Tears in a Bottle

Here’s a conversation Jesus and I had in August of 1994. I was going through hell at the time.

Jesus: “I think you are so beautiful, ChloeGrace. Don’t cry.”

(I felt anything BUT beautiful.)

me: “I can’t help it.”

Jesus: “I collect all of your tears and put them in a bottle. Know why?”

me: “No, why?”

Jesus: “Because they are like precious perfume to Me, and I don’t want to waste a single drop. Each tear, depending on the reason for it, has its own fragrance. You know how here on earth, if you were to mix perfumes, the smell would be intolerable?”

me: “Yes.”

Jesus: “Your tears are not like that. They don’t clash. Put together, they make a symphony of love to Me. They tell Me of your love, your devotion to Me. No one on earth may see you cry, but I do. I tenderly wipe them off your face, your cheeks, your chin and collect them in a grand and glorious bottle … to keep to give you when you arrive Home.”

Jesus: “When we are all together, everyone will open their bottles of love … and Heaven will be saturated with love/perfume, and we can all get ‘drunk’ on all their mingled fragrances. It will be heady, exhilarating, intoxicating. Nothing is ever wasted, remember?”

Jesus: “My children will always be able to know that Someone noticed, kept, guarded their … pain … anger … relief … repentance … joy … courage … laughter … fear … sadness … longing … dying to self … sorrow … love.” (each word He placed inside a beautiful bottle as He said them.)

Jesus: “All will have a bottle. No one will be left out. All mingled together … the perfumes saturating everyone, everything. The empty bottles back on a shelf … A reminder that Someone cared. And mingled His tears with theirs.”