How Much I Love You

Jesus: “Oh, how can I paint this picture of how much I love you? Let’s see: Every slap of the hand .. rip of My beard .. whip! crack! of the whips, Every laughing face, full of sneers and mockery .. nakedness .. nails .. thorns .. spear ..

each caused the drip! .. drip! .. drip! .. drip! of My life’s blood to drain out .. staining the earth .. and covering your sin. ‘Life is in the blood.’ My life for yours .. My death for yours.

Gladly! Gladly! did I do this. Know why, ChloeGrace?”

Me: “No, why?”

Jesus: “Here we are! Face to face .. Spirit to spirit .. heart to heart .. Creator to creation, in love with each other .. glorious! .. rapturous love!

Ask Me what you will .. I will grant it.”

Me: “You! And only You! To know You, Your heart. Your longings, dreams .. to be Your friend.”

Jesus: (silence)

Me: “I know I’ve got a long way to go, Jesus. But I only want You. I don’t care if the whole world thinks I’m crazy, or even if I think I’m crazy! I want You!

And Daddy and Holy Ghost .. The Great I AM! That’s what I want. To love You and to please You .. to give You joy.”

Jesus: (silence)

Me: “Have I offended You?”

Jesus: “No, ChloeGrace, no! I want you to know that I AM deeply honored to be your Friend .. Your God .. your Lord .. your Love. Deeply honored. ChloeGrace, look at Me. .. I love you, My child! Now I know that you love Me for Me and not just for what I can do for you, or what I can get you. I receive your heart .. and I give you Mine. We are married, you and I. I AM the are My beautiful Bride. Where would you like to honeymoon?”

Me: “In Your arms.”

Jesus: (silence)

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Jesus: “You won’t believe this, but very few of My creation love Me as you do, hunger for Me as you do. Very few. ….. Imagine Me – the Creator – awed … but I AM!”

Me: “Jesus, it’s just me.”

Jesus: “ChloeGrace, My darling, how do I say this? I know it’s “just you” but that’s the point. It is you .. ALL you .. the only thing you can give Me: you. And, you have! All of yourself, nothing held back, nothing asked of Me but My heart. It’s yours – all My heart, all My devotion, all My tender, loving care. ”

Me: (silence)

Jesus: “This was the joy set before Me, that, despising the shame, I endured the cross. This! … you! ”

Me: “I’m glad”

Jesus: “I don’t beat up My kids, or frighten them into submission. I don’t coerce, I guide. Gently. I teach TRUTH. …. pause ….. Every beat of My heart beats out ‘MERCY’! … Every drop of My blood shouts out ‘MERCY!!’ The world must know this! But, it also must know, that where goes the father, so go the children. If I AM their Father, their Lord, and Savior .. they will be with Me.

If satan is their father, they will be with him. In the lake of fire, which is the second death. “Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve!” But, they must see, hear, and know, that no choice is STILL a choice. Will you tell them that for Me?”

Me: “yes”

Jesus: “ChloeGrace, the party’s just about over .. the great Tribulation is almost upon us. Much work must be done to bring in as many souls as We can before that happens. Will you help Me?”

Me: “Yes, Jesus.”

Jesus: “It won’t be easy, but it will be fun and rewarding. I promise.”

Me: “ok”

Jesus: “Millions of people are drugged by the enemy of their souls, marching to his beat, to his hell. A clarion call must be sounded in their ears! WAKE UP! WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING! Will you shout for Me?”

Me: “Yes.”

Jesus: “Good. I will watch over My words you speak with signs, wonders, and miracles following. And, many will awake and follow Me.”

Note: Though He sounded so urgent to me, over twenty years have passed since He spoke those words:

Next morning:

Jesus: “Good shower?”

Me: “yes!”

Jesus: “I so enjoy you enjoying it! You are grateful for such small things. ”

Me: “It’s not small for me; it’s the time of day I feel the best.”

Jesus: “I know. Soon that will change .. you will have many things each day to enjoy. ”

Me: “I enjoy You.”

Jesus: (silence)

Me: ?

Jesus: “See, that’s what I mean. You love Me wherever you go, with what you have or don’t have, who you’re with.”

Me: “I love You, Jesus.”

Jesus: (silence)

Me: ?

Jesus: “You are rare, My pet.”

Me: “Thank You, so are YOU!”

Jesus: (silence)

Me: “I love You, Jesus.”

Jesus: “… I want to explode! I AM so happy!” (HUGE smile)

Me: (big smile)

Jesus: “See Me twirling? Spinning? Head over heels in love with you?”

Me: “yes” (grin)

Jesus: “WHEW! That was quite a dance of joy! If I could be exhausted, I would be.” (another HUGE smile)

Me: “Jesus, the King!”

Jesus: “ChloeGrace, My queen!”

Me: (silence)