The Perfect Fit

What if your perfection means absolutely nothing to Me? What if I AM the only leg you stand on? What if you do Everything wrong? What if you have nothing but a lifetime of loss to bring Me?

I AM your perfection. I AM your Savior. I AM your Redeemer. What if I AM ALL you need? Walk with Me, for I have made you whole. Shalom

The Groom Speaking Tenderly to His Bride

What if you don’t know what I am doing, but you let Me do it? What if your greatest pain becomes your greatest victory? What if the cross I had you bear becomes the trail of tears through which others find Me? And what if your greatest loss becomes your greatest gain?

What if, child? What if? Would you praise Me then?

What I am doing in your life, you have no power to comprehend. What I am doing through your pain, what I am doing with your tears, and what I am doing with your loss, will shake satan’s kingdom to the core. You don’t understand it now, for you didn’t know or understand that the cross you would die on would become the highway upon which multitudes would find Me. Shalom

The Best Conversation I EVER Overheard!

During a two-week long family vacation, I spent a day at an East Coast mountain resort. Just as I was arriving, big buses were also pulling up, and many Jewish families were disembarking. It appeared that they were attending some kind of big event.

With their arrival, the lines to the rides lengthened considerably, which allowed me even more time to enjoy being in the middle of Hebrews who were speaking half English and half Hebrew. It was so interesting to me to observe them interact with each other, and I was so thankful God had arranged for us to be there at the same time.

I had my back turned to one Hebrew father and his three year old son just as one of the rides came to a screeching halt. Yet, despite the loud screeching sound, my ears clearly heard the three year old cry out with joy, “Oh ABBA ABBA!! That was soooo much fun!!!”

I stopped in my tracks, and my heart went into my throat!!

* My perception of ABBA changed instantly!
* My perception of “I am a child of God” changed instantly!
* My perception of “I am in the family of God” changed instantly!!

This three year old, squealing in delight, has forever changed my perception of Father God and is the best sermon I have ever heard! Only eight words, spoken with such joy!

By the end of that two-week vacation, I was totally exhausted with the frequent use of the Lord’s name in vain and all the discord on TV and in the family. I said, “Oh Lord, I didn’t know the world was this bad! How can you stand it???!!!” As clear as a bell He said…

“Oh, it’s literally nothing. I’ve already paid for all this sin 2000 years ago. It’s nothing. I paid for it ‘before’ they sinned, because I knew the world would be like it is today, and oh, how I love them all!! I’ve paid it, so it’s okay for you to just walk around with joy like I do and love them like I do. There’s no shortage of my blood, I didn’t spare any of it! I gave it all!! So, just laugh and have fun. There’s no shortage in my kingdom!! Let me love them through you. No judgment. 🙂 I paid it ‘before’ any of the sin you see ever happened! It’s covered, so just laugh and love!! Love covers all!!”

Oh wow, it does me so much good to share this with you all. I’m tired, but I’m smiling. ABBA has got our lives covered and His plans for us are good. I’m so very, very thankful, and my heart is so full!

Just You and I

What if it is in simple “being” that you please Me most? What if time spent with Me is when I draw you close? What if this was the only reason you were created? …to be with Me, where I am. What if nothing else in your life truly mattered? …just you and I laughing, loving, living and hoping. (I hope too.) I hope you will see how fruitless is your worry, your concerns, and your fear of not being good enough. That’s why I died for you. …so that you might live. laugh, love …live in Me, by Me and with Me. Come, My little one. Let’s do this together, just you and I. Shalom


Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you. Before you breathed your first breath, I held you. Before you took your first step, you ran to Me. And before you could walk, you followed Me.

The plans I have for you encompass eternity. The joys I have for you will overwhelm your life. The love I have for you will fulfill all your wildest dreams. And the future I have planned for you will flood your heart with wondrous delight.

Never have I loved anyone as I love you. No one can take your place in My heart, for no one can love Me as you do. I have put My Words in your mouth. I have put My Heart within your heart. I have put My Hands within your hands, and I have put My Feet within your feet. Where you go, I go. And where you abide, I live.

What you speak, sets things in motion. What you do, multiplies. I have given you so much power. Have you noticed? Have you watched the domino affects? Everything matters. Everything creates, whether it be for good or evil. I have given you powerful effect. Use it gloriously.

I don’t need your perfection. I’m already that. I don’t need your past. I’ve removed it. I don’t need your future. I’m holding it. All I need, is your Today.


My Glory Falls Upon You

As the waters cover the sea, so shall My Glory cover you and be seen upon you. No man shall plumb the depths of My Glory within you, but many will ride the crest into life everlasting. You will hear My voice and proclaim My goodness to the world. You will Be My goodness in the land, forgiving and loving the unlovable, bringing hope to the lost and deliverance to the captive.

I have called you, taught you, and now I send you. Do not be daunted by the enormity of the task I have placed before you. Walk it, just walk it, and I will make a way where there seems to be no way. As the path opens before you, many, I say many mansions will be ordered in heaven by the souls lined along the path you walk through. I have not asked you to build these mansions, I merely ask you to walk the path so My Glory may be experienced in the lives of all those within your touch.

You don’t have enough to give the masses, but I do. You don’t have enough time, but I do. You don’t know what you are doing, but I do. You don’t know anything, but I know everything. Look up Child, for divine appointments are on your schedule; for I the Lord your God have ordained you and sent you, before you were conceived in your mother’s womb. Shalom

Who Will Qualify?

Lo, I come. In the volume of a book it is written of Me. You are My written epistle and you are read by all men. As the Father and I are One, even so, you and I are One. Who will qualify to do the works that I have done? Who will qualify to do greater works than I have done? Is it not the lowly in spirit? Is it not written, “the meek shall inherit the earth”? The world has labeled you “servant”, but I have called you “Friend”. Look around you and listen to the world. Who is cursed daily? Is it not My little children, is it not the lowly, is it not the meek? It is written, “Out of the mouth of babes and infants I establish a stronghold against the enemy, to silence the foe and avenger.”

What you are about to see will take your breath away. You will watch Me take away from the wise and give to the humble. My Spirit is being poured out upon this land. “I will work and who will let Me?” I require obedience, not sacrifice. Obedience IS the sacrifice I require. It is through foolishness that I will confound the wise. I AM so simple, the wise totally miss Me. Look around you. The fields are white with harvest. The harvest is not sitting in church, it is waving at you from the field. What field are you in? Go therefore, for the Lord of the harvest has sent you. Allow Me to work My works through you. As the body is dead without the spirit, even so faith without works is dead. Where are your works? Babies believe and babies speak; I would also have you believe and speak. Will you be outdone by your children? I cannot physically return to this world until you physically return to Me. When you physically turn to Me, I will pour out My spirit upon this earth powerfully through your physical body…which is Mine. As you allow Me to bless others through you, as you allow Me to bring healing to others through you, as you allow Me to feed others through you, as you allow Me to set others free through you; you will discover joy as you have never known. You will discover healing for your own body, you will discover fullness, you will discover freedom, you will discover life!!

Who will qualify? If you are nothing, if you are nobody, if you are unsuccessful; you qualify. No one else does. Go forth, for I AM with you this day. Work the works that I have ordained. Do not say “I cannot do this”. For with God ALL things are possible and ALL the glory belongs to Me. Shalom

I Am Coming Back Through You

What if the river of life within you were allowed to flood your circumstances? What if you stood with Me and allowed My breath to breathe life to those around you? What if you surrendered your will into Mine? My ways are best. What if I opened your eyes and you saw the world through Mine? Could you, would you, love the world and those around you as I do? What if the plans I have for you have not yet entered your heart, and what if My plans come to you through joy? Imagine it child, imagine it. Like David, you are the doorkeeper to the house of the Lord. Since I truly dwell within you, what would happen if My children across the globe opened wide their doors and allowed My river of life to flow out of them? Could you, would you, do this for Me? When My children do this for Me, My Glory will literally flood the earth and your insignificance will wash away in the current of My grace! I AM coming like a mighty rushing river and you will not be able to contain Me. Therefore, surrender your will into Mine now, open wide the door to those around you now; smile, laugh, forgive, and love. Remove all hindrances of My works within you, for I AM returning with Power; My greatest works are yet to come and I will work them through you! Laugh joyfully and embrace My plans for you. Open wide the door of your heart, for My Power within you is about to be unleashed onto the world I died for. I AM coming back, child, I AM coming back; and I AM returning through you! Shalom

Metamorphosis of Change

Embrace the winds of change as a new season blows upon you. Human nature resists change, but I say unto you, embrace it! The times and seasons of the Most High reside within you; pushing, stretching, and squeezing as though some strange thing is happening to you. It is the birthing of My Kingdom on earth; it is the birthing of My Will on earth as it is in Heaven; it is the birthing of the Redeemed walking in fullness; and it is the manifestation of the Sons of God uniting as One to bring in the harvest. Release the past; for what you were, is not what you are; and what you are, is not what you will be. As a butterfly rests outside its cocoon, gently waiting until its wings are dry, even so you are currently Resting, trusting, and waiting upon Me. Now as the season changes, so will you, delicately at first, gently, almost unsure. Then as the Wind of My Spirit fills the earth, so will you, until there is not one speck of dust that has not been touched by My Glory. Arise sons and daughters of the Most High God and step into your place, lift My banner of love and wave it high, purify your heart and sing My Praises. Then watch as Moses did from the cleft of the Rock, for you will see My Goodness pass before you. As I pass before you, My Glory will be seen upon you, filling you and surrounding you in ways you have never dreamed possible. This is My day, this is My hour, and this is My time. Wait on Me for you shall not be denied. Shalom


What if you accepted My Will as your own?

What if I AM the Power behind everything you do?

What if you just had to go through the motions?

What if all you had to do was show up?

What if your shadow was the Shadow of the Most High?

And what if My Shadow healed the sick?

What if you surrendered your body to Me?

What if no one could tell us apart?

I can take care of Myself.