish Me, for I am coming for a Bride that has forsaken the world and all it contains. Repent of all ill feelings and thought. Empty yourselves before Me, hold on to nothing, and forgive All. For My coming is nigh…even at the door. Shalom

Follow Me Out – November 16, 2013

Be prepared, for the time of your departure is at hand. Your tasks are completed. What appears to you to be unfinished is not, for I will complete it. Your assignment is over; the seeds have been planted and will bring forth a bountiful harvest. Over some, more rain must fall, but it is I, not you, that will bring forth the increase. Now, you must leave it all behind to follow Me out. This is just as important as your laboring in the fields. Obedience brings forth a great reward. I would not have you stay in the fields at this time, for it is of utmost importance that you follow Me out. This is your next task. You will leave behind much pain. It must be so for the harvest to be brought into fullness. What appeared at Calvary to be the end brought forth My resurrection. What appears to be your end will bring forth your transformation. This has been designed since the beginning of time to bring forth in fullness the Will of Our Father. The enemy would desire to entangle you in what I would have you step out of. Follow Me as I call you out, for it is in forsaking all ~ that you will gain All. Behold I come quickly, and I will not delay.

My Last Call – November 24, 2013

Oh, My little ones, I come to you this last time before I usher in the new dispensation that is now upon the Earth. World leaders are celebrating what they deem a great victory even as Haman of old. But the tables of Iran and Israel will turn, and the leaders of this day will stand in Awe of My Power and My Glory. Their kingdoms will fall. The time is now. Hasten to make yourselves ready, for the time is now, and this hour, I will show Myself mighty through you. Follow Me when I come for you. Tarry not when you hear Me call. I will come for you as a thief in the night, and great will be the mourning in this land. Hearken unto Me this day, for My prophets have not spoken in vain. The watchmen on the wall have sounded the alarm. There is now no excuse. I come for you, and I will not delay! Shalom

The Next Assignment – November 27, 2013

Oh, My dearest ones, I speak to you now of upcoming events. You will follow Me through much evil and danger, yet you will not fear or tremble, for you will walk with Me and know no harm. You will be in your transformed body for these great tasks just ahead of you. Do not be alarmed, for you have been fully prepared for this assignment. You will walk with Me as though there had never been another life previously. You will talk with Me even more fluently than you talk with each other. Much is just before you. When I come for you, you will clearly hear Me call. Your heart leaps in anticipation even now. The love you have for Me is rare, but I have saved it for the Chosen ones of My Kingdom. I have placed it there. Do not look at others and wonder why they do not have the same zeal for Me that you do, for it is a gift that I will use to bring My plan into fruition. Rest all cares at My Feet, for My blood is sufficient for All. Do not think for a moment that you will arrive in My Courts to be at ease. You will meet with loved ones and weep for joy. You will feast at My table that was prepared for you before the foundations of the Earth. Then, you will return and experience the shock of your life as the tumultuous surroundings are transformed with your arrival. You will bring in the harvest as it comes to you like waves of wheat to a combine. You will not grow weary or be faint of heart. You will have periods of rest in My courts, and then you will return to the harvest with even greater joy than when you left it. Trust in Me, for you will laugh and delight in this your new assignment. Shalom

Infusion of Oil – November 30, 2013

Again, My little ones, I come to you bringing you comfort and joy. Things do not at this time make sense to your natural minds. This is the screen of the veil you look through darkly. Things are very different than they appear in the natural. Therefore you must walk by Faith and not by sight. I am bringing all of you to a place of trust in Me that you have never been before. It is imperative that you learn this lesson now. I require blind, unshaken faith and trust. It was required of My leaders of old, and it is required of My leaders now. Think not for a moment that I have forsaken you or spoken to you in vain. The natural man does not comprehend My Way, but your spirit man understands perfectly. You have heard Me speak clearly. Confusion only reigns when you look to the natural for confirmation. I Am God, and I fail not. You have been sifted from the wheat of the Earth to fulfill My work. My requirement is that you trust Me fully to bring My plan to fruition in you. You already know you are nothing without Me. Now let Me be Me, that your entire vessel may be used for the Master’s purpose. Complete reliance on Me infuses your being with power from on High that has never been known to mankind. This infusion is a gift, and it is filling you even now to overflowing. It is the extra oil that I spoke of and imperative for this hour. There is Much just before you. Follow Me as the path narrows. I will not allow your foot to slip as I guide you safely Home. Shalom

Be Encouraged – December 11, 2013

I have sent additional protection for your loved ones who do not yet know Me. For your loved ones that know Me and yet have not sought My Ways, I will protect and keep them as they place their trust in Me. Your children under the age of accountability, or mentally impaired, will be sheltered from the storms and will ride the Tevahs with you.

Fear Not – December 23, 2013

My little ones, grave darkness pours upon the Earth. Hope in Me, for I will yet guide you through your darkest hour which is now overshadowing all lands. The great transformation is just before you. What appears to be sudden destruction is but the door you will walk through. Behold, I come quickly. Moments now ~ is all that separates you from hearing My call. Those in the destruction zones will be snatched from harms way and carried in My Arms to Heaven’s near shore. You have nothing to fear. Those of you, whose lives withstand the shaking that is coming upon the Earth, need not grieve the disaster prevalent around them. I have answered your prayers for your loved ones, and all are kept safe in the palm of My hand. Trust Me as you descend into the bowels of hell, for behold, I am with you. Trust Me as you ride the wings of the wind through the heavens, for behold I am with you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. The great transformation is mere moments ahead. Life and death will march heavily through the Earth, and My Love will triumph victorious. Fear not! Though a thousand may fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, it shall not come near you. Only with your eyes shall you look, and see the reward of the wicked. I come quickly. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, you will be transformed, and you shall behold Me, and your joy will be unspeakable and full of glory. Behold I come quickly. ~ See that no man take thy crown. Shalom

Extra Oil – January 06, 2014

Oh, My little ones, how I draw you unto Myself and how I cherish you. I will not leave you comfortless. Utilize My love, My peace, and My hope, but above all ~ utilize My Holy Spirit. Allow Me to comfort you, allow Me access into the recesses of your heart to cleanse and refine you. It is only when you allow Me free reign in your life that you will be set free from earthly entanglements. Strife and confusion will be cherished jewels in your Heavenly crown “if” you release them unto Me now. Hold jealousy, envy, and anger close, and you will sever My Spirit from within you. Now is the time to release all to Me, and I will elevate you to new heights in Me. It is imperative that you obtain additional oil for the journey that rises steeply before you. You are waiting for Me to come for you ~ but as you die to self ~ I will raise you up to Me. You will meet Me in the air. You are rising even now, but more oil is vitally needed! This journey is not for the faint of heart. This journey is for those who have died to all that is within themselves. This journey is for those who have overcome the self life. You are your own worst enemy. Crucify yourselves that you might be raised in new life with Me. You must dissolve to ashes ~ to be raised in My Power. My Word speaks of this. The last shall be first, for it is I who will raise them up, and they shall be transformed by My Power. Those who currently are first will then be last. Do not choose earthly power and acknowledgement. Instead, choose a life of death in Me. For, it is in dying and surrender to Me that you obtain the “extra oil” that is required for your continued journey home. I am coming for you, and I will not delay. It is high time to obtain your extra oil. Shalom

Seek Me in Solitude – January 14, 2014

Oh, My little ones, look not to the right hand or to the left. Keep your eyes ever on Me. Seek Me in the secret place, alone, away from the world and its constant distractions. You look for My soon coming, and yet I would draw you away from the world now for time spent only with Me. To the immature child this endeavor appears to be fruitless, for how can there be fruit in the desert where there are no people? Yet here you learn to hear My voice. Here you learn to Know Me. Here you forsake even your ministry, for I alone Am your All in All. You give praise to others, and you do it in My Name. You even exude much energy to be a blessing to others, and you do it in My Name. But I would ask you to praise Me in the solitude and sit at My feet. Most of My children find this quite distasteful. For the world does not see this. It is just you and I here. We are as far removed from the busyness of world ministry as the east is from the west. Yet this is where I call My Bride, who has eyes only for Me. Modern day churches are so busy working for Me that they do not know Me. I would not have it be so with you, My little ones. Many are called, but few are chosen, and for those I chose, I also equip. There is about to be a harvest upon this Earth that the world has never dreamed of. Only those who have sought My Face, sat at My feet, and learned of Me in solitude, will be equipped with the tools needed to reap this great harvest. Those who are now laboring to offer talented displays and prizes to Me, will in that day be empty handed. For in My Word it is plainly written “The last shall be first, and the first last.” Seek Me in the place of solace and solitude. Do not seek man’s vain approval or earthly praise, for in the light of My Glory all will be revealed. I am coming very soon for My Bride who has forsaken all the world contains and has eyes divinely fastened with love only on Me. Shalom

Triumphant Over All – February 11, 2014

Oh, My little ones, I am ever with you. Your days of waiting are wrought with diamonds. Thank Me for the coal. The dark rough edges hide My precious jewels from many. Effort must be put forth to find Me hidden in plain sight. To most I am not seen, but to My Chosen ~ I am revealed. I am there waiting in each disaster you face, for the greater the trial, the more stunning the victory. I have not asked you to die to self in vain. For it is only in dying that you truly live, and it is only in giving up your desires that you truly find them. Then, My light will radiate from you brighter than the stars in the sky, and My fragrance will draw many into My Kingdom. There is but a vapor of your Earth life that remains. Therefore let these trials invoke you to pour every drop of self out as I did My blood on the cross. Let it flow from you and mingle in the pool of My blood upon the dust of the Earth. Love not your life unto death, for it is only in being buried with Me that you will be raised in My likeness. Then, and then only, will you be hidden in Me, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against you. Shalom

Draw Nigh to Me – May 20, 2014

Oh, My little ones, fear not. The hour has passed, and the time of your departure is nigh. Much will occur rapidly and in quick succession. The harvest will appear overwhelming for there is much to be done. You will only do what I instruct, and then you will leave behind much that appears to be unfinished. When I call you away, out of the harvest, you will leave all of your bread behind. Nothing will have been gathered in vain. Much of the harvest will ripen after you leave, for upon many seeds more rain must fall. You will be severely missed. This will draw many unto Me, for then shall come to pass the saying: “they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever.” Daniel 12:3 Fear not, My little ones, for I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. We walk as One. The hope and trust you abide in is discarded by many as insignificant. Yet, these simple truths radiate constantly from you illuminating the path to Me. I will bring all things to their remembrance, for there is no waste in the Kingdom of Heaven. Be One with Me. Tarry not at apparent failures. Let the dead bury its dead, for you are raised in My likeness and truth. Let earthly things go. Nothing matters but Me and Me alone. Forsake every thought of discontentment and strife. You need not to be right or wrong. Open wide your hands, cast your bread upon the waters, and pour yourself out each day as an offering, for the night has come, and the time of your departure is at hand. Shalom

Over the Threshold – July 25, 2014

Behold, I am with you always ~ even unto the end of the world. The unbearable conditions of this Earth life will soon fade away to be remembered no more, and the flourishing evil will crumble and be reduced to ashes for the new Paradise I create. Remember, your abode is – In Me – and no evil shall come nigh your dwelling. Only with your eyes will you behold and see the reward of the wicked. You are safe, and the enemy cannot see you, for you are hidden in Me. Delight in Me even as I delight in you. Open wide your heart and bless all, for seeds scattered secretly in the night will germinate life during the great tribulation hour, and nothing will be lost. Current mockery and disbelief from loved ones will fade into blessed hope, for the light within you shall pierce through all their darkness and bring life and meaning to their troubled souls. My little ones, the time is at hand, and the hour has come. The Earth will rock and shake at the very sound of My coming. Men will fear greatly, and panic will ensue. But you, My little ones, are safe with Me. Fear will not be in your vocabulary, for you will be instantly infused with My power from on high. The currents and circuits within you are now complete and totally fused with Mine as together we await the Father’s command to go forth. We are united as One. Together we will walk through the Earth gathering the harvest. Love all and forsake all grievances, for the Earth life you know is past and Our new life begins. Walk Forward with Me. Shalom NOTE: In the vision that accompanied this message, I was shown a new house that was cut in two and the halves separated so I could openly see within the walls. Each wall was “packed” with multiple wires intricately entwined and connected to incredibly powerful circuits. All the wires were hidden within the walls and could not be seen with the natural eye. The power switch was still in off mode. I instantly knew that is why we don’t “see or feel” any differently yet. Then, I understood from the depth of My being that when the “Main Switch” is flipped, entire house would be flooded with power from on High. In a moment…in the twinkling of an eye, we shall be changed.

I AM Your Provider – August 27, 2014

Oh, My little ones, I come quickly. The world will shake violently at the very sound of My coming, and men’s hearts will utterly fail them with fear. Many are so deeply asleep that they will miss Me totally, for as a snare, sudden disaster will overcome the face of the whole Earth. I will roar out of Zion, and the mountains and hills will crumble, and yet I will hide you in the cleft of the rock, and like Moses, you will see Me as I pass. Some of you are in the forefront of the battle while others of you reside in My heart, but both of you are in My will. Cherish the boundary lines I have placed around you, and do not feel hedged in or unprotected by these, for I work a great and mighty plan that you cannot see. I control all of your circumstances and work every evil plan of the enemy into victory for you. Some of you are to store up food for this time while others of you are to trust Me for every need, but both of you are in My perfect will. For as in the days of Joseph, the ravens and Elijah, and the widow and her sons, I provide. My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts; I hold the Master Plan, not you. My Bride looks to Me and not to herself for every instruction and provision. She is at peace where I have planted her and does not long for a different set of circumstances. She will soon worship Me from the very depth of her being and praise Me from the heights of her existence for all I have created from the meager life she gave utterly to Me. Relinquish ALL into My keeping, and strive not with yourself or others, for I will soon snatch you out of the very cradle of your existence and bring you to dwell by My Side in Power for all eternity. Amen and Shalom

Cling to Me – January 7, 2015

Oh, My little ones, the day is evil and growing increasingly darker. Your heart is vexed daily. Give all to Me, and hold on to nothing or no one. Trust only Me for you do not know if the one standing next to you will stand or fall. Keep your eyes on Me, for I have told you in My Word that the love of many will wax cold. Cling not to them or learn of their ways, but instead, cling to Me and My Word. You are cleansed by the washing of the water of the Word and by My blood. Flee to Me. You will find your boundaries have narrowed into a tiny path; the path to Golgotha, the path of sacrifice, and the prayer of, “Not My will but Thine.” It will appear for a time that Satan has won, but nothing could be further from the truth. Much is coming upon the Earth. Many will cry out in terror, as great fear overtakes the Earth, but you, My little ones, will only hear My heartbeat, for I have already drawn you to My side where you will rule and reign with Me forever and ever. Amen and Shalom

Keep Your Eyes on Me – April 18, 2015

My little ones, My heart breaks for what is coming upon your Earth. Men will gnash their teeth in pain and yet refuse to call out to My Name, for their hearts will be hardened even as Pharaoh’s was. But you, My little ones, will march through the land and assist untold multitudes whose hearts will turn toward Me. The disasters will come from all sides. I am your ONLY hope and abundant supply. Many of My little ones currently fear, for they have not the resources stored up for such a time as this. Yet I say unto you, I will multiply what you have. Many doomsday preppers have stored up for this day and yet withhold their heart from Me. I say unto you, what they have stored up will be taken from them and trodden under foot of men, for unless the Lord guards the house, the watchers watch in vain. I am your only hope and My Providence is sure. The disasters will come suddenly and grip the entire world in its trap, but I will give you peace that passes all understanding in the midst of the storm. Keep your eyes and heart focused on Me. Many of your loved ones will precede you into eternity, but let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid, for I will carry them to safety before they are overtaken in death. All is prepared, and the time is at hand. Walk with Me, for I will never leave you nor forsake you. Shalom

Ark of Safety – April 20, 2015

My little ones, I am here. You have not heard incorrectly, there is no time left. Be not weary in heart or deed. All is in place. I have hidden you deep in the recesses of My heart where there is peace and safety. It is not necessary to know and understand all that will come to pass or even in what order. You have learned to trust in Me. Do not be as those who incessantly question, striving to understand every detail of the future, for to do so is to set one’s self up as God. Wait instead for divine revelation from Me, for with My understanding comes great peace. Remember obedient Noah, his family, and the Ark I designed for mere animals. The winds blew, the storm raged, and everyone who mocked Me died, yet within the safety of the Ark, My chosen ones were hidden and unharmed. Trust Me in this last hour, for as in the days of Noah so also shall the coming of the Son of Man be. Shalom

Prepare Your Hearts – April 21, 2015

Come, My little ones, and gather around Me. Sit at My feet, and rest in My presence. The world will swirl around you and confuse even the greatest of My children when their eyes are not focused on Me. Many of My children verbalize their long lists of trials in total anxiety and panic to their friends. Yet, it is only in releasing your grasp on those trials and leaving them in My hands that you are set free. More of My children are strapped to the past with endless lists of grievances and wrongs that they have been the unfortunate victims of. Yet it is only in releasing the offense in forgiveness and praying for the offender to be blessed that you are healed of your wounds and set free. Even more of My children live in total regret of past mistakes and failures to the point they are completely crippled in this current life. Yet those same sins, mistakes, and failures when given completely to Me in thanksgiving, are taken by the Master and created into such a vessel of honor that you will gasp in awe at its beauty. For, it is releasing “all that you are” into My keeping, it is trusting Me to actually “Be your friend”, it is “listening to My voice” speak to you with love and it is “trusting Me” to bring you into Life Everlasting. Abba Father

Power in Weakness – April 23, 2015

My little ones, life is not the way you planned or what you would have desired if given a choice. You were created by divine design with eternal purpose. Your life on Earth extends into and impacts eternity much like rich fertilizer beneath the ground affects a garden. The trials which come your way are often extremely unwelcome, for they are too difficult to overcome without assistance. You have been taught to be self sufficient and therefore you believe yourself to be less than adequate and a failure when the direction of your life seems out of control. But these trials have been given by divine design to teach you to lean on Me. You were never meant to carry them alone. As you release your anxieties and concerns to Me in trust, eternal power is transfused into your life affecting everything and everyone in your path for good. This power only comes when you release all to Me. When you let go of the pain, the fear, the anxiety, and your own inadequacies, then I can move mightily in your behalf. Until then, My hands are tied, because I will not violate your free will. I will let you continue to hold all your pain until you freely give it to Me. Poison held close will destroy you, but poison released to Me becomes fertilizer in My hand, and you will be bountifully blessed by what originally appeared as destruction. Fear not, My little ones, to release all to Me and then rest with calm assurance, for My strength is made perfect in weakness, and My power is transfused in trust. Shalom 2 Corinthians 12:9 “And he said unto Me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for My strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in My infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon Me.” [KJV] 2 Corinthians 4:7 “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.” [KJV]

Unity of Peace – April 25, 2015

My little ones, rest in Me. Let all of your cares go as you place them at My feet. Soon, none of these earthly things will matter, for they will be dissolved to nothing in the light of My Glory. Grievances, give to Me; sins, give to Me; misunderstandings, give to Me. Allow others the freedom to be right, be it your spouse, your family or even friends. It is very freeing in the Kingdom of God to bow low and appear to be wrong, for I alone hold ultimate wisdom. Do you really believe you have obtained all wisdom at this early stage in your walk with Me? Do you really presume to be right ALL the time? Your childishness is humorously foolish. You fight and complain and hold bitter rivalries in your heart. When you should be eating meat and walking with Me, you are still pointing at others and crying as you drink milk from a bottle. This should not be so My little ones. Bow low and wash the feet of your loved ones. This is done by letting them be right. Apologize in sincere humility. Is it not better to discard your foolish pride and walk in unity than to “be right”? Let the unity of peace and the bonds of holiness guide you into Life Everlasting with Me. Shalom Ephesians 4:1-6 “As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.” [NIV]

Reach for Me – April 27, 2015

My little ones, rest in Me. The world would swirl around you in a kaleidoscope of seemingly good activity, but that’s all it is, My child, useless activity. Many are the organizations that would request your assistance and consume all of your time and energy doing what is called good, but in the end there are no lasting results, for all will burn to ashes as wood, hay, and stubble. Choose instead inner solitude in Me. You ask how one can choose this solitude in Me when your life currently feels like a storm of utter chaos, but I say unto you, there is a haven of peace set aside for you in the midst of the storm. Let your inner man listen intently for My voice and surrender to My love. Trust Me to do this for you, My little ones. For as the shepherd calms the frantic lamb, even so, I provide solace and rest for you in the midst of your storm. Reach for Me. Receive My peace, and then reside in it. You will find the stormy waves dissolve into peaceful waters when I am ALL you see. Choose Me above all else, for I will never leave you nor forsake you. Abba Father

Only Me – April 29, 2015

My little ones, gather around Me and know with assurance that My coming is nigh, even at the door. As I was with the children of Israel when I led them out of the land of Egypt, even so, I AM with you. It is imperative that you keep your eyes on Me and not on others. Your earth is even now collapsing under its heavy weight of sin, and soon there will be nothing left but total disaster. Only those whose eyes are fixed solely on Me will assist in My final work of gathering the great harvest from the four corners of the earth. These chosen ones hear and see nothing but Me and My love for mankind. These empty vessels understand they are nothing without Me and have poured out their lives in love and gratitude to only Me. Many of these hidden ones are totally unseen by the “Christian world”, for they dwell deep within the recesses of My heart. Remember, those who are least in the Kingdom of Heaven are greater than John the Baptist, for the last shall be first and the first last. Humble yourselves therefore under the Mighty Hand of God that you may be counted worthy. I AM your only righteousness. Come to Me in repentance, and let go of ALL self righteousness. Be as the publican who smote his breast and said, “God be merciful to Me a poor sinner.” Be as the thief who was dying on the cross, and yet looking to Me said, “Lord, remember Me when you come into your Kingdom.” I AM all you need. Come to Me naked and empty, for I AM your all in all. Shalom

My Divine Purpose – May 2, 2015

Fear not, My little one, for I AM with you. Before the foundations of time, I created you to be upon the Earth at this place, and in this time, for My purpose. My purpose embraces your entire life and all of the plans that have gone awry. Many were the times you ran after your own desires in desperation, hoping against hope that your needs would be fulfilled. Yet, at the end of each of these empty desires, you found Me waiting with outstretched arms, and I held you tightly while your heart cried. Now, as you look back at the rocky road you have come from, much may appear to be total loss, yet I have bestowed gifts upon you that could not have been received on any other path. My child, understand within your heart that I treasure you and have blessed you beyond all earthly measure ~ just because I love you. Know that I AM your God, and I will NEVER leave you or forsake you. The hope you now have in your heart was placed there by Me, so you could learn to trust Me totally. Now I ask that you give Me ALL that is within you: the hopes, the dreams, the failures, the pain, and past shame. If you hold on to these, they will cripple you and weigh you down under their heavy load of care. If you release these to Me, you will no longer be shackled and will learn to run freely in My Light and be healed. When given to Me, the very things that used to cripple you will now set you free, for it becomes raw material with which I create a new world for you to live in. The past dust and ashes of your life will reap a bountiful harvest for the Kingdom of God when My River of Life flows through you. Give it to Me, child, give it Me!! Then turn and follow Me, for I need ALL of you to complete My glorious purpose in your life. — Abba Father

Key of Forgiveness – May 4, 2015

My little ones, there is a “key” in the Kingdom of Heaven that is much more powerful than the law of gravity on earth. It is known as the key of forgiveness, and it will either shackle you to the past in a prison or free you to soar over difficulties as an eagle soars over the storm. Throughout the course of time, all of My children are given many opportunities to use the key of forgiveness. Many grievances will come against you, some are intentional and some are unintentional, yet within each of these grievances lays the powerful key. If you turn the wrong direction and choose not to forgive the perpetrator, a shackle is formed as the key turns to unforgiveness and you are locked into that space of time. Each time you do not forgive, more shackles are formed and more locks are placed until you are entirely trapped in a prison of your own making. What makes this choice even worse is the perpetrator usually goes free, while you are completely held captive. However, this same key when turned in the right direction brings incredible freedom. As you turn to follow Me and forgive others, as I forgave you, wings are formed instead of shackles. Each time you forgive others; more and more strength is added to your wing span until you break entirely free of this earthly bondage and rise like an eagle to soar above the storms. This key frees the overcomer in this life. This key raises you to sit in Heavenly places with Me, for this is My key to the Kingdom of Heaven. Shalom

Not My Will, but Thy Will Be Done – May 11, 2015

My little ones, to each of you there are given a set of keys and a yoke that binds you to a life of death below or completely unites you with My power from on High. The set of keys are known on earth as “your will” and “My will”, and are freely given to all to be used as each one chooses. The yoke is created by divine design and is strategically located between the head (Me) and the body (you). Throughout your entire life many opportunities arise daily to choose your will or My will. Initially the choice of wills appears small and seems not to matter, for the path of your will may even run parallel to My will; therefore you may feel perfectly safe with Me in close proximity. Yet over time the yoke driven by “your will” leads you further and further away from Me until you find yourself totally bound within earth’s valley of death. Switching keys at any point requires thought and deliberate action. For laying down your will for Mine guides you through the garden of Gethsemane, walks you down the road to Golgotha and leads you to the cross. It is called dying to self. It is putting others first and yourself last. It is laying down your life willingly, as I did, while still on earth. The yoke at this point unites you directly to Me. What happens next within the Heavenly realm is nothing short of an explosion, for I break the yoke. Within this divine yoke lies eternal pollen that then floods the earth in waves. This pollen settles in the hearts of mankind and is totally unseen by earthly eyes as fertilization occurs and seeds form. Gardens of Heavenly substance then begin to grow within the lives of your loved ones and among the lives of many you have never known, as this unseen process continues and abounds. This is worship in its highest form, for I am lifted up, I am magnified, and I am praised. When I am lifted up, I draw all men unto Me. This unity brings the last great harvest into fruition, for this is the Unity where My Bride and I become One. Shalom

Be Still and Trust – May 15, 2015

Child, many are the nights you sleep in your bed, and I hold you tightly as I watch you breathe. I wipe the cares off of your brow, and I smile as I watch you smile. You seek to please Me with all of your heart, and I am pleased that it is so. Yet at the end of the day, all I care about is that you loved Me. I don’t need your service or work done in My Name. I only long for you to spend your days with Me in trust, knowing that I AM over all. You look at the world, the evil, and wonder how long it can stand. You look at your friends, your loved ones, and wonder how I will bring them all in. Yet it is through simple faith and trust in Me that I bring My Complete Will to pass in your life. You are not alone. You can’t even make your own heart beat. If I do what is least in your life, will I not always do what is best? Trust Me therefore, and lay all of your cares at My feet, for I will bring all to pass as recorded in My Word. When you trust Me to do All that you cannot do, the floodgates of Heaven open in your behalf. Trust flips the switch. In patience possess your souls. “Be still” and know that I AM God. Shalom

Martha vs. Mary – May 18, 2015

My little ones, there is an incredible story in the Bible about two sisters, Martha and Mary, who both loved Me with all of their heart. Martha chose to express her love by welcoming Me into her home and serving Me, while Mary loved Me so much, she could not leave My side. Martha soon became exhausted from her much serving. But, Mary did not move from her place, as she listened to My every Word. As the story goes, Martha approached Me, requesting that Mary leave Me, to come and assist her. I was grieved and said, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and concerned about many things, but one thing is needful; and Mary has chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” My little ones, there is a powerful law in the Kingdom of Heaven regarding works. All that is not of Me will be turned into wood, hay, and stubble, to be cast away and burned, while all that is of Me, will last for eternity. Many of My children want to “do” something for Me. Sitting at My feet sounds boring, and no one sees it, so how could it have eternal value? An earthly example of “doing” something for Me is like children playing with construction toys, attempting to build a nuclear plant, to provide electricity for mankind. While the idea sounds noble, the end result will be utter failure, and soon nothing will remain of their efforts. However, the end result is quite different when a child of Mine becomes an empty vessel of “being” that sits by My side and agrees with My Word. Unknown to the empty vessel and the world, an open conduit for Heaven’s resources to reach the earth, has just been built. Now, I can work. As My life pours forth through the open conduit, I change the world for the Kingdom of Heaven. Like a nuclear plant, My power then becomes readily available to the multitudes. When you are connected with Me in this manner, I answer prayers before you can speak them, for you are in agreement with My Will…not vice versa. All this is done in secret, and is totally unseen by those seeking man’s approval. My little ones, in the days of My last great harvest – how will you choose to work for Me? Shalom

Abide in Me – May 25, 2015

My little ones, let not a moment of your day pass without Me. Rest in Me, sleep in Me, awake in Me, and abide in Me. Relinquish all of your cares and inabilities constantly and continuously into My keeping. When I fill your entire life, and guide your every step; every moment of your being will be one with Me. When every moment of your being is one with Me, you will find everything you do exponentially increases the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. You will watch with Me, as satan returns, with interest, what he has stolen. This is the kind of life that brought into being the Acts of the Apostles. This is the kind of life that heals the sick and makes the cripple whole. This is the kind of life that brings sinners to repentance and fulfills the end time harvest. This is the kind of life I AM bringing you to. Come now My little ones, and follow Me completely with your whole heart; for I AM upon the earth to perform a short and mighty work — within, and through you. Shalom

Power of the Holy Spirit – May 31, 2015

My little ones, focus on Me as never before. Up to this point, you have asked for My Holy Spirit and have been filled in various degrees, some more than others. But My little ones, it is not enough. What you are about to encounter will require complete Holy Spirit Power. If you do not possess all I have to give you, you will not stand, for you are no match against the evil one. I arrived on the earth when the Holy Spirit descended upon My mother, Mary. I started My earthly ministry when the Holy Spirit descended upon Me like a dove. My disciples waited in the upper room until the Holy Spirit descended upon them in cloves of fire. And your earthly ministry begins when the Holy Spirit descends upon you. Now ask and receive, so your joy may be full. Forsake your earthly gifts to Me, and instead embrace Me and My gifts to you! I came to the earth to give you what I AM. Forsake the earth and all its vanity, for you are nothing without Me! I don’t need your gifts. What I need is your pain, your discouragement, your failures, your sins, and your misunderstanding of loved ones and mankind. For it is only in “giving Me what you truly are”, that I can “transform” you into what I AM!! Ask for My Holy Spirit to descend upon you in Power. Receive My Gift and walk fully under the umbrella of My Covering – for I AM bringing you to a place you have never dreamed possible before. Shalom Luke 4:18-19 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because he has anointed Me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

The Opening of My Safe – June 8, 2015

My littlest ones, for many years you have been locked away and hidden in My Safe. During this time you have been unseen by the world, and unheard of by mankind. Many of you have even questioned the reasoning of your existence, for nothing you ever did, or said, seemed to make any difference. Many were the prayers you prayed, many were the promises you claimed, and many were the scriptures you stood on. Yet your stay within My Safe continued for years without end, appearing to be uneventful, unfruitful, and of no use. Yet little did you know that behind the veil, within the confines of My Safe, a great army was being birthed, raised up, and joined together. This army is made up of My “end-time disciples”, and they have been gathered in My Safe, waiting for the promise; just as My first disciples waited as they were gathered in the upper room. Now My littlest ones, I will come upon you like a mighty rushing wind and you will be empowered from on high. GONE will be the life you now know and understand, for you will be filled with My Wisdom and Knowledge. You will be transformed in My Power and Might, and will operate with My Skill and Assurance. My Words will be in your mouth and My Healing will be in your hands. You will LEAD My people out – for the power of the most High God will be upon you. Come My littlest ones and gather around Me. Do not be ashamed of your short stature and glaring inabilities. Do not be ashamed of your lack of talents or gifts. For I the Lord thy God Am with you, and you will fulfill your life’s calling to My utmost perfection; for the power of the Most High God will fall upon you and go with you. I have unlocked My Safe and opened wide its doors ~ My littlest ones, the transformation is upon you. Shalom

Practice My Presence Now – June 18, 2015

In the stillness of the night, I come for you. Out of the depth of the ocean, I speak to you. And within the midst of the storm, I bring peace. Still your heart, My little ones, for you are never alone. Though the tempest rage and the mountains fall into the sea, even there, I AM. When I vehemently shake the world, will My hand be shortened that I cannot save? Do you know Me by now? If you are engraved on the palm of My Hand, will I remember you and keep you safe? Much is just before you, yet you will be calm and abide under the shadow of My Wing; practice this now. You have ample opportunity in each moment of your day to practice My Presence. Walk with Me, move with Me, swim the depths freely with Me. You will find your cares dissolving as “awareness of Me” touches every aspect of your world. This is what it means to bring Me to the multitudes. When I embody your earthly vessel, every move you make is Mine. Become One with Me, still your heart, and watch Me work miracles through you. Shalom

Within Me – June 22, 2015

Within the center of My heart, there is a hiding place where rest and safety are found. Though a multitude of storms may swirl around you, the eye of peace is only found in Me. Within Me there is direction and light, within Me flows the river of Life, and within Me lies Heavenly manna. Complete provision has been made for you to “abide” within Me. In order to enter this rest, you must lay your cares at My feet and leave the world behind; for neither of those will fit inside the door. You must also leave unforgiveness and aught against anyone outside the door; for neither of those will fit in either. There is only room for “you” to abide within Me, all else must be left behind. After entering this rest, you will begin to observe and understand much, for you will now have the mind of Christ. You will be moved with compassion for mankind and will walk in understanding and light. You will no longer be seen, for mankind will see “Me” and not you, for your only existence is within Me. The world will cease to have its effect on you; because “within Me”, you are now affecting the world. There is no need to force Me on anyone, for they will be drawn out of the darkness and into My light. My little ones, the world as you know it, is about to drastically change; it is imperative, that you walk and abide within Me. Shalom

Judgment Falls – July 1, 2015

Come My little ones, gather around Me and abide under the Shadow of My Wings. I AM your only ark of safety now, for grave judgments are sentenced upon your land. You have been chosen and marked for such a time as this and will be used mightily by Me. Therefore stand fast and rejoice in Me, for your redemption draws nigh. The people across your lands have rejoiced greatly over the empty certificates of Rights and new laws of Freedom being handed to them, but death and untold bondage will overtake them in its wake. Mankind scorn and mock Me, as they jeer at My little ones who fear and honor Me. My greatest gifts of mercy and grace have been extended so long that now; even those are being trodden under foot of man. Yet My judgment will fall upon them suddenly and without warning. Multitudes upon multitudes will go into eternity without hope, and many more will seek death and not find it. Among the burning rubble of the land, sheer panic and terror will reign, as mangled bodies scream and cry out for help. You will go where I send you, and follow My detailed instructions, for I alone know whose hearts will turn towards Me. Not a moment of your time will be wasted, for the harvest is great and the time allotted is short. Everyone whose heart has turned towards Me will be saved, and not one will be left behind. You will see your current evil dictator fall, only to be replaced by the Antichrist himself. There is no safety on earth, but in Me. The unwise virgins secure in their own robes of righteousness will finally awaken, only to discover they have been left behind. Many will be the stunned sinners and whoremongers that will arrive to the courts of Heaven in total shock, because in their last repentant breath, they were scooped from the pains of death and carried to the bosom of Abraham. Oh America, America, I have warned and warned, and My voice has fallen on deaf ears. Yet once more and My Mighty Voice will thunder, but many will not be alive to hear. Shalom

The Path of Being – July 6, 2015

My little ones, there is a narrow, hidden path of peace and complete surrender to Me that opens wide into the very corridors of Heaven. Few find this path, for it is completely camouflaged in the midst of backbiting, pride, chaos and dissension. The path is a simple, quiet, condition of the heart, called “being”. This condition of “being” seeks no change to any circumstance or person. It is merely a heart of complete focus and submission to Me, and is totally blinded to all but Me. Within the humble heart that finds this path, I reign supreme. Unknown to the one “being” or to the ones filled with backbiting, pride, chaos and dissension, I flood the entire scene. In a very short period of time, the eyes of understanding are opened, situations are neutralized, and relationships are restored. In the natural it cannot be explained, yet in the spiritual a multitude of souls find Me. No one sees or notices the “being” ones, for they are totally hidden in Me. As the harvest ripens and as evil rises to new heights to encompass your land, I seek for those who have chosen this hidden path of complete surrender and “being”. Will you choose Me and the path I trod? Many are called, but few are chosen. Shalom

New Wine Skins – July 14, 2015

Oh My little ones, for years upon years My people have perished for lack of knowledge. I am coming with new wine, and I seek for those who love Me enough to lay their old wine skin down. I seek for those who would follow Me out of their shame, out of their history, out of old memories they “cling” to as good, and follow Me into Our future. When I came the first time, My disciples left all to follow Me. When I come the second time, My requirements are the same. The past clings to you like a torn, filthy garment. Forsake the injuries of past hurts, forsake old grievances, and forsake the very cradle of your existence. Count it all as loss and follow Me. Remove your old wine skin and do not attempt to redeem it. For I am coming with new wine and your old wine skin cannot contain Me. To those who choose Me above the past, will be granted new wine skins. You will be transformed into My image and pour out My glory upon the earth in measures never before told. You will expand and expand in ways you never dreamed possible, and multitudes upon multitudes will be brought into the Kingdom. My little ones, I need you. Do you love Me enough to let your old wine skin go? Shalom

Be Faithful in Little – August 06, 2015

My little ones look unto Me, for My return is upon you. Those who have called on My Name and honored Me with their lives will soon receive their greatest rewards; for those who have been faithful in little will now be faithful over much. My chosen ones have utilized their talents, sowed their seeds with tears, and cast their bread upon the water. Now they will rejoice with joy unspeakable as they bring the massive harvest into Heaven’s fold. The world as you currently know it, is about to shatter. Earth’s loss will be beyond description. It will initially appear that all you have worked for is totally gone. Yet out of this phenomenal disaster, My little ones will arise with the power of the Almighty God upon them. All of your life’s training and preparations will be used. Nothing will be wasted. Trust Me completely and fulfill your mundane tasks with great joy, for I make no mistakes. I have not called the proud, nor have I called the mighty ones. But I have chosen the meek and lowly ones, whose hearts are totally dedicated to Me. My little ones, the time is upon you, he that has been faithful in little will be faithful over much. Shalom

Forsake the Past – August 12, 2015

My little ones, I am coming. I would have you be faithful, trust, and hope in “Me alone”. As the children of Israel left the wilderness behind, even so I would have you leave the tents of your wilderness experiences behind and follow Me out. Like the children of Israel, you have abode in the wilderness so long, that many have set up housekeeping. I have fed you with manna and provided water from the rocks during your wilderness experiences. Now as I lead you out, do not embrace the old manna or the rocks from which I gave you drink. As Moses went forth from Mt Sinai, embracing My commandments and proceeded to the Promised Land; even so My little ones, I would have you forsake the places, the trials, where you received your greatest revelations of Me, and follow Me out. The past was for your learning. Graduation day is here. Embrace what you have learned and move forward, not back. Familiarity of the past calls many of you, begging you to stay within its harshness. But I say unto you, forsake the old wineskins, or you will not be able to contain Me when I come. Shalom

Stay Focused in Me – August 27, 2015

My little ones, keep your eyes fixed on Me. There are a multitude of distractions pressing hard against your soul, forcing many to take their eyes off Me. But, My child, it is imperative that you keep your eyes focused on Me and Me alone. I AM in you and you are in Me. Stay within the boundary I have created and do not be lured from My arms of safety. I will give you moment by moment instructions. Do not run ahead or lag behind, but stay within Me, for those who are not in Me will soon be scattered. Disaster is upon your land, and your only safety is in Me. Many are My little ones who will radiantly see Me in My glory, for as My hand strikes the earth, they will be lifted to safety within My arms of love. My remaining little ones, whose eyes are fixed on Me, will know peace that passes all understanding as the world rocks in total chaos around you. Are your eyes fixed on Me? Have you placed all of your trust in Me? Then look up, My child, for your redemption draws nigh. Shalom

Prepare – December 14, 2015

Oh My little ones, stay close to Me, for the day is black with evil. Do not look to the right hand or to the left, but keep your eyes fixed on Me. The great disaster is upon you. I will keep those whose heart and eyes are fixed on Me. Do not fear when the world crumbles around you, for I will lift you to safety. Do not fear when the arrow passes your way, for I will be your shield and buckler. You will see My Hand of protection and understand Psalm 91 in ways you have never dreamed possible. Look to Me alone and put no confidence in your own strength, or the strength of man; for unless the Lord keep the house, the watchmen watch in vain. Stay focused on Me. Do only what I ask you to do, and say only what I ask you to say. Completely untangle yourselves from the world and hold none of its treasures in high esteem; for the world as you know it, will disintegrate before your very eyes. The lofty haughtiness of mankind will be suddenly dissolved into dire basic needs of food, water, and shelter. This event will happen suddenly, and in a moment you think not. Prepare your hearts now and trust only in Me. Shalom

Walk With Me in the Unseen – January 23, 2016

My little ones, out of what appears to be total disaster, I bring forth life everlasting. Out of the rubble of your past, I create mansions of glory. You will not believe what I am doing. Every moment of your life is designed to bring forth fruit. What appears to be overt disruptions and blatant attacks of the enemy, are but goldmines of great riches when given to Me. Many, many, opportunities come your way each day. When you respond with Spiritual keys of love, forgiveness, and kindness; many doors open in the kingdom of Heaven pouring forth My life upon the earth. You cannot see these doors, for they are hidden within the hearts of mankind. You cannot see My life pouring forth, for I soak deep into the soil of man’s past, totally hidden from the surface of today. There I work in the unseen, bringing life and healing, totally unnoticed by even those within whom I work. Here, My little ones, is where My greatest works are done. Do not seek to be seen or noticed for your great works, but instead enter with Me into the unseen, and walk where the fruits of the Spirit grow in abundance. For where love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control are, I reign supreme. In the world of the unseen, mountains are moved and cast into the sea, and multitudes are brought into the kingdom of Heaven. Do not look at the things which are seen, for the things that are seen are temporal, but the things that are not seen are eternal. Come with Me, My little ones, and let Me walk each day, moment by moment, with you. Together, you and I will turn all of your disasters into goldmines; as you take your eyes off of what is seen, and walk with Me in the fruit of the unseen. Shalom

Behold I Come – March 1, 2016

My little ones, the day grows increasingly dark. I am your only hope. As it was in the days of Noah, so also shall it be in the coming of the Son of man. Look to Me, for I am your only safe guard. The road to Heaven is narrow and steep, but as I promised in My Word, you will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way, walk in it.” Trust in Me, for I will keep your feet from slipping and your steps secure. Flee the ways of the world, for many are on the road to destruction wooing you and desiring to have you join them in their glee. They do not see the trap of Satan; therefore they mock My warnings and make sport of My return. Pray for them, that their eyes be opened and their hearts softened. Perilous times are ahead. Great disasters will occur simultaneously and multitudes of souls will die. During this time of immense catastrophe, My workers will be transformed to complete the tasks that I have ordained for them. Sometimes you will be seen and other times you will not. Your physical body may appear to be sleeping quietly in the bed, while you are a world away bringing in the lost. You will go where I send you and come back again in an instant, for earthly needs will be staggering and your tasks will encompass the globe. Bodies will grow new limbs and gaping wounds will close at your command as you walk through the earth performing My Will. Food, water, and shelter will appear from your hands as I provide for the multitudes crying out to Me in desperation. You will work the works of Him who sent you, for the harvest is great. Do not fear My little ones, as you watch the world crumble before your very eyes. Your heart will soon leap with anticipation, for you will hear My call. Joy as you have never known is just before you. Look up My little ones, as your redemption draws nigh; for your Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiach, is stepping through the door. Shalom

Look to Me – April 19, 2016

My little ones, the night is thick with evil. Stay close to Me for I am your only safe guard. World leaders have met with the ruler of darkness and have aligned their total allegiance with him. This does not bode well for the bulk of humanity; for they have mocked Me, trodden My grace underfoot, and counted My love as a thing of naught. The winepress of earth’s judgment has been filled. My fury will soon be poured out in a manner the world has never known; bowl upon bowl and vial upon vial. Relentless are the judgments sentenced upon the earth, and many will die from sheer fear alone. Your once great nation will be rocked to the core and then disintegrate; for there will be no organized military, first responders, or police defense, equipped to touch even the smallest of these great areas of need. Bridges will be down, communication systems will be dissolved, and basic supplies will be an extreme scarcity. My Bride, it is during this time that you will be transformed. You will be clothed in My Righteousness and shine as stars in the blackest of night. You will be equipped by My Power and I will send you straight into the darkness. Do not fear, but rather rejoice, as you see this day approaching. Multitudes will come to Me renouncing their sins; for earth’s harvest is ripe and Heaven has prepared to receive them. Many, many, are the souls who do not know Me today and yet their mansions are prepared and their families await them. Multitudes of aborted children from earth have been busy about My Father’s business. They are now grown and have built and lavishly decorated mansions for their lost families on earth. They have completed their tasks and now wait by the door to welcome their mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers home. As these children have feverishly worked, they have prayed for their lost loved ones on earth; and I say unto you, they have not prayed in vain. Everything possible has been done to awaken these lost ones, along with multitudes of others, and ripen them for the harvest. I will send you, My Bride, to lead them to the cross and bring them home. Joy as you have never dreamed possible accompanies your tasks in the days ahead. Keep your eyes on Me, My little ones, and be not encumbered by the cares of this world, for I will come as a thief in the night. Put ALL of your faith and trust in Me alone; for just ahead lies earth’s darkest hour, and you will again find, I AM all you need. Shalom

The Broken Seal – June 6, 2016

My little ones, look to Me, for I am coming in an hour that you think not. Grave deception covers the land and is steadily swallowing up earth’s inhabitants. Peace and safety is heralded from the pulpits to the United Nations, as leaders greedily strive for rank and power. Multitudes upon multitudes, in the valley of decision have been lulled to sleep, completely intoxicated with the poison of well being, yet the cries of the redeemed who have been cut off from mankind have reached the Father’s Throne, and the seal of earth’s doom and judgment has been broken. What is coming upon the earth has never been documented in the life of mankind. You will not believe your eyes, yet you will know and understand with your heart. The “trust” that you have learned and nurtured through a lifetime of hard trials will arise and propel you forward through a millennium of time. I will rise up within you with boldness that you have never known, and you will speak the TRUTH mightily and with great power, for you will be transformed into My very image in the hour of great darkness that is coming upon the earth. My little ones, do not look to be seen nor applauded by mankind, for many of your assignments will be in the oceans, in the tornados, in the nuclear reactor explosions, underneath landslides, in the earthquake tsunamis and in the middle of volcanoes. To these torn multitudes, I send you. Many are the souls who have never heard of Me, yet they will cry out to Me in that day, and I will hear them and send you. Even more, are those who only knew My Name in cursing, yet they will desperately cry out to Me with their last breath, and I will hear them and send you. Still more, are the vile and wicked, who have spilled much innocent blood across the land through their various evil ways and deeds. These are marked, even as Apostle Paul was, and to these vile feared ones, I send you. My little ones, remember what is written in My Holy Word, “the last shall be first and the first last”? You will live to see this day. Therefore, humble yourselves before Almighty God that you may be counted worthy to escape what is coming to pass upon the earth. Shalom

My Mighty Army – July 30, 2016

My little ones the time of your departure is nigh. No longer will you be known as “My little ones”, instead you will be known as the Mighty Army of God that is marching through the land. The time of great change has come and you will be empowered from on high. Great exploits will be done in My Name as My Mighty Army performs My Will upon the earth. Eye has not seen and ear has not heard the wonders of My plan as it unfolds upon this world. My Army is composed of the outcasts, the cripples, and both blind and deaf sheep. My Army is composed of those who have served Me for years and those who have only known Me but a few short months; for I see within the hearts of man, and I know those who are Mine. First My Mighty Army will be healed, second My Mighty Army will be transformed, and third My Mighty Army will march forth in great victory taking back everything the enemy has stolen from them their entire lives. My Mighty Army will take spoil and will ravage and plunder the enemy. They will forcefully take back what is MINE and disintegrate the entire plans of the wicked. My Mighty Army will become the source of supply in the midst of dire need. Healing and salvation will issue forth from the very atmosphere they dwell in. They will know and understand all things for they have been taught by God himself. Nothing will remain undone, for My Mighty Army will work with precision and detail that has never been witnessed before on earth. My Mighty Army, I AM with you today; prepare your hearts for the time of your departure is nigh. Heaven and earth await your coming, for I am with you and great is your reward. Shalom

Choose Me, As I Have Chosen You – August 5, 2016

My Mighty Army, I speak to you this day. Gird up your minds and rally to attention. No longer are you called weak, no longer are you called forsaken, and no longer are you called forgotten. Instead you are My Chosen Ones, My called out ones, the ones I have hidden from the world, and you are the ones whom I shall now send forth to conquer and spoil the camp of the enemy. I am with you, as I was with Moses, as I was with Joshua, and as I was with David. I am with you, as I was with Elijah, as I was with Elisha, and as I was with Gideon. These mighty men of God used to be small, they used to be insignificant, and they used to be powerless. These mighty men of God were empty vessels before Me. They knew they were nothing, they knew they had no gifts to offer Me, and they knew they were but mere flesh before Me. So they gave Me the only thing they had, they gave Me themselves. They held nothing back; they gave Me their entire vessel, sparing nothing. I then filled that entire vessel, for as they held nothing back from Me, I held nothing back from them. These mighty men of God sought My face, they sought My Will, and they sought no one else. As I spoke in the still small voice to Elijah, it grew to become the only voice he heard. The still small voice was a fire in the burning bush to Moses, and it grew to become a pillar of fire by night as Moses led the children of Israel through the wilderness. I am the voice, I am the fire, and I anoint you this day with double, triple and quadruple portions. The mantle of God has fallen on you, My mighty hidden army. Rise up this day, for I am with you. Shake off the dust of the past and forsake the lies of the enemy. I HAVE CHOSEN you. Will you choose Me, as I have chosen you? Shalom

Arise Mighty Army of God – August 22, 2016

My mighty army, I am with you this day, for the power of Almighty God lies within you. No longer are you called weak, no longer are you called forsaken, and no longer are you forgotten. You will rise up and do mighty exploits in My name as you destroy the works of the evil one. You will work independently, united across this globe, as massive amounts of the harvest are brought into My fold. You will tread on serpents, break through every stronghold, and restore hope in total despair. Multitudes will come into the Kingdom of Heaven, for there will not be one inch of darkness that will escape the torch of My mighty army. Those who do not come to Me during this great visitation will have to die for Me later. Yet they will remember what you have told them, and as the tribulation on earth intensifies to unbearable measures, I will hear their desperate cries and I will send you, My mighty unseen Ones, to walk with them through the valley of the shadow of death and bring them to Heaven’s shores. Your work on earth is not done. The faith that has brought you through a lifetime of intense trials has but paved the road of your next journey. I will bring you out of your wilderness of extreme solitude, and like Moses, you will lead My people out!! Satan hates you with a fury unlike the world has ever seen and yet you will walk through this land unscathed taking back all he has stolen from Me. I will do these mighty works through the most insignificant of My children, for they are like the widow who gave Me her last two mites. For through your nothingness My Power will burst forth and through the shreds of your being My light will radiantly shine; as the Spirit of Almighty God quickens your dry bones. Shalom

Rise Up and Take Your Place – September 4, 2016

Rise up, O mighty Army, from the dust where you have been trodden under foot of man and foe. You have been counted as dead and forgotten, as nothing, yet I have not forsaken you. Rise up, for the day of reckoning has come, and you have been made a threshing instrument in the hand of Almighty God. You will thresh the mountains where there are no fields. You will thresh the dens and caves of the earth where My lost ones hide. You will thresh the air, you will thresh the oceans, you will thresh the cities, and you will thresh the fields. Not even “one” grain of wheat will fall from your teeth, as you tear from the enemy all that is Mine. You will be given My robe of righteousness, and you will fully clothe My harvest, as you pull them naked from the very gates of hell. JOY as has never been experienced by man, in Heaven or on earth, will be yours as We harvest this land. You are a sickle in the hand of Almighty God that will be used to thrust the earth. In My Name, you will perform My Will, with Power that has never been witnessed on this land. Therefore, lift up your head and your voice, for you are about to behold Me in ways you have never dreamed possible. We will walk as One, as My Power and My judgments are poured out upon this land. You will not be afraid, for the Power and Love of Almighty God will rise up within you and pour out like a flood. You will hear My Words rush from your mouth with Authority and great Force, and the enemy will be silenced and flee before you seven ways. Hearken, Mighty Army of God. Rise up and stand before your God, for the Day of the Lord has come; a day of outpouring, a day of release, and the year of jubilee. Shout out loud and sound the shofar, for the Great War in the heavens has come down to earth. Rise, Mighty Army of God, and take your place. Shout out loud and sound the shofar!!! The Day of the Lord has come, and through you, I will show Myself Mighty across this land. The leaders of this earth will fear greatly and bow down before Me, as I disintegrate the entire master plan of the enemy and bring him low. Shalom

Heights with the Master – April 11, 2017

My children are created by Me and conceived in their mother’s womb for My purpose alone, on the earth. By My plan they walk among men and declare Me as Lord of their life. For these chosen ones, new levels arise, and like Job, life as they know it will come to an abrupt halt, as they are whisked away into the desert for intense training. It is during this time that My servants come to know Me in ways they could not learn by any other means. This intense isolation creates a mighty driving force, pushing the believer into greater depths and heights and into a world completely foreign to earthly valley dwellers. And yet the wear and tear of the wilderness isolation continues to attach itself to, and break down, even My strongest believer, until he learns the art of releasing all to Me. Most of My children truly believe in order to be effective in their wilderness setting, they must find true needs and errors in their loved ones to pray about and bring to Me. Unknowingly they take on this responsibility, believing “If they, themselves, were truly spiritual, their loved ones would come to know Me or situations would change on their behalf.” My children also take on extra responsibilities known as “concerns” in their spirits. These concerns may range from paying bills and being a godly example in the home, to taking out the trash and stressing over deadlines at home or at work. Some are burdened and stressed about caring for beloved pets or how to minister to friends and online acquaintances, while others are struggling to forgive past hurts, desperately trying to bandage up their pain and walk in love. However spiritually correct the need is, the unending list goes on and on, until unknowingly the believer’s eyes are taken off Me and onto the problem. Now visualize this beloved believer trying to follow Me up the mountain with all this baggage attached to him. These “concerns” catch onto rocks and get wrapped around trees as the long line of wilderness-godly-cares come dragging up behind him. As the air gets thinner and thinner, My believer starts gasping for breath and finds it much too difficult to continue forward. So he resigns himself to sitting back down, and as he does, he again takes his eyes off the Master and puts them back on his spiritual concerns. This believer then stays where he is…with his godly baggage, and is completely unable to move up higher. Now take a moment to visualize a professional athlete. A professional has a completely different perspective. His unquenchable goal is to reach the summit and to do so he must put aside every weight and burden that might hinder him. Therefore he carefully considers the climb, the extreme heights, and thoughtfully weighs what he truly needs. A professional athlete also has a guide, and a burden bearer. He is instructed on what he may or may not take on the journey, and if he desires to make it to the summit, he “must” follow the rules. Preparation is of utmost importance, as the professional athlete peels off more and more baggage. Weight, or lack of it, becomes imperative to his success. Child, you are the professional athlete and I am your Guide and your Burden Bearer. For My children to go to new heights, they must release all to follow Me: every concern, every worry, every loved one, every sin, every pain, every weight of your past life, everything that you can think of, peel it off one by one. It was not in vain that I said, “You must forsake all to follow Me”. When you die, you will leave it all behind. Not one thing will you take with you when you leave this world. You will leave with Me, and nothing else. Therefore I ask that you die to your cares now, that you follow Me now, with nothing from the past hanging onto you. Release ALL to Me. When you do this for Me, when you truly forsake it and cut it from you, letting it fall behind you – then I will heal you, and it will be like it never existed. Then and then only, will you be free to follow Me. You will be free to truly love others as I have loved you, with no strings attached. Your joy will flow out from you and you will walk in My love and My forgiveness. As you walk in these new heights with Me, you will become an Overcomer, for as you release your baggage to Me, then I am free to work in these situations and you will find yourself praising Me for what I have done, and not for what you have done. You will find yourself going from glory to glory and from height to height, as you view the world and your loved ones through My eyes and from My perspective. The problems that used to overwhelm you will no longer touch you, for you will see them as small and insignificant, as they truly are. For My children who learn this art, I will give a new name, one which no one else knows, and grant them to sit with Me on My throne; for in this life, they have truly forsaken all to follow Me and have become an Overcomer. Shalom

From which tree do you eat? – May 17, 2017

A word given through My dear friend ChloeGrace: “There were two trees in the Garden…the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil… and The Tree of Life, which is Me.” And He smiled. “From which tree do you eat?” “A way to check to see from which tree you’ve eaten, look to see and taste to discern what affect that bite has in your mouth. … Do you FEEL shame? Condemnation? Fear? Uncertainty? If so, that is the taste of SELF. Some ‘self’ symptoms are: loathing toward yourself for tasting; fear that, because you did taste, I am now angered at you or disappointed somehow; shame that you STILL ‘after all this time!’ have struggles for which you can find no solution; and now are filled with uncertainty about your standing with and before Me. Who is the focus in all these feelings/thoughts/ questions? SELF. …. What comes next with Self? A JUDGMENT is placed upon the thought, the action, the question … and so the torments come. A whipping from your mind against yourSELF. YOU make a judgment of ‘that was bad, or wrong, or evil,’ or, ‘oh, that was so good what I did!’ A condemnation or a commendation, unTO your ‘self’, FROM your ‘self’. A see-saw, up and down life begins, a life easily tossed by the wind or the waves, until you have been left emptied of hope of ever being ‘better.’ My children, look away and unto ME. Look into MY face and see in MY eyes the LOOK of LOVE that I have for YOU. Come to KNOW and BELIEVE that the unworthiness you feel is not your own, but rather the measurement you see within yourself when standing next to Me. I AM the Tree of Life. The fruit of MY Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, ‘self’-control.. NOTHING can stand against this…for this is ME. Nothing except you… and the ‘self’ of unbelief. Make a TURN. Take a step of faith. Give to Me ALL of you… lay it all down unto Me… and RECEIVE unto yourself ALL of Me, for I give you My EVERYTHING. If you allow Me entrance in My fullness, I will be in you like wall-to-wall carpeting…. everything COVERED OVER with all things ME. Love calls. Love beckons. Love loves….and Love longs for YOU. Will you come? Will you ‘let’ Me in? Deeper, further, higher, MORE than you’ve ever known? … Love awaits.” He smiled. “With My arms wide open.”

Enter Into The Joy – July 18, 2017

A word given through My dear friend ChloeGrace: I feel I hear Him say: My Kingdom is a Kingdom of Love and Grace; a Kingdom of Peace and Joy; a Kingdom of ‘How may I serve you?’, ‘What do you need?’, ‘How may I help?’ My beloved sons and daughters are servants of love and tenderness. Entering into the joy of the Lord is entering into servant-hood and humility; bearing of one another’s burdens; helping to lift and remove a heavy load. My dearly loved children, allow Me to be IN you, FOR you, THROUGH you as the humble water, which always seeks the lowest place. I poured out My love and My life FOR you… and now I will pour out My love and My life THROUGH you! Rest in My love… just ‘be’… and watch Me ‘do.’

Power – November 18, 2017

Child what you are about to face will take your breath away. You will thank Me over and over for the detailed training I have given you. Life as you know it will change drastically. You have been designed and created for this purpose since the beginning of time. Your entire life has molded you into the vessel I have now completed. My sons and daughters will rise up in these last days with a force the world has never known. Nothing can compare to the power of My Bride and I as we unite as One. I have protected you, hidden you, and taught you. Now I will bring you forth, and Satan will not even know you, for you will take him by surprise and ambush him with all the forces of Heaven at your disposal. You had to die as I did, you had to submit to the will of the Father as I did, and you will be resurrected as I am. This power from on high dwells within you now, but when I flip the switch, My power will be released with such force upon you that it will not be contained. Darkness will flee before you as when the day dawns. Nothing will stop this mighty move, for I am about to break the neck of Satan by the very ones he has tried so hard to destroy. Rise up My little ones, downtrodden ones, and forsaken ones; for the mantle of Moses, Samuel, Elijah, and David, cannot compare with the Power that will come “upon and through” My Bride as we unite as One. Shalom

What If – November 18, 2019

From before the foundations of the world I loved you. There is no way you can fail Me. Your desire to please Me surpasses what I created in you and your love for Me exceeds all My expectations. The unworthiness you feel is not your own, but rather the measurement you see within yourself when standing next to Me. What if I filled you with Me? What if the emptiness within you overflowed with My goodness? What if My grace poured out of you and washed over My lost sheep? What if My mercy within you became the sea of forgiveness? What if, child, what if? What if all I wanted from you was praise? What if all I wanted from you was you? What would happen if I fought ALL your battles? What would happen if no one saw you, but Me? What would happen if you had no clue what I was doing, but you let Me do it? What would happen if you let Me have My way with you? What would happen if We became One? Do you conceive what I am doing? You have given up everything for Me, and I have given up everything for you. What would happen if you received ALL of Me? “You will know Me even as I know you.” What if that happened sooner rather than later? What would happen if I showed you how? What if now?

Just Be – November 18, 2019

Child, you are stressed and concerned about many things. I see your heart, your devotion, your love, and your abilities. I know there is not enough of you to meet the needs and complete the tasks before you. I see all your concerns and total inability, and I have called it “Good”. What if I met those needs for you? What if all you had to do was what I told you to do each day? What if you were obedient to My small instructions, giving Me what little you had, and I multiplied your little and made it much? What if your smile really does bring sunshine, what if your laughter really does heal, and what if your love really does set the captive free? Child, what if you have no clue what I AM doing, but you let Me do it? What if no one saw your weakness because it is hidden in My strength, what if no one saw your tears because they are hidden in the River of Life, and what if no one saw your nothingness because you are hidden in My abundance? What if no one saw you at all, but Me? Would you be willing to be hidden, insignificant, and unworthy for Me? What if that’s what I truly need you to Be? Can you rest in the knowledge that you are absolutely nothing and I AM everything? Can you rest in Me and live in peace? I care not that you do not know what I AM doing, for I have designed it so. If you knew, then you would try to “help” Me. I do not need your help. I just need you to praise Me with all that is within you. For I AM, the Lord your God, and I am working mightily in your behalf. Just rest in Me and watch the miracles I Do. Shalom

Bursting with Joy – November 25, 2019

You have no idea how wonderful I AM. My love for you exceeds all your wildest dreams. My plans for you would take a million people to fulfill, and yet through Me, you will do all things. There is no way you will not succeed when you are One with Me. There is so much joy just ahead for you. Your body will seem to be bursting as I pour out of every cell onto your world. Oil will flow out of you anointing and igniting all those around you. I will be the life and light within you bringing in a harvest you had no idea even existed. I will transform your body because your earthly body can no longer contain Me; and as I do that, the dust of your earthly body will ignite the ground you walk on with repentance fire. A new day has come, and as the new day dawns, so will I within you. Shalom

Vessels of Glory – December 3, 2019

My love for mankind is about to be expressed through you, for “out of your vessel” I have chosen to display My Glory. The difficult path I brought you on has led you to this place in Me, and this is a place of incredible riches. Now that you are here, you will pour back into the world all I have given you. Your source will never run dry. The more you give, the more will be given you. The more you pour out, the more will be poured out to you, for out of your belly will flow rivers of living water bringing life and health to all you come in contact with. Along with the river of life there is an anointing oil that flows within the currents. This oil does not rise to the top as you are accustomed to on earth. Instead, this oil saturates the recipient, bathing them and repelling all works of evil. It is called the oil of joy. Anoint yourself with this gift, and pour it out to those around you. The more you pour out, the greater I am displayed, for the oil of joy not only heals you, it reflects Me and sends shockwaves throughout the earth when released. This well of oil is “far more powerful” than the pool of Bethesda, and it lies within you. Look all around and then open the floodgates of your soul, for the life and power of the King of Glory has come and can no longer be contained within you. Shalom

I Need Your Empty Vessels – December 14, 2019

I need you; My world needs you. Yet you cry out daily to Me saying, “Lord, I am waiting on you! How long must I wait until You come and fulfill my needs and the needs of my family?” Awaken!! Awaken!! From the deep slumber of apathy!! Have I not said, “It is finished?” Do I ever speak in vain? Look all around you and then GIVE Me what’s in your hand. I NEED you and the world NEEDS you! You ARE My people; You ARE My oil wells in the land. Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters … not somebody else’s. You ARE the answer! The world, My Harvest, is waiting on you. Rise up! Awaken from your slumber! I, the Answer, AM within you and you alone, for within you, My Bride, I reside. GIVE Me what’s in your hand. How can I MULTIPLY your assets, when you are sleeping on what I have given you? Do not count Me, within you, as nothing. Me within you is EVERYTHING, but I Need your nothingness, I Need your emptiness!! Is it not written? Did not even Elisha command the widow to go all over town and gather empty vessels? (2 Kings 4) Only when the empty vessels ran out, so did the oil. She then sold the oil and paid her debts. USE My oil within your empty vessels to free yourself from Satan’s bondage. I, along with your emptiness, AM the answer to the entire world’s problems. Yes, it’s that simple. Rise up, awaken from slumber, GIVE ME what’s in your hand and PRAISE ME, for I cannot bless and multiply anything that is not given to Me. Shalom Your emptiness = “nothing” 000,000 Yet United with ME = 1,000,000 The “emptier” you become of yourself, the more zeros are given to you and My Power is multiplied exponentially. RISE up! GIVE Me what’s in your hand, and PRAISE Me with your loudest voice! You are NEEDED!!!

You Will Laugh – December 20, 2019

You ARE My most valuable possession on earth, for within the fibers of your being I reside. To separate Me from you is impossible, for I am so interwoven within your fabric that you and I have become One. Currently no one can tell Us apart, for as I AM in the Father, so I AM in you. As you abide in Me, so I Abide in you. You are My Gold, and as My resurrection power infuses you, “My body” will shine with the brightness of My coming. Even though this is not about you, it is all about US, for I cannot change the world without every fiber of your being. All of your insignificance must be given to Me in order for Me to resurrect it. You can laugh joyfully because My earth children have been given much insignificance by the world. Therefore, gather all your insignificance, bring it to Me, and laugh joyfully. Yes, laugh joyfully!! The “old you” will not Believe what I am about to do with it, and the “new you” will laugh yet more and more, for within you lies the epitome of everything I need. Did I not turn the water into wine? Laugh child, laugh, as you bring Me all your insignificance. Look joyfully all around you, for the more insignificance you have, the more wine will be poured out onto the lives of all those within the realm of Our influence. The joy of the Lord is coming through you. The laughter of the Lord is infused with new wine. Laugh child, laugh! Even as Sarah laughed, so you will laugh, for what is being birthed from the deadness of your womb ~ will stagger the world. Shalom

Joy Unspeakable (Part I): Stand and Shine – December 21, 2019

From this point forward do not fight the darkness. Instead “stand and shine” and the darkness will flee before you. I hardened Pharaoh’s heart many times because I had so much fun taking from him. Moses knew what I was doing and therefore he was never distraught about the many setbacks of Pharaoh going back on his word. Every time I hardened Pharaoh’s heart, he suffered great loss and the children of Israel laughed. If you notice, Moses never sobbed and cried about Pharaoh’s hardened heart, he simply obeyed Me and then watched Me bring blow after blow to the Egyptians. This destruction was worth hanging around to watch. This destruction was joyful to the children of Israel because the destruction never touched them and it was payback in the highest form. You are about to watch the greatest show of My Power in the world, but it will not touch you. There will be no sobbing or begging in My bride, because My bride honors and respects Me, and Loves watching Me work in Her behalf. My bride Loves receiving the spoils that are returned to her from the battles I win. She laughs and laughs, for while I am fighting in her behalf, she is sitting by My side drinking new wine and praising Me. She used to be beneath, but now she is above. She used to be Adam and Eve, who were thrown out of the garden, but after the Cross, she became Esther and all was returned to her. Overthrow was granted from her position, not from her pleading. You are My Moses and Esther, you are My Elijah and Elisha, you are the Singers going forth before the Army of God, and you get to watch Satan fall. For even as he has fallen from heaven, he will fall again before My bride, and she will laugh and laugh with new wine, bringing in the greatest harvest the world has ever seen. She will take back years and years of destruction and sorrow! She will receive from the Lord’s hand double, for He is a just judge and He demands compound interest along with payback. Rejoice for the day of reckoning has come, and My bride will not be able to stop laughing with reckless joy, for she “IS” the one smooth, small stone in My sling. To Be Continued

Joy Unspeakable (Part II): Through the Laughter – December 22, 2019

There is incredible power in Joy. When I gave you Joy, I gave you the key to Overcoming. You may believe you have only a little, as in not even enough for yourself, but the Truth is, Joy is a well that reproduces like rabbits when passed along to others. The well within you appears to be very small in diameter, but it is the depth that counts, for its supply will never run dry within you. The power of Joy is a triple-edged sword, for not only will it heal you as it passes out of you to others, but it also heals others when it flows over them. However, what makes us roll with laughter in Heaven is its toxic effect on satan. He becomes totally crippled, tumbles about with seizures, and the power within his kingdom falls like the walls of Jericho. The first miracle I performed on earth was turning the water into wine at the wedding. Now, as I prepare for My Own Wedding, I have turned the river of life into new wine. This literally means the well of Joy within you has turned into new wine as “I prepare” My Bride to bring in the harvest. Joy as you have never known or tasted currently resides in you and is about to be poured out of you onto the world. All you have to do is Uncap it and Pour out to others what I have already placed in you. The Father and I have designed this so you literally cannot fail as long as you keep pouring Joy out to others. Also, because I understand your frailty–for I lived as you live, and you are My Bride–My Greatest Reward, the Holy Spirit within you, will “help you” Uncap this Joy and Pour it out if you ask Him. “I have given you” what I need in order to bring healing to you. “I have given you” what the angels need in order to work in your behalf. “I have given you” what your family needs in order to repent, and “I have given you” what the world needs in order to bring in the harvest. If you pause for a moment and look back over your life, you will see the enemy gained tremendous power over you when he stole your “surface” joy. But I never allowed him to steal your “well” of joy, because within that “well” lies the power to overcome. He knew this and has tried desperately to cover the opening of your well with circumstances, frantically hoping you won’t discover it. But now is the time to dis-cover it, open it up and let it flow out. Laugh, child, laugh! You have My permission to laugh abundantly, for satan’s astounding defeat and Heaven’s greatest victory will come ~ through the laughter of a child. Shalom

Behold This Generation – January 1, 2020

Lo, I have sent you to the world. Even as the Father sent Me, so send I you. You are my husbandmen. You work and till the land of the harvest. You remove the rocks. You provide the loving care. You destroy the weeds. You fertilize. One of you has planted, and another has watered. Now an entire generation of young plants are sprouting, and as they come to life, they are hopeful and charged with energy. Their eyes beam with joy. These living souls reside within your homes. They go to your schools. They overtake your computers, and they drain your pocketbooks. They laugh. They dance and appear unstoppable as they leave you physically drained in their wake. Behold them as My glory descends upon this generation. Behold the works of your hands as I come to life within them. They Are My Workmanship created for My Glory. This generation has taken over the land and their effects are solidly planted within every household across the Earth. Pray and dance with them. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for their aborted brothers and sisters have stormed the gates of heaven and hell with their prayers. The mantles of all the aborted children across the world have fallen upon this generation. Your children will rise up and do mighty, mighty exploits in My Name. Satan thought He stopped this generation through abortion, but he only added to the POWER of this Generation, for a mighty army of prayer warriors trained in the Courts of Heaven now come against him and his demons. Their blood cries out because their books are still open. Therefore, the contents of their books have been added to this generation, and your children and grandchildren will do double and triple what is humanly possible. Your children are fueled with My aborted children’s prayers and the tasks they were unable to complete. Your children are fueled with your prayers and your instruction, and your children are fueled with the POWER of ALMIGHTY GOD. Through this generation, your children and your grandchildren, the Mighty Army of dead bones in Ezekiel, has come to life, for the Spirit of the Living God has breathed His LIFE and POWER in them. Shalom

From Out of the Mundane – January 8, 2020

Do not discount the value of mundane daily activities, for this is the barnyard that births Christ within the hearts of you, your children, and your family. That is why I openly came that way, to show you exactly how I come. Most everyone, just like My children of today, wanted the spectacular event, the grandiose entry, or it simply could not be Me. Therefore, they doubted Me, just like My children do today. The barnyard is fatiguing and stinks. Most give up because they simply do not see results. “What about Me?” they say. “This cannot be God because He loves me and would want something better for Me.” Yet, they do not know; they simply do not understand. David constructed Earth’s most grandiose Temple of God “off-site”, because the ground of the Temple of God was “too holy” for the noise, the sawing, and the pounding of its creation. (1 Chronicles 22:2-5) So, the holy ground lay dormant, appearing to be as nothing until the completion of the grandest construction ever known. Then it was silently put together “onsite” with Holy Reverence, and people of the earth traveled for miles to see its Spectacular Glory. So is the construction of My New Jerusalem, the Holy Temple of God, which will come down to Earth in these last days. The Construction of My Greatest Glory is currently in progress “off-site”. Its material comes from your barnyard activities, your selfless giving, your right actions even when no one sees, your painful dying to self, and your ongoing repentance. The “noise you are hearing on earth” is satan screaming in terror, for the more material you give Me, the sooner My Temple will be built and the shorter his time on Earth! He knows his days are numbered, for My children are coming into the knowledge of Christ in droves, they are taking up their cross and not counting the cost, they are not counting their lives as dear to them, they are giving up ALL to follow Me. True is My Word; for “He that finds his own life will lose it, and he that loses his life for My sake will find it.” As My Bride unites as One under Me, My Holy Temple becomes complete, and I prepare for My return. When My Bride unites as One with Me, she will take back everything satan has stolen from her; for even as the Children of Israel spoiled Egypt before they left, so will you. Satan has spent years “storing up” everything he has stolen from you and it has done nothing but “multiply” as it sat. Yet you will take it all back from him and he will suffer the greatest loss he has ever known. My Bride is currently halting the pendulum. Just like Moses rose up to stop Pharaoh, so My Bride is rising up under and with Me to stop satan. She now understands the authority she has when she becomes One with Me. She is coming into the knowledge that her weakness is her “greatest strength”, for when she dies to self and looks to Me, then I BECOME EVERYTHING. The tables are in the process of turning and the pendulum has almost stopped. The great stone of weakness satan has destroyed you with for years is about to turn on him. Watch, child, watch, then burst into peals of laughter as you see satan fall like lightening before you. For My Bride will literally ride the Pendulum of her own weakness and inability, her own insignificance, and her own stammering lips, to become the ROCK in My Sling that will make his kingdom fall. Shalom VISION: The amazing thing I saw in a vision while receiving this message is this: The pendulum swung once at the end of this age. Satan has been trying to run us out of this world arena using our mundane activities, our weaknesses, our ineffectiveness, and our sicknesses, against us. He has been chasing and chasing us, and we have been bewildered, running from him, as his demons ran behind us, stealing everything we left in our haste. But as the Bride of Christ comes into the knowledge of who she is, the pendulum of Satan defeating us halts! I then saw the Bride of Christ swing back with such a FORCE that she literally barreled through his plans and demonic forces, riding a ROCK pendulum and took back everything he had stolen from her, plus many, many spoils. She then continued the pendulum ride upward as she rose to meet Christ in the air. What was so profound was the very thing that Satan defeated her with initially, was her complete “inability, weakness, and ineffectiveness”. But when she discovered Christ’s strength was found at the end of her weakness and ineffectiveness, she took the shortcut by completely selling out to Christ, giving Him everything she wasn’t, and completely uniting with His will for her. She found His POWER was ACTIVATED BY her weakness and ineffectiveness!! She then RODE on the ROCK pendulum created by the POWER of her WEAKNESS back through Satan’s plan, “completely destroying” him with the very weapon he had used against her, and then she continued to rise and met Christ in the air.

Could I Have This Dance? – January 29, 2020

What if your life was not a walk of perfection, but instead a dance of obedience? What if every time you fell, it was Me who actually caught you, and when you dizzily spun in circles, you were actually wrapped up in My grace? What if I really took your little and made it enough? Then could you, would you laugh? What if others laughed in mockery at what I asked of you and then many were saved because you obeyed? What if your end was really My beginning and what if My end is where your true life begins? Then could you, would you laugh? Child you are too concerned about earth life. You are like a sobbing child who has lost its bottle outside the crib and who does not understand where its bottle came from. I care for you and with that care comes deep provision. Could you, would you look to Me? Then could you, would you receive? It is from My hand that all good comes, not yours. If you would but lose your grip on life, you would find it, and if you would but praise Me for what you “don’t have”, you would receive it. If you would dare to let Me open your eyes, you would see goodness, and if you would dare to let Me open your heart, you would become it. So, could you, would you laugh? For our dance is but a moment, and this life it is so short. As I dip, and swirl, and spin you, could you, would you, let Me lead? So just release those heavy burdens and step onto this floor of faith, and you will find surrendered obedience becomes My beautiful dance of grace. Shalom

You Are My Plan – February 22, 2020

I have sent you into the world to fulfill My Plan. There is no one that can take your place. You are completely irreplaceable. There is a part of Me in you that no one else has, and it is world changing. In your home, in your church and in your work, there is no one like you. You can get over your inabilities right now because I AM on the other side of those. The world received Me when I sent you into it. You have purpose that no one else has, you have abilities no one else has and you will have successes that no one else has. You will be a Mother and a Father to children that no one else will. You will be a bridge across the great divide making a way of escape. You will build that bridge, then you will be that bridge and you will carry the lost across that bridge. Never doubt the plan and purpose I have for you or compare yourself with others. Just because you don’t feel your work is phenomenal doesn’t mean it isn’t. What do you grade your value as? What matters, My grading scale or yours? Your grading scale is the cocoon you live in. My grading scale is the butterfly released and flying on the wings of My wind. My grading scale joys in taking what little you have, and I make it much. My grading scale unites Me with you. My grading scale never fails because I AM. That is why My Beloved Child will always measure UP. Shalom

One – March 3, 2020

What if you accepted My Will as your own? What if I AM the Power behind everything you do? What if you just had to go through the motions? What if all you had to do was show up? What if your shadow was the Shadow of the Most High? And what if My Shadow healed the sick? What if you surrendered your body to Me? What if no one could tell us apart? I can take care of Myself.

Metamorphosis of Change – March 19, 2020

Embrace the winds of change as a new season blows upon you. Human nature resists change, but I say unto you, embrace it! The times and seasons of the Most High reside within you; pushing, stretching, and squeezing as though some strange thing is happening to you. It is the birthing of My Kingdom on earth; it is the birthing of My Will on earth as it is in Heaven; it is the birthing of the Redeemed walking in fullness; and it is the manifestation of the Sons of God uniting as One to bring in the harvest. Release the past; for what you were, is not what you are; and what you are, is not what you will be. As a butterfly rests outside its cocoon, gently waiting until its wings are dry, even so you are currently Resting, trusting, and waiting upon Me. Now as the season changes, so will you, delicately at first, gently, almost unsure. Then as the Wind of My Spirit fills the earth, so will you, until there is not one speck of dust that has not been touched by My Glory. Arise sons and daughters of the Most High God and step into your place, lift My banner of love and wave it high, purify your heart and sing My Praises. Then watch as Moses did from the cleft of the Rock, for you will see My Goodness pass before you. As I pass before you, My Glory will be seen upon you, filling you and surrounding you in ways you have never dreamed possible. This is My day, this is My hour, and this is My time. Wait on Me for you shall not be denied. Shalom

I Am Coming Back Through You – April 13, 2020

What if the river of life within you were allowed to flood your circumstances? What if you stood with Me and allowed My breath to breathe life to those around you? What if you surrendered your will into Mine? My ways are best. What if I opened your eyes and you saw the world through Mine? Could you, would you, love the world and those around you as I do? What if the plans I have for you have not yet entered your heart, and what if My plans come to you through joy? Imagine it child, imagine it. Like David, you are the doorkeeper to the house of the Lord. Since I truly dwell within you, what would happen if My children across the globe opened wide their doors and allowed My river of life to flow out of them? Could you, would you, do this for Me? When My children do this for Me, My Glory will literally flood the earth and your insignificance will wash away in the current of My grace! I AM coming like a mighty rushing river and you will not be able to contain Me. Therefore, surrender your will into Mine now, open wide the door to those around you now; smile, laugh, forgive, and love. Remove all hindrances of My works within you, for I AM returning with Power; My greatest works are yet to come and I will work them through you! Laugh joyfully and embrace My plans for you. Open wide the door of your heart, for My Power within you is about to be unleashed onto the world I died for. I AM coming back, child, I AM coming back; and I AM returning through you! Shalom

Who Will Qualify? – April 16, 2020

Lo, I come. In the volume of a book it is written of Me. You are My written epistle and you are read by all men. As the Father and I are One, even so, you and I are One. Who will qualify to do the works that I have done? Who will qualify to do greater works than I have done? Is it not the lowly in spirit? Is it not written, “the meek shall inherit the earth”? The world has labeled you “servant”, but I have called you “Friend”. Look around you and listen to the world. Who is cursed daily? Is it not My little children, is it not the lowly, is it not the meek? It is written, “Out of the mouth of babes and infants I establish a stronghold against the enemy, to silence the foe and avenger.” What you are about to see will take your breath away. You will watch Me take away from the wise and give to the humble. My Spirit is being poured out upon this land. “I will work and who will let Me?” I require obedience, not sacrifice. Obedience IS the sacrifice I require. It is through foolishness that I will confound the wise. I AM so simple, the wise totally miss Me. Look around you. The fields are white with harvest. The harvest is not sitting in church, it is waving at you from the field. What field are you in? Go therefore, for the Lord of the harvest has sent you. Allow Me to work My works through you. As the body is dead without the spirit, even so faith without works is dead. Where are your works? Babies believe and babies speak; I would also have you believe and speak. Will you be outdone by your children? I cannot physically return to this world until you physically return to Me. When you physically turn to Me, I will pour out My spirit upon this earth powerfully through your physical body…which is Mine. As you allow Me to bless others through you, as you allow Me to bring healing to others through you, as you allow Me to feed others through you, as you allow Me to set others free through you; you will discover joy as you have never known. You will discover healing for your own body, you will discover fullness, you will discover freedom, you will discover life!! Who will qualify? If you are nothing, if you are nobody, if you are unsuccessful; you qualify. No one else does. Go forth, for I AM with you this day. Work the works that I have ordained. Do not say “I cannot do this”. For with God ALL things are possible and ALL the glory belongs to Me. Shalom

My Glory Falls Upon You – May 4, 2020

As the waters cover the sea, so shall My Glory cover you and be seen upon you. No man shall plumb the depths of My Glory within you, but many will ride the crest into life everlasting. You will hear My voice and proclaim My goodness to the world. You will Be My goodness in the land, forgiving and loving the unlovable, bringing hope to the lost and deliverance to the captive. I have called you, taught you, and now I send you. Do not be daunted by the enormity of the task I have placed before you. Walk it, just walk it, and I will make a way where there seems to be no way. As the path opens before you, many, I say many mansions will be ordered in heaven by the souls lined along the path you walk through. I have not asked you to build these mansions, I merely ask you to walk the path so My Glory may be experienced in the lives of all those within your touch. You don’t have enough to give the masses, but I do. You don’t have enough time, but I do. You don’t know what you are doing, but I do. You don’t know anything, but I know everything. Look up Child, for divine appointments are on your schedule; for I the Lord your God have ordained you and sent you, before you were conceived in your mother’s womb. Shalom

Today – July 27, 2021

Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you. Before you breathed your first breath, I held you. Before you took your first step, you ran to Me. And before you could walk, you followed Me. The plans I have for you encompass eternity. The joys I have for you will overwhelm your life. The love I have for you will fulfill all your wildest dreams. And the future I have planned for you will flood your heart with wondrous delight. Never have I loved anyone as I love you. No one can take your place in My heart, for no one can love Me as you do. I have put My Words in your mouth. I have put My Heart within your heart. I have put My Hands within your hands, and I have put My Feet within your feet. Where you go, I go. And where you abide, I live. What you speak, sets things in motion. What you do, multiplies. I have given you so much power. Have you noticed? Have you watched the domino affects? Everything matters. Everything creates, whether it be for good or evil. I have given you powerful effect. Use it gloriously. I don’t need your perfection. I’m already that. I don’t need your past. I’ve removed it. I don’t need your future. I’m holding it. All I need, is your Today. Shalom

Just You and I – July 30, 2021

What if it is in simple “being” that you please Me most? What if time spent with Me is when I draw you close? What if this was the only reason you were created? …to be with Me, where I am. What if nothing else in your life truly mattered? …just you and I laughing, loving, living and hoping. (I hope too.) I hope you will see how fruitless is your worry, your concerns, and your fear of not being good enough. That’s why I died for you. …so that you might live. laugh, love …live in Me, by Me and with Me. Come, My little one. Let’s do this together, just you and I. Shalom

The Groom Speaking Tenderly to His Bride – October 19, 2021

What if you don’t know what I am doing, but you let Me do it? What if your greatest pain becomes your greatest victory? What if the cross I had you bear becomes the trail of tears through which others find Me? And what if your greatest loss becomes your greatest gain? What if, child? What if? Would you praise Me then? What I am doing in your life, you have no power to comprehend. What I am doing through your pain, what I am doing with your tears, and what I am doing with your loss, will shake satan’s kingdom to the core. You don’t understand it now, for you didn’t know or understand that the cross you would die on would become the highway upon which multitudes would find Me. Shalom

The Perfect Fit – November 18, 2021

What if your perfection means absolutely nothing to Me? What if I AM the only leg you stand on? What if you do Everything wrong? What if you have nothing but a lifetime of loss to bring Me? I AM your perfection. I AM your Savior. I AM your Redeemer. What if I AM ALL you need? Walk with Me, for I have made you whole. Shalom