Following my Shepherd

At this time in my life, the Lord’s winds were howling all around me; everything I knew was disrupted, dismantled, changed, destroyed and blown away in every area of my life, one thing after another. Yet, the Lord gave me His grace so that I followed harder after Him than I’d ever done before. This, Daddy and Jesus said to me during the beginning of the winds. (Song of Solomon 4:16)

“ChloeGrace, My precious, precious child, remember how you cried out to Me to be able to minister to Me; to know how to bring joy to My heart as Jesus does? I had to allow you to walk a similar walk He did. Only when all is stripped away will many of My children run into My arms. Because of false beliefs, fears, ideas of Who I AM, My people fear Me and seek to worship Me from afar. Slowly, I stripped all away from you, so that you would run to Me and jump in My lap, and just love Me, and let Me love you.

I used My servants to show you beforehand that I AM not to be feared, and that I AM a good Daddy. And, I AM, aren’t I?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Well, I AM also a Daddy Who loves families and wants them restored. You haven’t lost your family. It may seem as if you have, but I had to allow that for you to turn to Me, to learn of My love and care, and to experience some of what My Jesus did.

Jesus depended completely on Me and My Spirit, and He fellowshipped with Me so totally that He could boldly and fearlessly look death in the face at Lazarus’ tomb and say, “Father, I thank You that You have heard Me.” He knew Me and My love for men and My hatred of death, and He knew without a shadow of doubt that Lazarus would rise. And, he did.

I want you to be so completely reliant on Me, and know My heart of love, that you too will look death in the face .. fearlessly .. boldly .. and command Me to act, and I will, and death will have to release its victims.

I want to act like this for humanity everywhere, every day, but only those who know Me intimately would dare to ask Me such a thing. You will be mocked, ridiculed, and treated with contempt. So was Jesus. Who cares? It won’t really be the people doing it but My enemy who will try to throw roadblocks in your way. Just act as Jesus did; pass by, and go on with Me.”

So then, something happened once again that brought me to the place of feeling like such a fool (or my word to Jesus, “a jerk”). Jesus then said, “You are not a jerk!”

“You are My trusting little lamb. A lamb trusts totally and completely. It follows wherever the shepherd leads, never doubting it will be loved in return; that it will be cared for. It just trusts.

It is a lamb’s nature to trust itself to the one who owns it or cares for it. It doesn’t question if this one is good or bad; it believes it is always good. The trusting nature of a lamb is why it will naturally follow the one it loves, the one who’s responsibility it is to care for it. Sometimes, it follows right to death’s door, and accepts it, meekly, with barely a sound, looks with love at the one holding the instrument of death in his hand, and dies. It is the nature of a lamb. It just trusts.

You are My little lamb. It is your nature to trust the ones you love the most. That’s why, when they do hurt you, you are wounded nearly to death. Because you aren’t looking for an instrument of death. You believe they love as you love. Many times, they do. Sometimes, they don’t.

Who would look for a knife when looking with only love-filled eyes? Love sees love where there is only hate. Love feels pain when there is only anger. Love just loves. That’s the way love is. That’s why I made you. I love you. And, I needed someone who would love Me back. And, you do.”