You are My Plan

I have sent you into the world to fulfill My Plan. There is no one that can take your place. You are completely irreplaceable. There is a part of Me in you that no one else has, and it is world changing. In your home, in your church and in your work, there is no one like you. You can get over your inabilities right now because I AM on the other side of those. The world received Me when I sent you into it. You have purpose that no one else has, you have abilities no one else has and you will have successes that no one else has. You will be a Mother and a Father to children that no one else will. You will be a bridge across the great divide making a way of escape. You will build that bridge, then you will be that bridge and you will carry the lost across that bridge. Never doubt the plan and purpose I have for you or compare yourself with others. Just because you don’t feel your work is phenomenal doesn’t mean it isn’t. What do you grade your value as? What matters, My grading scale or yours? Your grading scale is the cocoon you live in. My grading scale is the butterfly released and flying on the wings of My wind. My grading scale joys in taking what little you have, and I make it much. My grading scale unites Me with you. My grading scale never fails because I AM. That is why My Beloved Child will always measure UP. Shalom

Could I Have This Dance?

What if your life was not a walk of perfection, but instead a dance of obedience? What if every time you fell, it was Me who actually caught you, and when you dizzily spun in circles, you were actually wrapped up in My grace? What if I really took your little and made it enough? Then could you, would you laugh? What if others laughed in mockery at what I asked of you and then many were saved because you obeyed? What if your end was really My beginning and what if My end is where your true life begins? Then could you, would you laugh?

Child you are too concerned about earth life. You are like a sobbing child who has lost its bottle outside the crib and who does not understand where its bottle came from. I care for you and with that care comes deep provision. Could you, would you look to Me? Then could you, would you receive? It is from My hand that all good comes, not yours. If you would but lose your grip on life, you would find it, and if you would but praise Me for what you “don’t have”, you would receive it. If you would dare to let Me open your eyes, you would see goodness, and if you would dare to let Me open your heart, you would become it.

So, could you, would you laugh? For our dance is but a moment, and this life it is so short. As I dip, and swirl, and spin you, could you, would you, let Me lead? So just release those heavy burdens and step onto this floor of faith, and you will find surrendered obedience becomes My beautiful dance of grace. Shalom

From Out of the Mundane

Do not discount the value of mundane daily activities, for this is the barnyard that births Christ within the hearts of you, your children, and your family. That is why I openly came that way, to show you exactly how I come. Most everyone, just like My children of today, wanted the spectacular event, the grandiose entry, or it simply could not be Me. Therefore, they doubted Me, just like My children do today. The barnyard is fatiguing and stinks. Most give up because they simply do not see results. “What about Me?” they say. “This cannot be God because He loves me and would want something better for Me.” Yet, they do not know; they simply do not understand. David constructed Earth’s most grandiose Temple of God “off-site”, because the ground of the Temple of God was “too holy” for the noise, the sawing, and the pounding of its creation. (1 Chronicles 22:2-5) So, the holy ground lay dormant, appearing to be as nothing until the completion of the grandest construction ever known. Then it was silently put together “onsite” with Holy Reverence, and people of the earth traveled for miles to see its Spectacular Glory.

So is the construction of My New Jerusalem, the Holy Temple of God, which will come down to Earth in these last days. The Construction of My Greatest Glory is currently in progress “off-site”. Its material comes from your barnyard activities, your selfless giving, your right actions even when no one sees, your painful dying to self, and your ongoing repentance. The “noise you are hearing on earth” is satan screaming in terror, for the more material you give Me, the sooner My Temple will be built and the shorter his time on Earth! He knows his days are numbered, for My children are coming into the knowledge of Christ in droves, they are taking up their cross and not counting the cost, they are not counting their lives as dear to them, they are giving up ALL to follow Me. True is My Word; for “He that finds his own life will lose it, and he that loses his life for My sake will find it.”

As My Bride unites as One under Me, My Holy Temple becomes complete, and I prepare for My return. When My Bride unites as One with Me, she will take back everything satan has stolen from her; for even as the Children of Israel spoiled Egypt before they left, so will you. Satan has spent years “storing up” everything he has stolen from you and it has done nothing but “multiply” as it sat. Yet you will take it all back from him and he will suffer the greatest loss he has ever known.

My Bride is currently halting the pendulum. Just like Moses rose up to stop Pharaoh, so My Bride is rising up under and with Me to stop satan. She now understands the authority she has when she becomes One with Me. She is coming into the knowledge that her weakness is her “greatest strength”, for when she dies to self and looks to Me, then I BECOME EVERYTHING. The tables are in the process of turning and the pendulum has almost stopped. The great stone of weakness satan has destroyed you with for years is about to turn on him. Watch, child, watch, then burst into peals of laughter as you see satan fall like lightening before you. For My Bride will literally ride the Pendulum of her own weakness and inability, her own insignificance, and her own stammering lips, to become the ROCK in My Sling that will make his kingdom fall. Shalom

VISION: The amazing thing I saw in a vision while receiving this message is this: The pendulum swung once at the end of this age. Satan has been trying to run us out of this world arena using our mundane activities, our weaknesses, our ineffectiveness, and our sicknesses, against us. He has been chasing and chasing us, and we have been bewildered, running from him, as his demons ran behind us, stealing everything we left in our haste. But as the Bride of Christ comes into the knowledge of who she is, the pendulum of Satan defeating us halts! I then saw the Bride of Christ swing back with such a FORCE that she literally barreled through his plans and demonic forces, riding a ROCK pendulum and took back everything he had stolen from her, plus many, many spoils. She then continued the pendulum ride upward as she rose to meet Christ in the air.

What was so profound was the very thing that Satan defeated her with initially, was her complete “inability, weakness, and ineffectiveness”. But when she discovered Christ’s strength was found at the end of her weakness and ineffectiveness, she took the shortcut by completely selling out to Christ, giving Him everything she wasn’t, and completely uniting with His will for her. She found His POWER was ACTIVATED BY her weakness and ineffectiveness!! She then RODE on the ROCK pendulum created by the POWER of her WEAKNESS back through Satan’s plan, “completely destroying” him with the very weapon he had used against her, and then she continued to rise and met Christ in the air.

Behold This Generation

Lo, I have sent you to the world. Even as the Father sent Me, so send I you. You are my husbandmen. You work and till the land of the harvest. You remove the rocks. You provide the loving care. You destroy the weeds. You fertilize. One of you has planted, and another has watered. Now an entire generation of young plants are sprouting, and as they come to life, they are hopeful and charged with energy. Their eyes beam with joy. These living souls reside within your homes. They go to your schools. They overtake your computers, and they drain your pocketbooks. They laugh. They dance and appear unstoppable as they leave you physically drained in their wake. Behold them as My glory descends upon this generation. Behold the works of your hands as I come to life within them. They Are My Workmanship created for My Glory. This generation has taken over the land and their effects are solidly planted within every household across the Earth. Pray and dance with them. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for their aborted brothers and sisters have stormed the gates of heaven and hell with their prayers. The mantles of all the aborted children across the world have fallen upon this generation. Your children will rise up and do mighty, mighty exploits in My Name. Satan thought He stopped this generation through abortion, but he only added to the POWER of this Generation, for a mighty army of prayer warriors trained in the Courts of Heaven now come against him and his demons. Their blood cries out because their books are still open. Therefore, the contents of their books have been added to this generation, and your children and grandchildren will do double and triple what is humanly possible. Your children are fueled with My aborted children’s prayers and the tasks they were unable to complete. Your children are fueled with your prayers and your instruction, and your children are fueled with the POWER of ALMIGHTY GOD. Through this generation, your children and your grandchildren, the Mighty Army of dead bones in Ezekiel, has come to life, for the Spirit of the Living God has breathed His LIFE and POWER in them. Shalom

Joy Unspeakable (Part II): Through the Laughter

There is incredible power in Joy. When I gave you Joy, I gave you the key to Overcoming. You may believe you have only a little, as in not even enough for yourself, but the Truth is, Joy is a well that reproduces like rabbits when passed along to others. The well within you appears to be very small in diameter, but it is the depth that counts, for its supply will never run dry within you. The power of Joy is a triple-edged sword, for not only will it heal you as it passes out of you to others, but it also heals others when it flows over them. However, what makes us roll with laughter in Heaven is its toxic effect on satan. He becomes totally crippled, tumbles about with seizures, and the power within his kingdom falls like the walls of Jericho.

The first miracle I performed on earth was turning the water into wine at the wedding. Now, as I prepare for My Own Wedding, I have turned the river of life into new wine. This literally means the well of Joy within you has turned into new wine as “I prepare” My Bride to bring in the harvest. Joy as you have never known or tasted currently resides in you and is about to be poured out of you onto the world. All you have to do is Uncap it and Pour out to others what I have already placed in you. The Father and I have designed this so you literally cannot fail as long as you keep pouring Joy out to others. Also, because I understand your frailty–for I lived as you live, and you are My Bride–My Greatest Reward, the Holy Spirit within you, will “help you” Uncap this Joy and Pour it out if you ask Him. “I have given you” what I need in order to bring healing to you. “I have given you” what the angels need in order to work in your behalf. “I have given you” what your family needs in order to repent, and “I have given you” what the world needs in order to bring in the harvest.

If you pause for a moment and look back over your life, you will see the enemy gained tremendous power over you when he stole your “surface” joy. But I never allowed him to steal your “well” of joy, because within that “well” lies the power to overcome. He knew this and has tried desperately to cover the opening of your well with circumstances, frantically hoping you won’t discover it. But now is the time to dis-cover it, open it up and let it flow out.

Laugh, child, laugh! You have My permission to laugh abundantly, for satan’s astounding defeat and Heaven’s greatest victory will come ~ through the laughter of a child. Shalom

Joy Unspeakable (Part I): Stand and Shine

From this point forward do not fight the darkness. Instead “stand and shine” and the darkness will flee before you. I hardened Pharaoh’s heart many times because I had so much fun taking from him. Moses knew what I was doing and therefore he was never distraught about the many setbacks of Pharaoh going back on his word. Every time I hardened Pharaoh’s heart, he suffered great loss and the children of Israel laughed. If you notice, Moses never sobbed and cried about Pharaoh’s hardened heart, he simply obeyed Me and then watched Me bring blow after blow to the Egyptians. This destruction was worth hanging around to watch. This destruction was joyful to the children of Israel because the destruction never touched them and it was payback in the highest form. You are about to watch the greatest show of My Power in the world, but it will not touch you. There will be no sobbing or begging in My bride, because My bride honors and respects Me, and Loves watching Me work in Her behalf. My bride Loves receiving the spoils that are returned to her from the battles I win. She laughs and laughs, for while I am fighting in her behalf, she is sitting by My side drinking new wine and praising Me. She used to be beneath, but now she is above. She used to be Adam and Eve, who were thrown out of the garden, but after the Cross, she became Esther and all was returned to her. Overthrow was granted from her position, not from her pleading. You are My Moses and Esther, you are My Elijah and Elisha, you are the Singers going forth before the Army of God, and you get to watch Satan fall. For even as he has fallen from heaven, he will fall again before My bride, and she will laugh and laugh with new wine, bringing in the greatest harvest the world has ever seen. She will take back years and years of destruction and sorrow! She will receive from the Lord’s hand double, for He is a just judge and He demands compound interest along with payback. Rejoice for the day of reckoning has come, and My bride will not be able to stop laughing with reckless joy, for she “IS” the one smooth, small stone in My sling.

To Be Continued

You Will Laugh

You ARE My most valuable possession on earth, for within the fibers of your being I reside. To separate Me from you is impossible, for I am so interwoven within your fabric that you and I have become One. Currently no one can tell Us apart, for as I AM in the Father, so I AM in you. As you abide in Me, so I Abide in you. You are My Gold, and as My resurrection power infuses you, “My body” will shine with the brightness of My coming. Even though this is not about you, it is all about US, for I cannot change the world without every fiber of your being. All of your insignificance must be given to Me in order for Me to resurrect it. You can laugh joyfully because My earth children have been given much insignificance by the world. Therefore, gather all your insignificance, bring it to Me, and laugh joyfully. Yes, laugh joyfully!! The “old you” will not Believe what I am about to do with it, and the “new you” will laugh yet more and more, for within you lies the epitome of everything I need. Did I not turn the water into wine? Laugh child, laugh, as you bring Me all your insignificance. Look joyfully all around you, for the more insignificance you have, the more wine will be poured out onto the lives of all those within the realm of Our influence. The joy of the Lord is coming through you. The laughter of the Lord is infused with new wine. Laugh child, laugh! Even as Sarah laughed, so you will laugh, for what is being birthed from the deadness of your womb ~ will stagger the world. Shalom

I Need Your Empty Vessels

I NEED you; My world NEEDS you. Yet you cry out daily to Me saying, “Lord, I am waiting on you! How long must I wait until You come and fulfill my needs and the needs of my family?”

Awaken!! Awaken!! From the deep slumber of apathy!! Have I not said, “It is finished?” Do I ever speak in vain? Look all around you and then GIVE Me what’s in your hand. I NEED you and the world NEEDS you! You ARE My people; You ARE My oil wells in the land. Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters … not somebody else’s. You ARE the answer! The world, My Harvest, is waiting on you. Rise up! Awaken from your slumber! I, the Answer, AM within you and you alone, for within you, My Bride, I reside. GIVE Me what’s in your hand. How can I MULTIPLY your assets, when you are sleeping on what I have given you? Do not count Me, within you, as nothing. Me within you is EVERYTHING, but I Need your nothingness, I Need your emptiness!! Is it not written? Did not even Elisha command the widow to go all over town and gather empty vessels? (2 Kings 4) Only when the empty vessels ran out, so did the oil. She then sold the oil and paid her debts. USE My oil within your empty vessels to free yourself from Satan’s bondage. I, along with your emptiness, AM the answer to the entire world’s problems. Yes, it’s that simple. Rise up, awaken from slumber, GIVE ME what’s in your hand and PRAISE ME, for I cannot bless and multiply anything that is not given to Me. Shalom

Your emptiness = “nothing” 000,000

Yet United with ME = 1,000,000

The “emptier” you become of yourself, the more zeros are given to you and My Power is multiplied exponentially. RISE up! GIVE Me what’s in your hand, and PRAISE Me with your loudest voice! You are NEEDED!!!

Vessels of Glory

My love for mankind is about to be expressed through you, for “out of your vessel” I have chosen to display My Glory. The difficult path I brought you on has led you to this place in Me, and this is a place of incredible riches. Now that you are here, you will pour back into the world all I have given you. Your source will never run dry. The more you give, the more will be given you. The more you pour out, the more will be poured out to you, for out of your belly will flow rivers of living water bringing life and health to all you come in contact with. Along with the river of life there is an anointing oil that flows within the currents. This oil does not rise to the top as you are accustomed to on earth. Instead, this oil saturates the recipient, bathing them and repelling all works of evil. It is called the oil of joy. Anoint yourself with this gift, and pour it out to those around you. The more you pour out, the greater I am displayed, for the oil of joy not only heals you, it reflects Me and sends shockwaves throughout the earth when released. This well of oil is “far more powerful” than the pool of Bethesda, and it lies within you. Look all around and then open the floodgates of your soul, for the life and power of the King of Glory has come and can no longer be contained within you. Shalom

Bursting with Joy

You have no idea how wonderful I AM. My love for you exceeds all your wildest dreams. My plans for you would take a million people to fulfill, and yet through Me, you will do all things. There is no way you will not succeed when you are One with Me. There is so much joy just ahead for you. Your body will seem to be bursting as I pour out of every cell onto your world. Oil will flow out of you anointing and igniting all those around you. I will be the life and light within you bringing in a harvest you had no idea even existed. I will transform your body because your earthly body can no longer contain Me; and as I do that, the dust of your earthly body will ignite the ground you walk on with repentance fire. A new day has come, and as the new day dawns, so will I within you. Shalom