Child what you are about to face will take your breath away. You will thank Me over and over for the detailed training I have given you. Life as you know it will change drastically. You have been designed and created for this purpose since the beginning of time. Your entire life has molded you into the vessel I have now completed. My sons and daughters will rise up in these last days with a force the world has never known. Nothing can compare to the power of My Bride and I as we unite as One. I have protected you, hidden you, and taught you. Now I will bring you forth, and Satan will not even know you, for you will take him by surprise and ambush him with all the forces of heaven at your disposal. You had to die as I did, you had to submit to the will of the Father as I did, and you will be resurrected as I am. This power from on high dwells within you now, but when I flip the switch, My power will be released with such force upon you that it will not be contained. Darkness will flee before you as when the day dawns. Nothing will stop this mighty move, for I am about to break the neck of Satan by the very ones he has tried so hard to destroy.

Rise up My little ones, downtrodden ones, and forsaken ones; for the mantle of Moses, Samuel, Elijah, and David, cannot compare with the Power that will come “upon and through” My Bride as we unite as One. Shalom


Enter into the Joy

A word given through my dear friend ChloeGrace:

I feel I hear Him say: My Kingdom is a Kingdom of Love and Grace; a Kingdom of Peace and Joy; a Kingdom of ‘How may I serve you?’, ‘What do you need?’, ‘How may I help?’ My beloved sons and daughters are servants of love and tenderness. Entering into the joy of the Lord is entering into servant-hood and humility; bearing of one another’s burdens; helping to lift and remove a heavy load.

My dearly loved children, allow Me to be IN you, FOR you, THROUGH you as the humble water, which always seeks the lowest place. I poured out My love and My life FOR you… and now I will pour out My love and My life THROUGH you! Rest in My love… just ‘be’… and watch Me ‘do.’

From which tree do you eat?

A word given through my dear friend ChloeGrace:

“There were two trees in the Garden…the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil… and The Tree of Life, which is Me.” And He smiled. “From which tree do you eat?”

“A way to check to see from which tree you’ve eaten, look to see and taste to discern what affect that bite has in your mouth. … Do you FEEL shame? Condemnation? Fear? Uncertainty? If so, that is the taste of SELF. Some ‘self’ symptoms are: loathing toward yourself for tasting; fear that, because you did taste, I am now angered at you or disappointed somehow; shame that you STILL ‘after all this time!’ have struggles for which you can find no solution; and now are filled with uncertainty about your standing with and before Me. Who is the focus in all these feelings/thoughts/ questions? SELF. ….

What comes next with Self? A JUDGMENT is placed upon the thought, the action, the question … and so the torments come. A whipping from your mind against yourSELF. YOU make a judgment of ‘that was bad, or wrong, or evil,’ or, ‘oh, that was so good what I did!’ A condemnation or a commendation, unTO your ‘self’, FROM your ‘self’. A see-saw, up and down life begins, a life easily tossed by the wind or the waves, until you have been left emptied of hope of ever being ‘better.’

My children, look away and unto ME. Look into MY face and see in MY eyes the LOOK of LOVE that I have for YOU. Come to KNOW and BELIEVE that the unworthiness you feel is not your own, but rather the measurement you see within yourself when standing next to Me. I AM the Tree of Life. The fruit of MY Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, ‘self’-control.. NOTHING can stand against this…for this is ME. Nothing except you… and the ‘self’ of unbelief. Make a TURN. Take a step of faith. Give to Me ALL of you… lay it all down unto Me… and RECEIVE unto yourself ALL of Me, for I give you My EVERYTHING. If you allow Me entrance in My fullness, I will be in you like wall-to-wall carpeting…. everything COVERED OVER with all things ME.

Love calls. Love beckons. Love loves….and Love longs for YOU. Will you come? Will you ‘let’ Me in? Deeper, further, higher, MORE than you’ve ever known? … Love awaits.” He smiled. “With My arms wide open.”

Heights with the Master

My children are created by Me and conceived in their mother’s womb for My purpose alone, on the earth. By My plan they walk among men and declare Me as Lord of their life. For these chosen ones, new levels arise, and like Job, life as they know it will come to an abrupt halt, as they are whisked away into the desert for intense training. It is during this time that My servants come to know Me in ways they could not learn by any other means. This intense isolation creates a mighty driving force, pushing the believer into greater depths and heights and into a world completely foreign to earthly valley dwellers. And yet the wear and tear of the wilderness isolation continues to attach itself to, and break down, even My strongest believer, until he learns the art of releasing all to Me.

Most of My children truly believe in order to be effective in their wilderness setting, they must find true needs and errors in their loved ones to pray about and bring to Me. Unknowingly they take on this responsibility, believing “If they, themselves, were truly spiritual, their loved ones would come to know Me or situations would change on their behalf.” My children also take on extra responsibilities known as “concerns” in their spirits. These concerns may range from paying bills and being a godly example in the home, to taking out the trash and stressing over deadlines at home or at work. Some are burdened and stressed about caring for beloved pets or how to minister to friends and online acquaintances, while others are struggling to forgive past hurts, desperately trying to bandage up their pain and walk in love. However spiritually correct the need is, the unending list goes on and on, until unknowingly the believer’s eyes are taken off Me and onto the problem.

Now visualize this beloved believer trying to follow Me up the mountain with all this baggage attached to him. These “concerns” catch onto rocks and get wrapped around trees as the long line of wilderness-godly-cares come dragging up behind him. As the air gets thinner and thinner, My believer starts gasping for breath and finds it much too difficult to continue forward. So he resigns himself to sitting back down, and as he does, he again takes his eyes off the Master and puts them back on his spiritual concerns. This believer then stays where he is…with his godly baggage, and is completely unable to move up higher.

Now take a moment to visualize a professional athlete. A professional has a completely different perspective. His unquenchable goal is to reach the summit and to do so he must put aside every weight and burden that might hinder him. Therefore he carefully considers the climb, the extreme heights, and thoughtfully weighs what he truly needs. A professional athlete also has a guide, and a burden bearer. He is instructed on what he may or may not take on the journey, and if he desires to make it to the summit, he “must” follow the rules. Preparation is of utmost importance, as the professional athlete peels off more and more baggage. Weight, or lack of it, becomes imperative to his success.

Child, you are the professional athlete and I am your Guide and your Burden Bearer. For My children to go to new heights, they must release all to follow Me: every concern, every worry, every loved one, every sin, every pain, every weight of your past life, everything that you can think of, peel it off one by one. It was not in vain that I said, “You must forsake all to follow Me”. When you die, you will leave it all behind. Not one thing will you take with you when you leave this world. You will leave with Me, and nothing else. Therefore I ask that you die to your cares now, that you follow Me now, with nothing from the past hanging onto you. Release ALL to Me.

When you do this for Me, when you truly forsake it and cut it from you, letting it fall behind you – then I will heal you, and it will be like it never existed. Then and then only, will you be free to follow Me. You will be free to truly love others as I have loved you, with no strings attached. Your joy will flow out from you and you will walk in My love and My forgiveness. As you walk in these new heights with Me, you will become an Overcomer, for as you release your baggage to Me, then I am free to work in these situations and you will find yourself praising Me for what I have done, and not for what you have done. You will find yourself going from glory to glory and from height to height, as you view the world and your loved ones through My eyes and from My perspective. The problems that used to overwhelm you will no longer touch you, for you will see them as small and insignificant, as they truly are.

For My children who learn this art, I will give a new name, one which no one else knows, and grant them to sit with me on My throne; for in this life, they have truly forsaken all to follow Me and have become an Overcomer. Shalom

Rise Up and Take Your Place

Rise up, O mighty Army, from the dust where you have been trodden under foot of man and foe. You have been counted as dead and forgotten, as nothing, yet I have not forsaken you. Rise up, for the day of reckoning has come, and you have been made a threshing instrument in the hand of Almighty God. You will thresh the mountains where there are no fields. You will thresh the dens and caves of the earth where My lost ones hide. You will thresh the air, you will thresh the oceans, you will thresh the cities, and you will thresh the fields. Not even “one” grain of wheat will fall from your teeth, as you tear from the enemy all that is Mine. You will be given My robe of righteousness, and you will fully clothe My harvest, as you pull them naked from the very gates of hell.

JOY as has never been experienced by man, in heaven or on earth, will be yours as We harvest this land. You are a sickle in the hand of Almighty God that will be used to thrust the earth. In My Name, you will perform My Will, with Power that has never been witnessed on this land. Therefore, lift up your head and your voice, for you are about to behold Me in ways you have never dreamed possible. We will walk as One, as My Power and My judgments are poured out upon this land. You will not be afraid, for the Power and Love of Almighty God will rise up within you and pour out like a flood. You will hear My Words rush from your mouth with Authority and great Force, and the enemy will be silenced and flee before you seven ways.

Hearken, Mighty Army of God. Rise up and stand before your God, for the Day of the Lord has come; a day of outpouring, a day of release, and the year of jubilee. Shout out loud and sound the shofar, for the Great War in the heavens has come down to earth. Rise, Mighty Army of God, and take your place. Shout out loud and sound the shofar!!! The Day of the Lord has come, and through you, I will show Myself Mighty across this land. The leaders of this earth will fear greatly and bow down before Me, as I disintegrate the entire master plan of the enemy and bring him low. Shalom

Arise Mighty Army of God

My mighty army, I am with you this day, for the power of Almighty God lies within you. No longer are you called weak, no longer are you called forsaken, and no longer are you forgotten. You will rise up and do mighty exploits in My name as you destroy the works of the evil one. You will work independently, united across this globe, as massive amounts of the harvest are brought into My fold. You will tread on serpents, break through every stronghold, and restore hope in total despair. Multitudes will come into the Kingdom of Heaven, for there will not be one inch of darkness that will escape the torch of My mighty army. Those who do not come to Me during this great visitation will have to die for Me later. Yet they will remember what you have told them, and as the tribulation on earth intensifies to unbearable measures, I will hear their desperate cries and I will send you, My mighty unseen Ones, to walk with them through the valley of the shadow of death and bring them to heaven’s shores.

Your work on earth is not done. The faith that has brought you through a lifetime of intense trials has but paved the road of your next journey. I will bring you out of your wilderness of extreme solitude, and like Moses, you will lead My people out!! Satan hates you with a fury unlike the world has ever seen and yet you will walk through this land unscathed taking back all he has stolen from Me.

I will do these mighty works through the most insignificant of My children, for they are like the widow who gave Me her last two mites. For through your nothingness My Power will burst forth and through the shreds of your being My light will radiantly shine; as the Spirit of Almighty God quickens your dry bones. Shalom

Choose Me, As I Have Chosen You

My Mighty Army, I speak to you this day. Gird up your minds and rally to attention. No longer are you called weak, no longer are you called forsaken, and no longer are you called forgotten. Instead you are My Chosen Ones, My called out ones, the ones I have hidden from the world, and you are the ones whom I shall now send forth to conquer and spoil the camp of the enemy.

I am with you, as I was with Moses, as I was with Joshua, and as I was with David. I am with you, as I was with Elijah, as I was with Elisha, and as I was with Gideon. These mighty men of God used to be small, they used to be insignificant, and they used to be powerless. These mighty men of God were empty vessels before Me. They knew they were nothing, they knew they had no gifts to offer Me, and they knew they were but mere flesh before Me. So they gave Me the only thing they had, they gave Me themselves. They held nothing back; they gave Me their entire vessel, sparing nothing. I then filled that entire vessel, for as they held nothing back from Me, I held nothing back from them.

These mighty men of God sought My face, they sought My Will, and they sought no one else. As I spoke in the still small voice to Elijah, it grew to become the only voice he heard. The still small voice was a fire in the burning bush to Moses, and it grew to become a pillar of fire by night as Moses led the children of Israel through the wilderness. I am the voice, I am the fire, and I anoint you this day with double, triple and quadruple portions. The mantle of God has fallen on you, My mighty hidden army. Rise up this day, for I am with you. Shake off the dust of the past and forsake the lies of the enemy. I HAVE CHOSEN you. Will you choose Me, as I have chosen you? Shalom