Judas’ Remorse

Part of a conversation Jesus and I had one time:

Jesus: “Ask Me a question.”

Me: “Let’s see. Why did You say to or about Judas, ‘It would have been better for him if he had never been born?’ Someone would have betrayed You in order to fulfill prophecy.”

Jesus: “Getting braver, aren’t you?” (smile)

Me: (smile) …. “Awfully silent, aren’t You? Besides, Peter betrayed You, too, but he repented and You forgave him.”

Jesus: “Yes. But, Peter repented. Judas felt remorse .. grief .. horror .. but not repentance. There is a difference between the two. Peter’s repentance turned him TO Me, therefore to Life. Judas’ remorse turned him away FROM Me, and therefore to death.

Godly sorrow leads to Life, because one turns to Me, and away from sin. Remorse only causes anguish for being caught, and draws one away from Me, and down to death. See the difference?”

Me: “Yes.”

Jesus: “I would have forgiven Judas, too, if he had come to Me. I called him My friend; he was.

Repent is such a scary word to humans. It only means ‘to change your mind’ .. ‘go the other way’. Not scary at all. See sin for what it is, change your mind about it, turn to Me, and away from sin. … That’s all.”

Me: “That’s all.”

Jesus: “But, humans think, if they turn to Me, they have to do the work. So they are afraid, because they know they can’t, or don’t want to change, but I said, — change your mind. I will do the rest .. if they turn to Me. And, away from sin. From death, TO Life. Simple, is it not?” (smile)

Me: “Yes. We make it hard.”

Jesus: “Yep! HA! I did the hard part!”

Me: “Yes, You did.”

Jesus: “Sin is not a problem to Me. I took care of that at Calvary. Tell the sinners .. ‘Just come to Him; He will do the rest.’ Okay?” (smile)

Me: “Ok.” (smile)