From the Waterfall

Stories from the Life of My Dear Friend, ChloeGrace

From the WaterfallDoes a waterfall have eyes? Does a waterfall have ears? Does a waterfall bring life to the multitudes? Even though you feel like your life has dropped off into the abyss like a cliff, the life you bring is living water, and the sound you create brings exceeding joy to your Creator and to the multitudes who visit your banks. — Abba Daddy
(word received April 23, 2015)

ChloeGrace met Jesus at the age of 22 on her bathroom floor where she was suddenly overwhelmed by His immense love. Since that day, her heart has loved Him with child-like, reckless abandon, and her eyes continually seek the evidence of His presence in every life and circumstance surrounding her. Through her simple act of sharing with us the many experiences of her ordinary life, The Lord is able to weave for us a tapestry of His beautiful heart; His tenderness, His playfulness, and His passionate love.

Her: “Jesus, please forgive me. I talk about myself too much. I should be talking more about You and not me.”

Him: “Talking about you is talking about Me.”

Jesus showed her that our task is to become like the humble water that always seeks the lowest level, to bow our will to Him and His will in every moment that we live.

Welcome to His gentle waterfall.

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