Little Sparrow

As I was praying for a friend of mine, who at the time was close to death, Jesus started talking about her, saying, “Savannah is My wounded, little sparrow. Did I not say that not a sparrow falls to the ground but that My Father sees it .. and cares? I watched her fall to the ground, having a near fatal wound in her heart, which manifested in her head. I have her resting for a season, healing her head and her heart, shielding her from any more pain. She has hungered for Me for years, watched Me through others at a distance, wary and unsure. How could I, the mighty Jesus, love such a sparrow as she? The most common, least-liked bird there is, and such a nuisance, always around, hungry, starved for love, but unsure of her welcome, so she hung back, watched longingly as others ate, hungry for the same. But she thought, “How could He love me! just a little sparrow .. small .. irritating .. insignificant .. not colorful at all like other birds?” She would nibble hungrily at the food left over, eyes darting around to see if she would be swooshed away. The left-over food wasn’t near enough to feed her poor, starving spirit, much less her body, and so she fell to the ground, near death, barely breathing, but .. crying out to Me, inside.

I hear the faintest cry, the barest whisper, and I brought her back to life. Gently picking her up, putting her in My nest. As a mother hen broods over her young, shielding them from the heat and the cold, feeding them until they can feed themselves, so I brood over Savannah. She is covered with My feathers, safely tucked away while she grows strong. I AM teaching her, baby-step by baby-step, to trust Me, lean on Me, eat out of My hand. Each bite she takes, every trusting nibble, makes her grow stronger and more bold. Eventually she will have the strength to stand UP! in My hand, look up to see Who’s been feeding her. And I will smile, and say, “I AM Jesus, Whom you seek. Here I AM .. here you will stay. Welcome to My flock, My precious sparrow.”

When I originally wrote that last sentence in my journal, I had a vision: He had His hand up close to His face, peering intently at Savannah who was in the palm of His hand, and He smiled a brilliant smile, and with a voice of joy He cried out, “I AM Jesus, Whom you seek.”

My friend slowly got better and didn’t die like the doctors had said she would. We are ALL His little sparrows, and have come to Him in this same, sad, dying state. Oh, how He loves us!