Little Man

My grandson, when he was six years old, had hit his Daddy one day during an outing at the park. This uncharacteristic behavior had manifested because he didn’t want to be there; he wanted to go home and play video games. So, as a consequence of his actions, he was told by his daddy that he could not play electronics of any kind for a week. He quietly told his daddy later that night that he was sorry. His daddy accepted his apology and thanked him for it, but also said, “Just because you told me you are sorry does not mean you now don’t have to endure the consequences of your actions.”

The next morning, while their daddy was at work and my grandkids and I were the only ones home, I observed my grandson do something that he knew he shouldn’t. So, I asked him, “Did you do that?” “No,” he said. So I told him, “That was a lie. You know that was a lie, don’t you?” “No,” he lied again. I asked, “Who tells lies?” He said, “the devil.” I asked, “Who tells the truth?” He said, “God.” I told him to go sit in the chair and think about that. He sat in the chair with a defiant, angry, rebellious look on his face, and did anything BUT think about it.

So I told him, “You are in that chair because of the lies. But you know what the worst kind of lie is?” “No,” he answered. “It’s the ones we tell ourselves. I know you’re angry with me. You might even hate me at this very moment, but I am being the best friend you have right now. Know why?” “Why?” he asked, eyes still full of rage and defiant anger. I continued, “Because I am telling you the TRUTH. The whole world is lying to itself, but WE can’t, because Jesus is in us, and HE doesn’t lie. Lies won’t cut it in the kingdom of God.” Then, I left him to sit for a while longer, still angry.

A little later, I said, “You know, little man, you need to talk to Jesus about this. Ask Him to give you a love for the truth. He’ll give it to you; He’ll put it in your heart. I have had to do that myself. And, once He gives it to you, and you have it in your heart, NO ONE can take it from you ever again.” He just sat there in defiant silence. I finally realized he was angry because of not getting his way on the video games, but I never addressed the video games, just the lies. I told him to go to his room and think about it, and he left.

Throughout this “timeout-conversation” with my grandson, his siblings remained seated on the couch, observing, listening, taking it all in. I kept expecting them to get up and leave at any time, but they never did.

About five minutes later, I went to check on my grandson and found him laying back on his bed sobbing. He was himself again, soft and tender, so sweet. I asked him if he was all right, and he nodded yes. I inquired if he’d asked Jesus to give him a love of the truth. He burst out in sobs and said, “Yes!” It was genuine this time, and the Lord had touched his heart. I grabbed him up, hugged him and just held him for awhile as we sat together on his bed. About five minutes after that, their mom arrived to pick them up. She was forty minutes late. The Lord had kept her away until this important heart-lesson had fulfilled His purpose.

I remember that morning had been a long and emotionally exhausting one for me, but a very profitable one too, worth every minute. And for the rest of the week, little man was quite calm and accepting about his not being able to use the computer.