One day, my sister was giving me a perm while we were watching a soap opera. On TV, the doorbell rang, and when it was opened, the actress on the other side of the door came into the room with a huge smile, ran across the room and spoke loudly in a sing-song way, “HELLLLOOOO!!”

My sister and I laughed so hard about that, saying things like, “Oh, as IF anyone is ever going to say Hello like that! How ridiculous!” We were still laughing when the phone rang. My sister answered the phone and impulsively sang out loudly that same kind of HELLLLOOOO! We simultaneously burst into a huge, hearty guffaw. Her “HELLLOOOO!!” was the only word spoken because she was laughing so hard. Still laughing, she finally walked over to me and handed me the phone. I was laughing so hard myself I couldn’t speak either.

I put the phone to my ear, heard a man laughing uproariously in my ear, and I just laughed and laughed.

As he and I laughed, we would both give a huge sigh together, then take another huge, deep breath in tandem, which would only cause our laughter to start all over again. Each laugh, sigh, and deep breath were done in the same exact moment, over and over. Suddenly, in the background, I could hear other voices also begin to erupt into loud laughter. All of this went on for 20 minutes and finally the man said breathlessly, “I’m calling from TV Guide;. Would you like to buy a subscription?” I answered, “No, we just bought one last week.” He laughed with joy and said, “THAT’S okay! This is the best phone call I’ve had since I TOOK this job!”

Later that night, the Lord said to me, “Just as you love giving surprises to your family, so I too love giving surprises to My children. How did you like that?” I began to laugh again and told Him I loved it.

Years later, Jesus spoke to me about it again.

Jesus: “You remember that time when that man called you about TV Guide and you hearty guffawed with him for twenty minutes before he even asked you the first question?”

Me: “Yes, I remember.” (big grin)

Jesus: “He was having a really bad time of it and I healed him in the laughter.”

Me: “COOL!!”

Jesus: “Cool! And, yes, you will see him in Heaven some day. He remembers you.”

Me: “Great!”

Jesus: “Great!” (smile) “It was fun, wasn’t it?”

Me: “Yes!”

Jesus: “I have My tricks, you know!”

Me: “Yes, I do.”

Jesus: “squeak! squeak!”

Me: “STOP IT!” (laughter)

Jesus: “HA !! HA !! HA !!”